Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1880: I Agree

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Chapter 1880: I AgreeTranslator: CKtalon

The monster stopped outside Earth. The people under its shadow were uneasy, but at that moment, another terrifying huge figure appeared in the sky.

It was a monster that blotted out the sky like a shadow. One could only see a huge canine head from the shadow.

“Could this be the legendary moon-eating Heavenly Dog…” Everyone was alarmed. Two terrifying creatures were simultaneously coveting Earth. Earth was no different from a fragile jelly bean in front of them.

What was even more despairing was that a third terrifying figure appeared.

A rainbow phoenix-like dimensional creature blotted out a portion of the sky, illuminating the entire world like stained glass.

Ignoring ordinary people, even the experts of the various families were trembling. They had already sensed how terrifying and powerful those creatures were.

Any one of them was an existence that humans could not match. Even if humans on Earth used all their strength, it would probably be difficult for them to defeat any of them.

What was worse was that terrifying figures constantly appeared and surrounded Earth from all directions.

Earth was like the pearl in the game of two dragons. However, dragons weren’t outside, but nine extremely terrifying monsters in different poses.

Is Earth… about to be destroyed… Everyone couldn’t help but feel despair.

Emergency countermeasures were discussed among the major factions, but to no avail.

If there was only one terrifying creature, they might still stand a chance by giving their all. Someone could even risk their life to lure the terrifying creature away.

Now that nine terrifying creatures were surrounding Earth—each with the ability to destroy Earth—all that was left was despair.

On Earth, a creature tore through the air. It was a mountain-like Cyclops.

A mysterious light erupted from the Cyclops’s body as he blasted at one of the terrifying creatures.

As its body rose into space, the light intensified as though it could penetrate the sky.

Waves shook the ancient buildings and ancient trees in the mountains protected by dimensional zones on Earth.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised. They never expected a break-out creature from Earth would stand up to resist the foreign enemies.

Furthermore, the Cyclops’s strength was unimaginably powerful, as though it was an Apocalypse-grade existence.

“That Cyclops… I seem to have heard of him somewhere… He should be an invincible existence in myths…” Someone recognized the identity of the Cyclops and had a sliver of hope.

If the Cyclops could kill the invading monsters or produce an internecine outcome, Earth would still have a chance of survival.

“You monsters, don’t underestimate Earth. Earth has many powerful gods guarding it… That’s our god…” In a temple-like dimensional zone, a boy clenched his fists with an excited expression.

Beside the boy, many people cheered for the Cyclops excitedly. He was the strongest god in their race’s myths and legends.

The Cyclops charged in front of one of the monsters with an extremely intense light.

Everyone looked forward to a stunning battle. They prayed for the Cyclops, praying that it could kill all the monsters.

However, in the next second, everyone was collectively petrified.

The monster yawned and extended its claws. Like a glass ball, it flicked a claw at the Cyclops that was covered in divine light. It exploded the Cyclops’s body as though it was flicking an ant to death.

Streams of light and flesh splattered like blood-colored fireworks.

“Dead… He died just like that…” Everyone felt their bodies run cold. Even their despair seemed to freeze.

The boy was already dumbfounded as though he couldn’t believe what he had seen. His faith crumbled.

Without hope, how could there be despair?

“Anyone else?” The monster’s voice sent shockwaves across the ground like a tsunami, causing the ground to churn like waves. It was extremely terrifying.

Just as everyone was feeling horrified, they saw a figure shoot into the sky and meet the terrifying monsters.

Soon, people saw what the figure was.

The figure was none other than the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign. He had already arrived in space and stood in front of the monster that had blasted apart the Cyclops with a finger.

“Human Sovereign has finally appeared. Kill those monsters.”

“How could I have forgotten? We still have Human Sovereign. He will definitely be able to defeat those monsters and save Earth.”

“Go for it, Human Sovereign!”

No one was in the mood to speak nonsense. They only hoped that Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign could defeat the monster. After all, this concerned their survival.

To everyone’s surprise, after the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign appeared, he didn’t charge straight at the monster to fight. He stopped after rushing into space and raised something in his hand.

It was too far away. Ordinary people could only see the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign shimmering in the sky like a star. They couldn’t see what was happening.

Only some human powerhouses could see the situation clearly. They saw the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign holding a tablet.

The Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign showed the monsters the tablet. The originally aggressive monsters suddenly deflated like a balloon. Their arrogant attitudes instantly vanished. One of the monsters even had its ears drooping.

“Yes… Master…” Nobody knew what had happened. They only saw the nine monsters bow at the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign like obedient puppies. Then, they quickly shrank and obediently followed behind the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign. They flew towards Earth and vanished in the blink of an eye.

After waiting for a long time, nothing happened. It was as though the nine monsters had never come.

“What’s the meaning of this… Master… What Master…”

“Are you stupid? They bow to the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign and call him master. Human Sovereign is their master from a long time ago.”

“Holy sh*t, is Human Sovereign already that strong? He made such terrifying creatures acknowledge him as master with just an avatar!”

“I’ve long known that no matter what era it is, Human Sovereign is invincible. Any dimensional creature has to obediently call him daddy.”

“That doesn’t make sense! That Cyclops is a mythical boss after all. Yet, he was so easily killed. How did such an existence become so obedient after seeing Human Sovereign?”

Everyone talked excitedly. At that moment, the nine Devil beasts were following the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign into Guide Ancient City.

They had suppressed their bodies and turned into the size of ordinary humans. Soon, they arrived at Zhou Wen’s yard.

The tablet Zhou Wen had made the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign show them was a video recorded by Demonic Neonate. It was naturally Demonic Neonate who had given them the order.

When the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed saw Zhou Wen, it immediately said with a nasal voice, “Kid, although we once fought together, that’s a separate matter. If you don’t release Master, we won’t let you off either…”

“I agree to let her regain her past memories,” Zhou Wen said indifferently as he interrupted the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed.

The nine Devil pets were taken aback. The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed opened its mouth, but it didn’t know what to say. The words it had prepared previously didn’t seem to be needed.

They originally imagined that Zhou Wen wouldn’t agree to let their master retrieve her memories so easily. They never expected things to go so smoothly.