Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1885: Holy God

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Chapter 1885: Holy GodTranslator: CKtalon

There was no scene of the Destiny Platform on the Cube’s screen. There was only a blob of flickering light.

The light was like a ghost, but it also seemed to be some constantly changing energy. As the light changed, a cold voice sounded from the Cube.

“The victor of the Destiny Battle shall be king. You will become the new dimensional king. The entire world is the battlefield of the Destiny Battle. There are no rules. The creature that survives to the end is the new dimensional king. All creatures of the myriad worlds, look forward to your new king…”

After the voice came to an end, the Cube’s scene changed, splitting into many monitor-like scenes. Every scene showed a creature participating in the Destiny Battle.

All the creatures that participated in the Destiny Battle were randomly sent to a corner of the Dimensional Airspace. There were no other creatures nearby, so no battle happened.

People searched for the person they wanted to see from the screens. Most of them cast their gazes at Zhou Wen.

At that moment, Zhou Wen wasn’t using his Companion Beasts. He was wearing the combat suit, and his face was still his original appearance.

The Cube’s voice reached every end of the Dimensional Airspace. He knew the rules, but the Dimensional Airspace was almost endless. It wasn’t easy for any of the ten plus creatures to encounter one of them. It was no different from searching for a needle in a haystack.

However, this wasn’t a problem for certain terrifying existences. Ignoring the fact that it was in the Dimensional Airspace, even if one was hidden at the end of the universe, they would definitely be able to find them if they wanted to.

Zhou Wen gave it a try. It wasn’t difficult to leave the Dimensional Airspace, but the battlefield of the Destiny Battle was the entire world. It was useless even if he left the Dimensional Airspace. Unless all living creatures who participated in the Destiny Battle gave up the throne, the Destiny Battle would continue until only one creature remained standing.

Wang Mingyuan, who was dressed in white with crystal horns on his head, appeared in front of an Apocalypse creature. The Apocalypse creature erupted with terrifying energy, hoping to repel Wang Mingyuan.

The four immortal swords around Wang Mingyuan flew out and instantly killed the Apocalypse creature. The screen depicting the Apocalypse creature turned black as its name on the rankings vanished.

The Thearch took a step forward and arrived on the Destiny Platform. She stood on it as though she was waiting for something. She had no intention of leaving to find the others.

Soon, a gray-robed figure arrived in front of Destiny Platform. He walked up the stone steps and arrived in front of The Thearch.

As Zhou Wen hadn’t started fighting, this drew the attention of many.

The Thearch’s invincible stance made many people believe that she was the strongest existence on the rankings.

Holy God was also a very mysterious figure. They looked forward to whatever sparks would arise from their battle.

“The Thearch, you shouldn’t have come,” Holy God said slowly as he looked at The Thearch.

Only then did people realize that the supreme existence with the word “Immortal” wasn’t named ‘Immortal.’

“That sounds familiar,” The Thearch said with piqued interest.

Holy God smiled and said, “Back in front of Chess Mountain, you said something similar to the four of us. However, today, I’ll return those words to you.”

“This is interesting. Why shouldn’t I be here?” The Thearch said indifferently.

“Although I didn’t see your true body back then, I would have died a long time ago before reaching that ship without your secret help. It can be said that you saved my life,” Holy God said.

“We had shared interests,” The Thearch said casually.

“You have your plans, but to me, the truth is the truth. No matter what the motive is, you saved my life.” Holy God sighed and said, “You were once the monarch of the dimension. This position is meaningless to you. Why do you have to get involved in this mess?”

“From the looks of it, you found the answer you wanted on that ship.” The Thearch’s expression remained unchanged.

“I did get something. After years of research, I’ve already seen the true colors of this world. That’s why I said that you shouldn’t have come. Participating in the Destiny Battle means there’s no room for retreat. I can’t choose not to be your enemy,” Holy God said.

“You want to tell me that no opponents are worthy of you in this world, including me, right?” The Thearch remained calm as she spoke slowly.

“Some people pursue strength, while others study the rules. Those who pursue strength might be temporarily strong, but only those who control the rules can control the entire world,” Holy God said.

“Are you sure you already control the rules of this world?” The Thearch said with a faint smile.

“Yes, I’ve already controlled the rules of this world. In my eyes, there are no more secrets in this world. All of this is thanks to you, so I really don’t want to be your enemy, but I have no choice now,” Holy God said with a sigh.

“So your way of repaying me is to be the first to come to me?” The Thearch laughed.

Holy God wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by The Thearch. “It’s useless to say anything else. Let me see what the world you control is like.”

“Pardon me,” Holy God said as he extended his palm. A black mass slowly condensed in his palm.

The black matter was like smoke and light as it distorted and deformed in Holy God’s palm. Soon, it transformed into the shape of the Cube.

What was even stranger was that although the Cube was only the size of a palm, it was identical to the Cubes scattered around the world. There was even a scene on the Cube.

In those scenes were the images of creatures participating in the Destiny Battle. Even the blackened scenes were identical.

The Cube in his hand was a mini version of the Cube.

The mini Cube floated in front of Holy God. Holy God extended a finger and tapped a certain scene.

The scene was of an Apocalypse-grade creature. Its body was like a dragon as it searched for other participating creatures in the Dimensional Airspace.

Holy God tapped his finger on the scene that belonged to it, and the scene immediately turned black.

Everyone was alarmed to discover the disappearance of the creature’s names on the rankings.

Although no one saw what had happened to the Apocalypse creature, they could imagine its outcome.

Everyone was horrified. Holy God could wipe out people who participated in the Destiny Battle via controlling the Cube. This was practically cheating. It was like a GM with the authority to ban players entering the arena to fight other players. Equipment or stats were of no use. The account was banned, and even the data in-game was deleted.