Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1886: Redefining the Rules

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Chapter 1886: Redefining the RulesTranslator: CKtalon

“The Thearch, I’ll send you on your way,” Holy God said as he pointed at the grid that belonged to The Thearch.

The Thearch only looked at Holy God silently without doing anything. It was as though she didn’t plan on killing him before his finger landed on the screen.

Holy God tapped the screen with his finger, and the scene immediately flashed. The hearts of those who were staring at the screen skipped a beat, imagining that The Thearch was about to die.

The scene between Holy God and The Thearch overlapped. Even if The Thearch’s scene went black, one could see how The Thearch died through Holy God’s scene.

Unexpectedly, after The Thearch’s screen was tapped by Holy God, it only flashed for a moment—it didn’t turn black.

Holy God’s expression changed drastically as he quickly tapped a few more times. However, the screen only flashed a few times without any inkling of going black.

“Should I say that you are too confident, or should I say that you are too lacking in confidence?” The Thearch looked at Holy God and said indifferently, “Your so-called understanding of the rules of this world is only your understanding of this world. You are too confident in those things, but you don’t have confidence in your world. What a pitiful and tragic fellow. As a part of this world, when you deny this world, you are denying yourself. By denying yourself, how can you truly control the power of this world? You were abandoned by the world the moment you gave up on this world.”

Holy God retreated in horror. He never expected that the power he had studied for so long, a power he believed made him in control of everything, to be nothing but a joke in The Thearch’s eyes.

“Come,” The Thearch whispered. The black mini Cube in Holy God’s hand vanished into thin air and appeared in front of The Thearch.

The Thearch didn’t look at Holy God. She only looked at the Cube in front of her with interest. She extended a finger and pointed at the screen of Holy God.

Holy God gathered his strength and wanted to summon the Cube back, but the Cube seemed to have severed its connection with him. It didn’t react at all as it floated quietly in front of The Thearch.

Holy God’s expression changed as his figure traveled a strange trajectory and vanished in front of The Thearch. In the next moment, Holy God appeared in front of Zhou Wen.

Almost at the same time, The Thearch pressed her finger on the screen that belonged to Holy God.

The scene flashed for a moment, but it didn’t turn black. However, the scene dimmed significantly and was rapidly dimming.

Holy God’s body was like a reflection in a trick mirror. It strangely distorted and flickered as though it would disappear at any moment.

Zhou Wen frowned just as he saw Holy God suddenly appear in front of him, only to see Holy God’s figure distort. At the same time, he heard Holy God call his name.

When he heard the voice, his body immediately trembled. He was extremely familiar with the voice. It was the former principal’s voice.

Is Holy God really my former principal? Zhou Wen saw that Holy God was about to be killed by some force and immediately used his New World power to envelop him.

Holy God’s distorted body immediately stopped distorting thanks to the New World power. It no longer looked distinct as it returned to its normal state.

On the mini Cube, the scene that was rapidly dimming returned to normal.

“Interesting.” When The Thearch saw this scene through the mini Cube, she grabbed it with her fingers. The mini Cube automatically disintegrated, turning into independent cubes. On each cube was a scene that was neatly arranged in front of her.

Small cubes constantly changed on her palm. They disintegrated and reformed repeatedly like toy blocks.

At that instant, The Thearch seemed to understand the secrets to the Cube. She looked at the grid that belonged to Holy God and under her gaze, the grid’s scene began to flash.

Zhou Wen felt a terrifying force pressing down on his New World as the surrounding space flickered.

Looking at the changing space around him, Holy God said with a bitter smile, “I never expected that all my years of painstaking research would end up with nothing. The Thearch is right. The moment I lost confidence in this world, I was abandoned by it.”

“You are really…” Zhou Wen looked at Holy God, momentarily at a loss on how to address him.

If it were in the past, Zhou Wen could call him sir, but to be precise: Ouyang Ting was Ouyang Lan’s father; hence, Zhou Wen was Ouyang Lan’s biological son, so Ouyang Ting was his grandfather.

Holy God shook his head and stopped Zhou Wen from continuing. “Listen to me. I know I’m a failure, and I shouldn’t have lost confidence in my world, but there’s really no other way. What I saw was just too terrifying. Remember, don’t dream of going to that world. It’s not a place we should go.”

“What did you see?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown.

“That’s not important. Remember, don’t try to open the door to that world… Ignorance is sometimes a blessing…” As Holy God spoke, he charged out of Zhou Wen’s New World.

Ouyang Ting was clearly prepared to die. He wanted to bury himself and everything he knew.

However, no matter how Ouyang Ting’s figure moved, he seemed to be fixed in place. He couldn’t rush out of Zhou Wen’s New World.

“Make things clear. I’d rather die in fear than live in ignorance,” Zhou Wen said indifferently.

Ouyang Ting looked at Zhou Wen in a daze before realizing that Zhou Wen had grown to an unimaginable level.

“It looks like I was really wrong.” Ouyang Ting sighed.

The Thearch was competing with Zhou Wen through the mini Cube when a figure slowly walked over and landed on the Destiny Platform.

His white clothes were whiter than snow, and there was a sword with a ferocious aura hanging at his waist. It was none other than Wang Mingyuan.

“You’re here.” The Thearch looked at Wang Mingyuan and smiled.

“Isn’t this what you want?” Wang Mingyuan said indifferently, “From the moment we entered Chess Mountain, everything was within your plans.”

“You’re smarter than him. Since you know that, why are you here?” The Thearch’s smile deepened.

“Why can’t I come?” Wang Mingyuan looked at The Thearch and said indifferently, “The world is like a chess game. You are a chess player, and I was a chess piece in the past. Now, not only do I want to be a chess player, but I also want to be the person who sets the rules of the game. I want to redefine the rules of this world.”

“Good idea. How do you redefine the rules?” The Thearch asked Wang Mingyuan.

“Absolute rules don’t require a chess player. All living beings will go about their matters under the rules. Everyone will follow their own destinies. There will be no disputes, no differences in status, nor will there be any discrimination or hatred. Absolute rules represent absolute equality…” Wang Mingyuan’s eyes gradually burned as he stared at The Thearch and slowly said, “Killing a chess player is the first step to redefining the rules.”

“At the end of the day, aren’t you still going to be a chess player?” The Thearch said disdainfully.

“You can also say that there can only be one truth in this world.” As Wang Mingyuan spoke, the sword at his waist automatically unsheathed and transformed into a sharp beam of light that went straight for The Thearch.