Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1899: Guardian Egg

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Chapter 1899 Guardian Egg

The Thearch’s body trembled violently in rage when she realized what had happened.

It was fine if she was slapped in the face by the Devil King. After all, she was the Devil King, the former lord of the dimension, an

unparalleled existence.

The Thearch didn’t find it embarrassing to be slapped in the face by the Devil King, but to be spanked by a punk like a child in front of all the creatures of the two worlds made The Thearch feel an unconcealable humiliation. It was worse than killing her.

It wasn’t just The Thearch. All the Immortals lowered their heads when they saw this scene. The greatest existence of the Immortals had actually been spanked. They felt ashamed.

The other races wore odd expressions. It was clearly a battle that concerned the survival of the universe, but for some reason, they found the mood turning odd.

The Thearch’s wish powers bloomed from her body as she suddenly attempted to stand up.

However, she felt as though she was being suppressed by an unimaginable force. No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t escape from Zhou Wen’s palm.

The Thearch was shocked. She couldn’t fathom how Zhou Wen could be so strong despite being at the Cosmic grade like her. It was impossible.

Pa! Zhou Wen slapped The Thearch’s buttocks again. “Do you now know who’s in charge here? This universe is now under my protection. If you dare do anything rash, what follows won’t be as simple as a spanking.”

As Zhou Wen spoke, he grabbed The Thearch and held her under his armpit with one arm. The Thearch couldn’t escape no matter how she struggled.

They were both at the Cosmic grade, but The Thearch had only absorbed a portion of the power of this universe to produce her own cosmic power.

However, Zhou Wen had been augmented by the entire universe’s power. Compared to Zhou Wen’s cosmic power, The Thearch’s cosmic power was like a son to a father. Unless The Thearch took a step further and continued raising her cosmic power to the level of the universe, no creature in the universe could fight Zhou Wen.

The Thearch wanted to become monarch, but Zhou Wen was the person who decided on the position. How could she fight Zhou Wen?

Zhou Wen looked at the Devil King and her expression immediately changed. She turned around and wanted to teleport away. She didn’t want to be spanked in public like The Thearch.

However, the spacetime around the Devil King’s body changed as a huge hand reached


Zhou Wen clamped the Devil King with his other arm and vanished with the Devil King and The Thearch.

The Cubes in various parts of the universe dimmed at the same time, and nothing could be seen.

“What’s going on?” The creatures in the

universe looked at each other, momentarily at a loss for words.

“A calamity that nearly destroyed the universe ended just like that?”

“What’s going on?” An Sheng was


His daughter was born at the Apocalypse grade,

making him feel smug for quite some time, but now, Zhou Wen had actually snatched away two women who could destroy the universe. He was inhuman.

Zhou Wen didn’t plan on killing The Thearch because she was someone who wanted to leave,

and he too planned on leaving.

Zhou Wen was already an invincible existence in this universe, but it was different after he left. Without the augmentation of the universe’s power, Zhou Wen was like the Devil King and The Thearch-a Cosmic existence. With a companion by his side, wouldn’t it be better to have more cannon fodder in the face

of death?

As for the Devil King, she was Demonic Neonate. After so many years of relationship, it was even more impossible for Zhou Wen to kill her. After he left, the Devil King would be an important aide to Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen carried The Thearch and the Devil

King back to Guide Ancient City. After letting them go, the Devil King stood there obediently. A strange glint flashed in The Thearch’s eyes as some kind of power seemed to surge in Zhou Wen’s body.

Zhou Wen knew that this was the wish power she had left in him after losing to her However, such wish power couldn’t injure

Zhou Wen further. With a thought, the wish powers backlashed, turning The Thearch into a


“Can’t you just live in peace?” Zhou Wen glanced at the flower on the ground and waved

his hand. The flower vanished. Then, he extended his hand and beckoned at the Devil

King. The Devil King obediently returned to


However, when Zhou Wen looked at her stats again, there were still question marks behind the Devil King. Her stats remained a mystery to

him. Taking out his phone, Zhou Wen entered Ant

City again.

After entering Ant City, Zhou Wen immediately

lost the augmentation of the Cosmic powers. However, he was already at the Cosmic grade— even without the augmentation of cosmic


Looking at his stats, he realized that his stats on the phone were the same as the Devil King’s. They were both question marks. Clearly, the phone couldn’t show the stats of

Cosmic-grade creatures. “Energy detection… Vitality has reached 1… Rookie training activated…” Ant City’s Guardian came in front of Zhou Wen again.

She struck out with her palm. Zhou Wen

managed to block the palm he couldn’t previously.

When their palms clashed, Zhou Wen and the

Ant City Guardian took a step back. It was a


After being on the same level of life, the Ant City Guardian that Zhou Wen originally found invincible no longer had that suppressive might from before.

Zhou Wen’s combat skills were far above the

Ant City Guardian. With both of them having similar strength, Zhou Wen could easily block the Ant Guardian’s attacks regardless of how ferocious they were.


Zhou Wen sent the Ant City Guardian flying

with a punch. Her body slammed into the wall and transformed into vanishing fragments. A Companion Egg dropped.

‘Killed Ant City Guardian. Discovered Guardian Egg. Rookie training completed. Cosmic system unlocked… Unlocking… Insufficient cosmic

energy… Unlocking failed… Please return to the main universe to complete the unlocking… Please use a Cosmic coin to open the door to

the main universe…’

As the notification sounded in-game, Zhou Wen didn’t know what Cosmic coins were. His heart suddenly stirred as he took out the crystal slab from before.

‘Cosmic coin detected. Do you wish to use the Cosmic coin to open the door to the main universe?’ A notification immediately popped up on the phone.

Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment before

picking up the Guardian Egg. The Guardian Egg immediately transformed into a beam of light that fused into Zhou Wen’s body.

Ant City Guardian (Rookie’s Unique Guardian): ???

He switched off the phone and put away the

Cosmic coin.

The truth was right in front of him, but he didn’t know if he would return alive. He wanted to bid farewell to his family first.