Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1898: Slap

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Chapter 1898 Slap

Under the combined protection of Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign and Sweetie, Earth was temporarily spared from being implicated, but the damage it had previously suffered left Earth in ruins.

Guide Ancient City was at the top of the layers of ancient cities. Most of the humans who had turned into animals had returned to their original appearances thanks to the influence of the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign’s power; even so, they still felt their hearts tremble when they saw the mirage-like scene in the sky.

The dimension looked like an apocalyptic scene. The ground cracked and the mountains and seas hung upside down. There were ruins everywhere, and nebulae burst out all over the universe.

This scene made everyone feel like ants. A random step from someone would most probably trample the entire race to their deaths.

Wang Lu closed her eyes and prayed. Ya’er looked up at the starry sky while in Ouyang Lan’s arms.

Just as everyone was feeling alarmed, they suddenly felt the ground tremble. The overlapping ancient cities were sinking and dissipating bit by bit.

The crumbling mountains and rivers, as well as the collapsed buildings, quickly returned to their original states.

All sorts of fragments rose strangely and returned to their original spots.

Like restoring shattered mirrors, the people who had died in the calamity were miraculously revived.

Collapsed skyscrapers stood tall in the city again. All sorts of plants were restored as greenery once again covered the land.

The seawater that surged towards the continent receded, and the toppled mountains returned to their original places.

Under the influence of the terrifying power, the planet that had deviated from its orbit returned to its original orbit. Space, in its shattered form, shimmered again.

Upon seeing this unbelievable scene, everyone was pleasantly surprised. They imagined that a god had appeared and stopped this terrifying calamity.

In space, many cosmic creatures looked at the recovering universe and roared excitedly.

However, the creatures from the dimension were all filled with worry.

Earth’s universe was recovering, but

everything in the dimension was still en route towards destruction. The black and white lights

were destroying everything.

In the past, they yearned to rush into Earth’s universe, but now, they yearned to return home. Unfortunately, their home was already devastated.

The creatures of the two worlds looked at the illusory dimensional scene when they suddenly saw a person fly into the sky and walk towards the illusory dimensional zone.

The person walked to the separated boundary between the dimension and Earth’s universe. With a pull of his hands, the two were pulled back together like a curtain.

He walked into the dimensional zone just like that. Wherever he walked, everything would recover and everything beneath his feet would revive.

It was just like a second coming at the end of days. In front of him were the ruins of the world, but behind him was a flourishing world.

Every step he took restored everything in the world to its original position. Mountains and rivers were restored, and everything was reborn.

“A god has finally appeared!” The various dimensional races were so excited that they nearly cried.

“Human Sovereign… is back…” After the

humans identified the figure, they were so excited that they couldn’t control themselves. Their Human Sovereign had returned.

“Young Master Wen… has he become a god?” An Sheng was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t help but cry out.

“That’s more like it.” An Tianzuo snorted

coldly, but his eyes were filled with joy.

“As expected of my man.” Tsukuyomi looked at the figure in the city with a proud


The Devil King and The Thearch, who were crazily unleashing their strength, suddenly felt that something was amiss.

They felt as though their strength was weakening. No, it shouldn’t be said that their strength was weakening, but everything around them had changed.

The space that could originally be torn apart with a glance from them remained unmoved. Every blade of grass, tree, and flower seemed

to turn into divine objects. Their strength was unable to damage them.

“What… happened to this world…” The Devil King and The Thearch couldn’t help but stop fighting and look at the bizarre world.

They were alarmed and puzzled to discover

that Zhou Wen was walking over. Every step he

took was causing a strange change in the


Everything they had destroyed was restored behind him.

Their eyes couldn’t help but focus. Zhou Wen

had actually taken that step; he had become a Cosmic existence.

However, what they couldn’t understand was that after breaking through to the Cosmic grade, one had to sever ties with the universe.

However, Zhou Wen seemed to fuse with the universe without being ostracized by the rules of the universe.

“Are you guys done fooling around?” Zhou

Wen walked in front of them and said calmly.

Zhou Wen stopped, but his magical power

didn’t stop. It went beyond Zhou Wen’s body and spread throughout the dimension, restoring the ruins-like dimension to its original state.

Even the shattered Destiny Platform and the

staircase had returned. The Thearch and the

Devil King were standing on Destiny Platform. The Cubes emitted light again, illuminating the myriad worlds, transmitting their images and voices to every corner of the universe.

All the creatures in the world were paying

attention to the three figures. Be it dimensional

creatures or humans, they silently prayed that Zhou Wen could defeat the two terrifying


“Devil King, are you going to discipline your

man or do you want me to do it for you?” The

Thearch looked at the Devil King and said, not taking Zhou Wen seriously.

So what if he advanced to the Cosmic grade? Without a transcendent realm, even if he advanced to the Cosmic grade, he too would be thrashed-just like when she first advanced to the Cosmic grade; she couldn’t even withstand a single slap from the Devil King. Anyone could tell that Zhou Wen was still one with the universe and hadn’t transcended. “This is a battle between us. It has nothing to

do with you,” the Devil King said to Zhou Wen. Zhou Wen looked at the two unparalleled existences-one immortal and one devil-and didn’t get angry because of their words.

Instead, he laughed.

He walked between The Thearch and the Devil

King and said calmly, “Let’s end it here. Stop fooling around.”

“Since you don’t have the ability to discipline

him, let me discipline him for you.” After The

Thearch said to the Devil King, she glanced at Zhou Wen and said coldly, “Come over.” A single sentence was enough to make her wish

come true. Her voice seemed to make the world bow its head.

Due to her words, Zhou Wen walked towards her and arrived in front of her. “Slap your mouth,” The Thearch said again.

She wanted Zhou Wen to slap himself. This was also a slap to the Devil King’s face. Zhou Wen extended his palm, but it didn’t land

on his face. Instead, he reached out and

grabbed The Thearch. Under The Thearch’s astonished gaze, her body

was lifted up by Zhou Wen and pressed down on Destiny Platform.

“Slap my mouth, huh?” Zhou Wen extended

his palm and slapped The Thearch’s buttocks, stunning her. She lay there in a daze as her pupils constricted. Her face was filled with

shock as her mind went blank.