Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1901: Artifacts Seal

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Chapter 1901 Artifacts Seal

On Inocciduus Divine Mountain, a person slowly walked over the mountain. When he arrived in front of the temple at the top of the mountain, many Solarians bowed to him with the highest etiquette. At the same time, they said in unison, “The Solarians welcome our liege.”

Zhou Wen swept his gaze across everyone before landing on the face of the leading Solarian Holy Lord. He said indifferently, “Bring me your Race Artifact.”

The expressions of the Solarian Holy Lord and the numerous Solarians changed. The Solarian Holy Lord looked up at Zhou Wen and asked, “May I know what Your Majesty wants our Race Artifact for?”

“To seal Earth and reestablish the ancient seals,” Zhou Wen said indifferently.

“Your Majesty, this is unfair. You are the dimensional king. How can you quell the masses of this great injustice—using our Race Artifact to form a human seal?” the Solarian Holy Lord said angrily.

“What’s justice? Is it justice for the dimension to invade Earth? Is it justice for the Solarians to kill humans? Or is it justice only if you Solarians become king?” Zhou Wen said coldly, “I’m a king, but I’m even more human. The human race will naturally prosper as a result. If you aren’t happy with that, endure it. If you can’t, perish.”

The Solarian Holy Lord broke out into a cold sweat as he pleaded, “How can my race dare to be at odds with Your Majesty? Since Your Majesty wants the Race Artifact, we will naturally offer it up. However, I wonder how my race will be dealt with in the future?”

“I’ll establish new rules. The world will be enfeoffed. The various races will each possess their own territory. There will be a battle on Destiny Platform every hundred years. If your race has someone who can defy the heavens and change their fate, they can fight on the Destiny Platform. The victor is king and the loser is vilified. Success means prosperity. Defeat means lying low and waiting for the next Century Battle,” Zhou Wen said indifferently.

“Can humans participate in the battle?”

Solarian Holy Lord asked.

“Of course,” Zhou Wen answered.

“Will Your Majesty participate in the battle?”

the Solarian Holy Lord asked again.

“Would a Century Battle be needed if I were to participate in the battle?” Zhou Wen said


“The dimensional races shall be witnesses. Us Solarians are willing to offer up our Race Artifact and shall await Your Majesty’s institution of the new rules and destiny. We will participate in the Century Battle.” The Solarian Holy Lord offered the Solarian’s Race Artifact, the Great Light Wheel, with both


Zhou Wen put away the Great Light Wheel and casually swiped his hand. Inocciduus Divine Mountain formed an independent space as space was sliced apart. Furthermore, this independent space was sealed, preventing it from making contact with the outside world.

“The Solarian will rise again at the battle of destiny in a hundred years.”

The powerhouses of the various races of the dimension were watching this scene with

extremely complicated expressions.

Zhou Wen went to all the races in the

dimension and confiscated their Race Artifacts.

None of them dared to disobey him.

The dimensional races were separated into independent spaces. From then on, they were no longer connected and evolved


Zhou Wen returned to Earth’s universe with

the various Race Artifacts. He gestured a few times, returning the nebulae to their rightful spots as the Race Artifacts fell towards Earth like a meteor shower. Every time a Race Artifact landed on Earth, it added a mysterious nomological force to Earth.

After the Race Artifacts entered Earth, their Artifact Spirits automatically found a dimensional zone and entered. In the blink of

an eye, they vanished. The corresponding dimensional zone would also undergo a

tremendous change.

With all the artifacts on Earth, the rules of

order were like layers of chains that firmly sealed Earth.

However, it was different from before. In the

past, the power that sealed Earth imprisoned Earth’s energy and nomological system.

And this time, Zhou Wen had sealed Earth with

all the Race Artifacts. He had condensed the

power of all sorts of dimensional laws on Earth, causing Earth’s energy to almost be

visible to the naked eye. All sorts of nomological powers were within reach. It was difficult not to become stronger after

being born in such an amazing place. It was nothing for someone to be born a Mythical in

the future.

Furthermore, with the Race Artifact Seal, those terrifying cosmic creatures were unable to enter Earth. It ensured Earth’s safety for years

to come.

Powerhouses who originally couldn’t advance to the Mythical stage with their human bodies could now easily advance to the Mythical stage

just by taking in the rules of the world. They no longer had any restrictions.

Countless people cried tears of joy, and countless people shouted Human Sovereign’s name in unison, unwilling to stop for a long

time. At that moment, everyone from the Cape family wore a gloomy expression. The dimension’s Race Artifacts had descended all over Earth, but only the Cape family didn’t receive a single one. They unfortunately sensed

that the energy in the Cape family’s area was much thinner than elsewhere.

If they cultivated in such a place, the Cape

family would probably decline with each generation. Even their children would be weaker than others.

“Human Sovereign is unfair!” a young man from the Cape family roared angrily.


The Cape family head slapped him in the face

and said coldly, “It’s already a great favor that we weren’t wiped out. Why are you spouting nonsense? Do you want to bring about the extermination of our Cape family?” The young man fell silent. Thinking back to the grudge between the Cape family and Zhou Wen, they indeed had to be grateful that they hadn’t been wiped out.

Although they were indignant, they had to endure it.

The present Earth was no longer the former


When Zhou Wen reached Giant City, he found that it had also undergone a tremendous change. Even more terrifying energy surged into the city.

This was Gaia’s sanctuary. It was originally one of the core areas of Earth. Several Race Artifacts had flown into Giant City, sending infinite energy in.

Tsukuyomi and Zhou Wen’s Companion Beasts,

who were absorbing energy in Giant City’s temples, quickly broke through. Advancing to

the Calamity grade was as simple as eating and drinking. Tsukuyomi was the first to break through to the Apocalypse grade.

Imperial Lord Behemoth also broke through to

the Apocalypse grade. All the Companion Beasts advanced crazily. “Honey, is this worldly energy your gift to me?” Tsukuyomi, who was wearing a long moonlight muslin dress and looking like a

goddess, walked out of Giant City. She was like a bride waiting to be married. She exuded mystery, beauty, sexiness, and a charm. It was almost unforgettable.

“I’m leaving. I’m taking these Companion Beasts with me,” Zhou Wen said.

“Where to?” Tsukuyomi was slightly taken


“I’m leaving this world and heading to that unknown land,” Zhou Wen answered. “Honey, I’ll wait here obediently for your

return, just like a woman waiting for her husband’s return,” Tsukuyomi said silently. “There’s no need to wait for me. I might not be able to return,” Zhou Wen said. “You can’t say that. After all, my heart has

been stolen by you. In the future, I will be yours in life and your ghost in death. If you don’t return for a day, I’ll wait for a day. If you don’t return for the rest of your life, I’ll wait a lifetime for you. If not this lifetime, the next. In short, I’ll keep waiting until the day you return to put on the wedding dress for me,” Tsukuyomi said with a smile.

Zhou Wen shook his head speechlessly. He hadn’t said that he wanted to marry Tsukuyomi. After some thought, Zhou Wen handed one of the Race Artifacts he had reserved to Tsukuyomi. “This is an artifact from the dimensional Moon Gods. It should be

of some use to you.” Tsukuyomi took the Race Artifact and her eyes

seemed to turn red. “Honey, is this a token of our love? I’ll definitely cherish it. Don’t worry. I’ll wear it and wait for your return. I love you.” Zhou Wen didn’t know what to say. He had already decided to take that step. He couldn’t accept such feelings, much less let Tsukuyomi face the unknown risk with him. Furthermore, Tsukuyomi didn’t have the ability to leave, so

Zhou Wen could only turn around and leave without a word.

After Zhou Wen’s figure vanished, Tsukuyomi’s expression immediately changed. She pouted and muttered to herself, “It’s not

that easy to run. If you can leave, I can leave as

well. Let’s see where you can run when I take that step to catch up to you.” An Sheng was eating when he suddenly realized that Zhou Wen was sitting beside him.

He jumped in fright. “Young Master Wen, you know that you can scare someone to


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