Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1902: Farewell

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Chapter 1902 Farewell

“It’s fine even if you get scared to death. I’ll pull you from Death’s grasps.” Zhou Wen smiled.

“Young Master Wen, having already offended those dimensional fellows, why are you giving them a way out?” An Sheng didn’t understand why Zhou Wen was giving them a chance to fight in the Century Battle after dividing the dimensional races.

“I’m not leaving a path for them, but leaving some challenges for humanity. Isn’t it very boring to just sit around until death comes?” Zhou Wen smiled and said, “Although I’m also human, I have to admit that humans are naturally warlike. If there are no foreign enemies, I’m afraid there will be constant internal strife.”

“That’s true, but aren’t you afraid that humans will end up destroyed?” An Sheng said with a smile.

“If humanity gets destroyed under such conditions, it can only mean that humanity deserves it. It’s fine if it’s destroyed,” Zhou Wen said indifferently.

“That’s true.” An Sheng looked at Zhou Wen and asked, “When are you leaving?”

“I have some matters to settle. I’ll leave after I’m done.” As Zhou Wen spoke, a strange glow suffused his body as Companion Beast tattoos appeared.

Zhou Wen reached out and grabbed the tattoos, tearing them off his body and enveloping them in a halo.

The tattoos were torn off by Zhou Wen and transformed into balls of light. There were a total of seven or eight of them, including Imperial Lord Behemoth and Mystic Thearch who had just advanced to the Apocalypse grade. “I have no use for these Companion Beasts. Give them to whoever you deem fit.” As Zhou Wen spoke, he took out two more Race

Artifacts and handed them to An Sheng. “Keep these two Race Artifacts and see if you can use them.”

An Sheng looked at the two Race Artifacts. One of them was a Spirit Race Artifact, so he narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, “Young Master Wen, don’t worry. I’ll definitely deliver them to the person who needs them.”

“It’s up to you to decide. There’s no need to tell me. I should leave.” Zhou Wen got up and prepared to leave.

“Young Master Wen, you have to come back,” An Sheng called out to Zhou Wen.

“I hope so.” Zhou Wen didn’t look back as he took a step forward and vanished.

Zhou Wen visited his family and friends one by one and left some Companion Beasts for them. He had no use for them in the future.

Leaving it to them was a guarantee that they could gain a foothold on Earth in the future. When he stepped into Wang Lu’s yard, he saw her sitting in the pavilion. There were two filled wine glasses on the stone table. One glass was in front of Wang Lu, while the other was opposite her. However, there was no one

opposite Wang Lu.

“Sit. Let’s have a drink.” When Wang Lu saw

Zhou Wen, she combed her hair and raised the

wine glass in her hand.

Zhou Wen sat down and gently clinked his

wine glass with Wang Lu.

“I wish you all the best,” Wang Lu said as she

downed the wine in her glass.

“Thank you.” Zhou Wen also drained his glass.

Zhou Wen knew that Wang Lu didn’t lack

Companion Beasts, but he took out a

Companion Beast and placed it in front of her.

“Banana Fairy has been with me for many years. I won’t need her in the future. Take her

with you.”

“Alright.” Wang Lu took the ball of light and

immediately contracted it. Banana Fairy’s immortal-like figure immediately appeared beside Wang Lu and sat on a banana leaf. She seemed to be on a swing as she floated around Wang Lu.

“I’ll give you a gift too. Please take it,” Wang Lu said as she took out something from her pocket and held it between her fingers.

It was a very ordinary one-dollar coin commonly seen in the Federation. On one side

was the number 1, and on the other side was a


“Thank you,” Zhou Wen said with a smile as he took the coin.

“Do you still remember how many breakfasts

you owe me from when we were still at school?” Wang Lu said with a smile. “I remember. I’m afraid I won’t have the

chance to repay you in the future.” Zhou Wen couldn’t help but smile when he recalled his

school days. That might have been the most beautiful and comfortable period of his life. “As a person, you have to keep your word. You have to repay what you owe. You are Human Sovereign and also the King of Dimensions.

Such a hero wouldn’t go back on his word, right?” Wang Lu said jokingly.

“Alright, I’ll repay you when I return.” Zhou

Wen nodded seriously.

“It’s a deal then. I’ll wait for you to buy me breakfast,” Wang Lu said with a smile. After leaving Wang Lu’s place, Zhou Wen

returned to the City Lord Manor. Li Xuan was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, watching the news.

Feng Qiuyan, Ming Xiu, and Qin Zhen were also

there. When they saw Zhou Wen return, the three of them stood up.

“You’re back?” Li Xuan remained sitting on the

sofa as he asked casually.

“That’s right. I’m back. Sit down.” Zhou Wen

sat down beside Li Xuan and casually threw the

three Race Artifacts to Feng Qiuyan, Ming Xiu, and Qin Zhen. “Keep them as a memento.” “This is the Phaseless Race Artifact, Phaseless

Ring…” Feng Qiuyan said in surprise when he saw the Race Artifact in his hand.

“The Eye of the Inter race.” Ming Xiu was also


Back when they went to the dimension, they had gone to these two races.

Qin Zhen held her Race Artifact in silence

before putting it away.

“I’m your coach after all. I have to leave you something before I leave,” Zhou Wen said as he took out some Companion Beasts and threw

them to them.

“Coach, you’ll need these things when you

leave. We…” Before Feng Qiuyan could finish his sentence, Zhou Wen interrupted him with a wave of his hand. “If I need to rely on these Companion Beasts to save my life, there’s no way I’ll live.”

“This is for you.” Zhou Wen handed another Race Artifact to Li Xuan.

“Me too?” Li Xuan was somewhat surprised.

“It’s not for you. This is the Evil Ghosts’ Race Artifact. I remember that your second brother, Li Mobai, went to the Evil Ghosts back then, am I right?” Zhou Wen said.

“Why are you giving me something for him?”

Li Xuan said unhappily.

“I don’t know him. There’s no reason for me to give him something. I’ve given it to you. Whether you want to give it to someone else or

keep it for yourself is your business. It has

nothing to do with me.” As Zhou Wen spoke, he took out a few Companion Beasts and handed them to Li Xuan. “Although these

fellows aren’t very strong, they are very special. In the future, you will have to guard

Ancient City and deal with all sorts of situations. These will be useful.” These Companion Beasts included Primordial

Spore, Evil Spirit King, Tai Sui, Explosive Fiend Man, Doctor Darkness, and other strange Companion Beasts. Finally, Zhou Wen gave Prisoner to Li Xuan.

After Zhou Wen left, Guide Ancient City would be relying on Li Xuan. Without any decent Companion Beasts, many wealthy families in

Guide Ancient City would probably carve the city up very quickly. Although Prisoner was considered very weak among the Apocalypse grade, he was once Earth’s Companion Beast after all. Now that Earth was being nurtured by the Race Artifacts, he could definitely continue growing in such an environment. He should be able to become an important aide to Li Xuan.

“Don’t worry. With me around, nothing will

happen to us.” Li Xuan didn’t stand on

ceremony as he contracted all the Companion Beasts.

“Guard it if you can. Don’t worry if people no longer believe in it,” Zhou Wen said. “With me around, it will be fine,” Li Xuan said indifferently, but his eyes were extremely firm.