Martial God Asura (Web Novel)-Chapter 5396: An Unwinnable Battle

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Chapter 5396: An Unwinnable Battle

“Milord, I’ve seen the man in the portrait before,” Shuang Xue honestly answered.

“You have seen him before? Where? Hurry up and tell me!”

Lord Nianqing was so agitated that she lurched forth and grabbed Shuang Xue’s shoulder. It was no longer just a question but an interrogation. Shuang Xue hurriedly told Lord Nianqing everything about Chu Feng.

“He’s here too?” Lord Nianqing’s breathing hastened.

“Milord, w-what’s wrong?” Shuang Xue anxiously asked.

She had been with Lord Nianqing for many years, but hardly had she seen the latter get so agitated.

Instead of answering the question, Lord Nianqing thrust her palm forth and smashed the box Shuang Xue had brought here. A mysterious energy inside the box flowed out and dispersed into the surroundings.

“Milord, you!!!” Shuang Xue was alarmed.

As a matter of fact, the spatial realm that Lord Nianqing currently resided in wasn’t a resting ground but a trial. The box of energy Shuang Xue had brought over was intended to help her in clearing the trial. Without the energy, there was only one other way Lord Nianqing could clear the trial, and that was a method she had refused to resort to over the years.

That method was simply too dangerous.

Lord Nianqing stepped out of the wooden hut and rose into the air.

Shuang Xue quickly chased after her, but Lord Nianqing was already nowhere to be seen by the time she rushed out of the wooden hut too.

“Could it be that milord is intending to…”

Shuang Xue thought of a possibility and flitted in the southwest direction. It didn’t take her long to stumble upon a massive floating formation. The energy inside the formation was so great that it was influencing the surrounding weather. She didn’t dare to get too close.

Lord Nianqing was already standing in front of the formation, her white hair and robe furiously fluttering. Despite being a respected True Dragon World Spiritist, she appeared insignificant before the formation.

This was a trial she had always been hesitant to confront, but her eyes were currently filled with determination like never before.

“Milord, the time isn’t ripe yet. It isn’t time for us to challenge the formation yet!” Shuang Xue exclaimed.

“The fastest way for me to leave this place is to breach this formation,” Lord Nianqing replied with a determined voice before stepping into the formation.

“Just who in the world is Chu Feng for Lord Nianqing to be acting like this?” Shuang Xue was rendered speechless.

There were only two ways to clear this trial, and challenging the formation was the more extreme but correct method. Lord Nianqing had always avoided challenging the formation due to the risks involved, but she actually chose to confront it today just so that she could leave this place as soon as possible.

Shuang Xue could tell that Lord Nianqing’s sudden change of mind was triggered by Chu Feng, but she couldn’t understand why that was the case. Her heart suddenly pounded with worry as she recalled her young sister’s disdainful attitude toward him.

“Little sister, you must keep your temper in check and treat Chu Feng with respect,” Shuang Xue muttered under her breath.

Meanwhile, the frost woman arrived at the peak of a mountain, where she found herself standing before a little hut. While the hut was small, it was not shabby. It had a fenced garden cultivating all sorts of rare herbs.

This garden was meticulously tended to, showing that the owner of the hut was someone who preferred a slower pace of life.

The frost woman had an indistinct outline as her body was covered in frost, making it impossible to make out her facial features, but as she stood before the hut, she dispersed the frost around her and revealed her true appearance.

She was a beautiful middle-aged woman with an exceptional disposition. She had a powerful presence that would make even experts tremble in fear. Yet, as she approached the hut, she suddenly got to her knees and kowtowed.

“Milord, Chu Feng has already entered the Asura Demon Tower,” the frost woman said.

“I am aware,” a gentle feminine voice echoed from the hut.

“Milord, do you think Chu Feng will succeed?”

“It’s too early to tell.”

“Are you really not giving anything to him if he fails?”

“That’s right.”

“Not even the Life Crystals?”


“Are you going to send Chu Feng away as soon as he fails?” the frost woman asked.

“The rules are clear. I won’t make an exception for anyone, even Chu Feng. Those who want a fortuitous encounter should prove themselves worthy first,” the woman in the hut replied.

The frost woman looked conflicted. Words lingered at the tip of her tongue, but she dared not to voice them aloud. After a moment of hesitation, she bucked up her courage and asked, “Milord, are you really not going to meet him?”

There was a moment of silence before the woman in the hut replied, “It isn’t time yet.”

Chu Feng was in a horrible position inside the Asura Demon Tower.

He stood in the middle of a hall with a pale face and numerous bloodied gashes. Despite his poor physical state, he had no time to rest or recuperate. He was focused on deciphering the stone gate in front of him.

He had already overcome many stages, and he had a feeling that this stone gate was his final ordeal.


Cracks finally appeared on the formation shrouding the stone gate, but instead of the stone gate opening, the entire hall collapsed on Chu Feng instead. He was instantaneously plunged into darkness.

A sinister voice echoed from the void, “Brat, are you here to challenge me?”

Two massive blood moons suddenly appeared amidst the darkness. They were a far distance away, but that hardly dampened the pressure they emanated.

Chu Feng knew that those two red lights were actually incomparably humongous eyes. It was unbelievable how clear its eyes were even though the other party was extremely far away from him. From that, he deduced that the other party’s body was unimaginably massive, perhaps even larger than an entire realm.

“Is this the demonic beast sealed on the eighteenth floor?”

Cold sweat dripped from Chu Feng’s face. He knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance against such an existence in a direct confrontation.