MTL - How to Survive As a Villain-v2 Chapter 224 Riding the horse outside Xiaofan (2)

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Seeing that the first arrow was about to pierce the belly of the mother deer, the sharp arrow shot from the river was hit with a sharp arrow, and the mother deer escaped and escaped.

Luohe Qingtou looked down at the general and looked at the general. The general suddenly realized what he was, and quickly bowed his head to the river.

Xiao Yuan, who witnessed the whole process, is not clear. Ask Chen Ge: "What happened?"

Chen Ge said: "The mother deer is pregnant. You look at it. It is very big. The emperor has regulations for a long time. If you don't fight small, you don't fight with your arms. If you don't fight, you can hunt very well. ”

Xiao Yuan suddenly nodded and nodded.

Luohe Qing did not over-reliance the general. After regaining his gaze, he left the horse and a group of generals also went to find their own prey.

Chen Geyi is eager to try, he is about to catch up, see Xiao Yuan clenched the reins slowly, can not help but strange people who usually love to make trouble, how can this be so quiet, is it difficult to become the sun to the west? Then he asked: "Are you not going?"

Xiao Yuan touched the horse's mane and smiled. "I won't go. I went to my brother and I have to worry about me. This time, it is rare, let the brothers hunt without a side."

Chen Ge: "Hey..."

Xiao Yu'an: "Is it a toothache? I have been with my brother for so long, can you get used to it?"

The half-day hunting soon ended, and the generals continued to return with the prey triumphantly. The hunting ground was a celebration atmosphere. Xiao Yu thought that Luhe Qing should return, and waited for him to ride in front of the crowd.

Suddenly there was a man who hurried back and ran, shouting: "The emperor hunted a white tiger!"

The crowd was stunned and exclaimed, and the admiration was not yet there. The man shouted in a panic: "The emperor is injured, come and help!"

When Huhe Qing was alone in hunting tigers, he really used up twelve points of youth and fearlessness. How could he not be injured? Although the tiger fell under the bow and the blade, the right arm and abdomen of Luhe Qing were also drawn by the claws.

A group of generals had three points and no help but five points of panic and seven points of understanding. They all discussed that when they never thought that the emperor would have a slap in the face, it would be a long time without hunting.

At this time, the doctors of the Taiji Temple, the Taiji doctors wrapped the wounds for the wounds of the Qihe River, and they all sighed with a sigh of relief: "Fortunately, I didn't hurt the internal organs, otherwise I had to grab people from the hands of the prince."

Luhe Qing naked upper body, green silk scattered, wounds wrapped in white cloth that also oozes blood, because the blood loss and lip color are very pale, he said: "This matter, can not let the emperor know, tell him that I am not a big problem. ”

Xiao Yu’an emerged from the doctor’s body and said coolly: “I already know...”

Seeing the emperor who has always been smiling and smiling, the face is very poor at this moment, a group of doctors and guards of the doctors have retired, leaving a clean and inner bedroom to the Luohe Qing and Xiao Yuan.

The two looked at each other and didn’t know what to say for a while.

It has always been the blame of the Weihe River to blame Xiao Yu'an for not forgetting the body. Now the stone breaks the sky and the river is clear and arrogant. The reverse of the position makes both of them dumbfounded.

Luohe Qing knew that this was his fault and took the lead: "I am fine."

It’s just that these three words are extraordinarily thin, like the deep claws of the tiger's claws.

Xiao Yuan slammed his fist, let go of his hand, then punched his fist, then let go of his hand, and finally bite his teeth and turned away.

When the river saw it, he quickly got up and chased him out of bed. He was pushed back by a group of doctors who were waiting outside.

At night, Xiao Yu'an unexpectedly did not return to the dormitory where the two lived together, but went to meet the dormitory of the country's embassy, ​​and let Tianxiang give himself an empty room.

This is really the first thing. When the doctor asked the doctor to stay in bed, he was still worried about what to do. He got up and went to find Xiao Yuan. Who knows that Tian Xiang had passed the mouth and said that Xiao Yu’an had let the river cover the wounds. Looking for yourself, Luhe Qing can't, but he has to recuperate.

Tim Xiang passed the mouth and went back. When she was in the dormitory room, she was asked by Xiao Yuan to ask the West: "What is the injury of the brother? What did the doctor say? Is it a painful look?"

Tianxiang helpless, and said with a straightforward heart: "You, obviously worried about the emperor, why should you keep up with the emperor?"

Xiao Yuan poured his face on the bed and shouted his voice into the quilt and shouted: "Why am I inflated with my brother, I am angry with myself!!!"