MTL - Lord of Ashes-Chapter 938 Install a nuclear fusion reactor

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Ash Lord Chapter 938 Installing a Fusion Reactor

"Based on the calculation that one fusion can increase the equipment score by 50 points, it only takes four normal fusions to successfully upgrade the human potential stimulation device to the legendary level, which is basically the same as the Umbrella Biochemical Experimental Site area. The fusion of other equipment is similar."

However, although the fusion level of +4 is not high, even if Zhang Yanhang integrates all the human potential stimulation devices that have been developed, he can only fuse them with +3 at most. Therefore, what is the legendary human potential stimulation device +4? Yes, indeed, I can only think about it.

"Although it was only fused once, it may be because of the quality improvement that the power effect bonus provided by the additional attribute has directly increased by 5%, from the original 55% increase in strength effect bonus to the 60% increase in strength Effect bonus.

And I can equip a total of four human potential stimulation devices +1, so these four human potential stimulation devices +1 can provide me with a total of 240% strength effect bonus, which is considered a huge increase. "

Zhang Yanhang's XX-level Longbo's power only provided a 265% strength effect bonus, and now the four human potential stimulation devices +1 combined are only 25% less than Longbo's power.

In this regard, Zhang Yanhang can only say that equipping four pieces of the same equipment at the same time is indeed such an outrageous and BUG.

"But this time, after the human potential stimulation device +1 was promoted to the red quality, the use requirements did not increase much. It only increased by ten points again, from the original 115 points of strength to 125 points of strength. Obviously those before Equipment is generally required to increase the attribute value by 15 points."

But Zhang Yanhang can somewhat understand it. After all, 125 points is already the limit of the fifth order, and if it goes higher, it will reach the sixth order. It is not within the reach of the red quality equipment such as the human potential stimulation device +1, so it Just stopped here, and didn't reach 130 points.

After simply looking at the attribute list of the red-quality human potential stimulation device +1, Zhang Yanhang immediately equipped the four human body potential stimulation devices +1 that were fused just now, because he felt that the equipment on this thing was practical. It felt a bit like the growth of the hand bone, so Zhang Yanhang switched it to the hidden state as usual.

The next step is to test the strength. Zhang Yanhang first took out a 15,000-ton steel cube from the stomach naan space and put it on his right hand, and then stacked a 1,000-ton steel cube on top, but nothing happened. Sure enough, it was quite easy.

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Therefore, he immediately stacked another thousand tons of steel cubes, but he still felt that there was a relatively large margin. Therefore, he stacked another thousand tons based on his experience, but he did not expect that it was a little bit beyond the limit.

After successively reducing a small part of the steel cube, Zhang Yanhang finally calculated that his current limit strength should be 17,996 tons, an increase of 3,006 tons from the previous 14,990 tons, which is indeed quite a lot.

"I remember that my total strength during the third-order period was 1053 tons, which is about one thousand tons, and my increased strength this time is almost three times the total strength of the third-order."

Because the fourth level mainly improves physical strength, Zhang Yanhang's current strength of almost 18,000 tons is only eighteen times that of the third level, which is not very high.

After all, advancing to the fourth level will increase his strength by ten times at the beginning, so he has probably increased his strength by eight times to the fourth level so far, basically all of which are provided by the human body potential stimulation device and the neck potential stimulation device.

"Then again, it would be great if it could add another four tons of power, then it would be a genuine 18,000 tons, not the current equivalent of about 18,000 tons."

Zhang Yanhang still felt a little uncomfortable about this.

"In the case of one-handed strength of 17,996 tons, if you add a bit of aura, it can reach 35,992 tons. As for the strength of both hands, it has reached 89,980 tons, which is nearly 90,000 tons."

If Zhang Yanhang's current strength is converted into catties, it has reached 180 million catties. If calculated based on one catty of uncooked rice per person per day, the rice he can lift with both hands can supply 180 million catties A person eats for a day, that is, supplies nearly one-tenth of the population of the empire for a day.

As for Qindao City, which has a population of only 20 million, Zhang Yanhang has been able to supply it for nine days, which is more than a week.

"The full-load displacement of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is only about 100,000 tons. In other words, I can almost lift the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier directly now, as long as I can increase the power of another 10,000 tons."

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But although Zhang Yanhang, a 100,000-ton nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, is still a bit strenuous to lift for the time being, he can lift two Aegis destroyers with one hand. Ton, it can be said that even without the blessing of aura, you can lift two with one hand.

After testing his strength, Zhang Yanhang first put the remaining human body potential stimulation device into his pocket, and then began to count the income of other equipment.

But it is said that it is other equipment income, but Zhang Yanhang only opened a legendary [small nuclear fusion reactor (flesh and blood transformation)] in the lord's treasure chest this time besides the divination tarot card.

Zhang Yanhang took a brief look at the appearance of this small nuclear fusion reactor. He could only say that although it was a legendary equipment that had lost its color quality, its surface was still shimmering with a blue-gold halo of mixed blue and gold. Unexpectedly, It's pretty good.

At least Zhang Yanhang's straight male aesthetics still prefer this kind of blue. This kind of blue is a kind of darker and a bit purple blue.

When it is intertwined with gold, it is far taller than the pure blue halo of the second level before. After all, the second level was just ordinary blue, that is, bright blue, and now it is more similar In dark blue.

As for the volume of this small nuclear fusion reactor itself, it can only be said that it is indeed relatively large, with a diameter of at least 20 meters, which is far from what a normal body can equip. After all, let alone the heart, his entire body A human is about half the height of this small fusion reactor.

"Based on the highest deformation limit of my current magic, sky, and earth skills, I should only need to activate the basic magic, sky, and earth skills to meet the equipment requirements? It's not necessary to equip a small nuclear fusion reactor and activate the body state, right?