My Vampire System (WN)-Chapter 2108: Green House Visitors

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The Talen family had decided to continue to follow the instructions that were set out by Logan Green. After analysing the situation, Layla actually believed it was the best thing to do, because after all, they still had no direction or place to go.

However, there was one thing that she had suggested to Quinn before heading to Earth. While they were still heading to the beast planet, she had brought it up.

"I think we should contact Russ and tell him to meet us there." Layla suggested.

"Russ… He has been gathering details about what has been going on Earth for a while right?" Quinn replied.

Russ, was a god slayer, who had a strong ability and one way or another was also able to escape the memory change. The reason was still unclear, which also meant, it was unclear if he could escape it if it was to happen again.

On top of that, unlike Fex and the others, Russ wasn't particularly an ally. He was someone that Quinn had been controlling with Qi control, and although the Qi control was still present, there were a number of thoughts going through his head.

What if he used a family member of his as a hostage to tell him to take the Qi control away. Perhaps he would need to update the Qi commands, to suggest to protect and not harm anyone from the Talen family.

"I know you don't trust Russ so much, but Quinn you have to think about it. We might find out how all of this mind mess has happened but what if we can't reverse it. Are you planning on going against Jim? Or Jack.

"Jack has a whole army of Dalki behind his back, and the support of the humans. They're not the same as they were before either. There are possibly multiple high spiked Dalki, and those that have abilities. While at the same time, you then have Jim, the vampires and fighting against all our friends.

"I know… you like to try to do things on your own, to try not involve others in all of this, but you already tried that and it didn't work out. So maybe, it's time we start looking for help, and I think Russ can be a big help to us."

Putting it in that perspective, Quinn felt like he had only touched the tip of the iceberg with everything that was going on. The thing was, he had failed at the first hurdle.

"Tell him to meet us at Logan's base, but he needs to make sure he is not followed. He is to meet us outside of the base, and not step a foot inside."

It didn't take long for them to reach the planet where Logan had left the teleporter and it was in the exact position he had described it would be. There were a couple of beasts in the area, but they quickly went away when Quinn showed a little of his energy.

While on the planet, it did give Quinn an idea. Combining what Layla had said before. Either way, he needed to get something else out of the way first. After digging up the teleporter and typing in the code that Logan had given it was time for them to do the rest.

Each of them held on to each other as they went through the teleporter and moments later, they were no longer on the same planet. They had reached the other side. There were clear blue skies, the sun was shining bright, and the ground was hard and orange.

"Wait, Galen… are you okay!" Layla quickly turned around. The vampire settlement had the sun blocked out, and since they had been living there they also didn't bother getting a ring for little Galen.

Of course, there were those who would build up tolerance to the pain from the Sun, but Galen was just too young, and there was no set training for him to do so.

As Layla rushed towards him, they soon saw that he was just standing in the sun fine. There were no signs of discomfort on his face, nor was he itching his skin rapidly, like vampires would do.

"Are you okay?" Layla asked.

Since Galen was still unable to speak, he nodded his head.

"So, that's the new little family member. He certainly takes after all of you." A male voice said from behind.

When Quinn turned his head, he could see Russ was standing there. He had his long blonde hair, down by his side, and looked to be in white coloured clothing, making him almost dressed as a saint, even though he was nothing like one.

Immediately, Quinn moved to his side, and placed his head on his hand. Russ went to bat it away, but before he could Quinn gave a few words of warning.

"Let me do what I need to do, otherwise I'll squeeze your head so hard it will explode like a watermelon."

Russ stopped there and gulped as he could feel the Qi, flowing into his body and up toward his head. For some reason, Quinn was even more frustrated than he usually would have been and it was clear that he wasn't in the mood for jokes.

Lifting his hand from Russ's head, the new Qi commands were made clear to him.

"You are to protect the Talen family with your life, and in no way are you to harm any of them."

"I…" Russ looked behind Quinn and the other three. "I understand, but if you want me to help protect your family, can you stop making my job so difficult?"

The look from Quinn's face showed that he didn't quite understand what Russ meant by this.

"Your name." Russ explained. "I know you have been quite busy you see. I knew you wanted everyone to remember your name, but I didn't think you wanted them to know it in this way."

"What's happened?" Layla asked, stepping forward. "Is it… to do with Earth?"

Russ nodded.

"Everyone practically knows who Quinn Talen is now, as they keep broadcasting the news as to what he has done. They're selling the story as though he is some type of celestial Demon that managed to come through the cracks before they closed the portal.

"Your appearance has been shared with everyone. I don't think it's a good idea for you to stay on Earth. At least that is the suggestion I would make."

It was to be expected, and with a spin like that, it also explained Quinn's absurd strength. The only thing Jim couldn't explain was his shadow powers, however the humans would care little about that.

Behind Russ, a large mansion that was partly built into a cliff side could be seen. It was square shaped, and looked to be made of a strong metal that looked as if it could withstand quite a beating. Just looking at it, they all knew that they were at the right base.

"It's okay." Quinn said. "We don't plan to stay here for long."

Walking up to the front entrance it was hard to tell where it was, since all of the front was made out of the same material but as they approached it, a sound was heard, and the door was already starting to open up on its own.

They walked into a large open room, with high ceilings and the area was completely white. There was a sofa, a large TV and a kitchen area to the right of them that looked like it could entertain fifty or so guests.

As they took steps on the floor, the panels underneath them would light up and make a small chime. It certainly was filled with technology and a certain style.

"This is so cool!" Minny said. "Can't we just live here!"

"I'm sorry, but this place doesn't belong to us, so we can only stay here for a short while." Layla explained. After hearing what Russ said, she was too afraid that they would eventually find out about this place as well.

Following Quinn, as he went first in case there was anything, Quinn soon stopped.

"There's someone else here." Quinn stated.

The others could now hear it too, because the strange noise the panels would make as they stepped on them were continuing to be heard. Turning around the corner, the person could finally be seen and as soon as they met the others, the person bowed down in front of them.

"It is nice to meet you all." The person said.

"Daddy…. have I seen her before?" Minny asked, not too sure. It was the same for the others, but Quinn could remember her, and he never expected to see her in a place like this.

"Ceril…. Do you remember me?" Quinn asked.