Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl?-Chapter 1219: Utilising The Bifrost

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Standing in the mage tower, Shiro glanced at Nimue who was playing around with a strand of Error while Nan Tian and Aarim make some final adjustments.

"Following the simulations that you gave us, this should be ok. With everything focused on stabilising the travel, the Bifrost only needs to make sure you get to your destination." Aarim said as she bit her mana stick in half. Throwing the rest of it in her mouth, she took a step back and drew a magic circle in the air in front of her.

Taking a deep breath, the mana within the mage tower surged as the entire building started to rumble.


As if puncturing a hole through the fabrics of space, a portal tore open in front of them. It shimmered with a myriad of colours around the edges and a strange liquid was the main body of the portal. The texture was reminiscent of melted metal that reflected the colours around it.

Narrowing her eyes, Shiro snapped her finger and created an avatar of herself. Sitting down on a chair, she focused on her control over the avatar and closed her eyes.

Looking at the portal, Shiro took a deep breath and made her way inside.

But the moment she took a step inside the portal, she was overwhelmed by a sense of repulsion. The harder she tried to enter, the harder it pushed her away.

Furrowing her brows, Shiro took this moment and activated some of Error's power. Circuits appeared in her eyes as she scanned the Source Code of this portal and see why it was rejecting her.

But this action seemed to have activated a defence mechanism that completely rejected her and flung her avatar out of the portal.


Crashing against the walls of the room, the avatar started to crumble away.

Thankfully, she was able to get a decent glimpse of the Source Code before she was flung away. Recalling what she saw, she started to scribble out some runes before making a second avatar. Carving the runes onto the body, she sent in into the portal once more only for the same thing to happen.

"Is the Bifrost faulty?" Nan Tian asked with a small frown.

"Nope. I had thought that it was rejecting the avatar since it was still a little different from me but it turns out that's not the case. The avatar simply can't overcome the push back from trying to travel between destruction and creation. As you know, my avatar is created using my powers of destruction due to the influence of my nanobots. Whereas my main body is composed of both. While it's a little unbalanced, it's still much better than my avatar." Shiro explained as Nan Tian stayed silent for a moment before nodding his head.

"So what you're saying is that the portal won't allow anyone to pass unless they have a certain amount of creation energy in their body?"

"Yes and not quite. The portal won't allow anyone to pass if they cannot survive the destination. It's a protective function that makes sure they don't die on arrival. After all, it would be a real shame for someone to explode into a pool of blood just as they step out of the portal. Naturally the conditions change for different destinations but for this one, it requires a certain mastery over creation element. If you want, you can certainly try entering the portal. If you don't get hit by the pushback, I'll see you on the other side." Shiro chuckled as Nan Tian raised an eyebrow.

Taking up her challenge, he stepped in front of the portal and took a step in. Not even a second later his body was flung out like a ragdoll.

Catching Nan Tian's body just before he crashed against the wall, Shiro looked down with a smirk.

"Well seems like you're not compatible with the side of creation." She smiled with a slight smugness in her expression.

Rolling his eyes, Nan Tian stood up and dusted himself.

"Seems so. Guess we're sticking with the original plan. We'll take care of everything so you just enjoy a little holiday for now." Nan Tian chuckled as Shiro nodded her head.

"Nimue! Error! Time to go." Shiro called out with a smile.

Hearing her call, both of them stopped playing around and entered her mana realm.

{Its been a while since we're last gone on an adventure like this.} Nimue chuckled as Shiro agreed with her.

'Well you seemed happy to be relaxing outside so I had planned to just go alone with Error. But Nan Tian insisted so I figured I'd take you along.'

{No shit. Relaxing outside means I don't have to break my back over trying to make sure your body is intact.} Nimue rolled her eyes as there had been too many times where Shiro practically shredded her body to pieces just for a fight.

'Hahaha sorry sorry, I'm keeping myself healthy now aren't I?'

Staring at her without saying anything, Nimue silently judged causing Shiro to cough.

'I'm *Trying* to keep myself healthy ok?' Shiro corrected herself as Nimue sighed.

{I will flip your world upside down both literally and metaphorically if you try to pull some weird shit again ok?} Nimue shrugged as Shiro gave her a reassuring smile. Which only caused her to roll her eyes since Nimue knows there's a 99.9% chance that Shiro will probably break something inside her during this trip.

It was just a gut feeling that she had.

With both Nimue and Error, Shiro turned around and gave Nan Tian and Aarim a wave.

"Taking care of things while I'm gone ok? I won't be too long." She smiled.

"Have a safe trip." Nan Tian waved back as Aarim did the same.

Stepping into the portal, Shiro could already feel a repulsion force trying to push her out but at the same time, it was strangely welcoming. It didn't take her long to get used to the pressure as she ventured forward.

Looking around her, it was as though she was staring at a strange mix between an ocean and the galaxy. Each 'wave' would change the stars and reshuffle the layout. Everchanging, never staying the same.

Allowing herself to enjoy the visuals for a brief moment, Shiro focused on the task at hand and made her way through the portal. At first it was a slow walk since she was getting used to the energy. But from a walk, she started to jog, then run and soon, she was flying at full speed towards the exit of the portal.


Elsewhere, a woman was sitting in an office before suddenly sitting up straight. Furrowing her brows, she thought in silence before opening her mouth.

"She survived."

Clicking her tongue, she stood up and paced around the office for a little while. Scratching her head, she wondered what she should do next.

'If she survived that attack then killing her will be difficult. I'll let her find the truth out for herself and see where she takes things for now I suppose.' She sighed and sat back down.


Shiro didn't know how long she had been flying for but she was surprised that she still hasn't made it to the end of the portal despite her speed. She humoured the idea of constantly teleporting, but she'd rather not risk things since this portal could destabilise for all she knows.

Just as she thought of this, she felt her speed increase a little which was strange. Trying to stop herself to figure out what's going on, she realised she couldn't stop anymore and that there was now a pulling force dragging her towards the exit.

"Oh fuck." Shiro managed to mutter out before she shot towards the exit like a meteor.

Circulating her mana, she tried to reinforce her body as much as possible. It wasn't that she was worried about her body. No, it was that she was worried about her landing location!

With the speed she was travelling at, if she was to collide head on with a city, she'll burn it to the ground!

'NIMUE HELP!' Shiro shouted in her mind as she was trying her best to slow her speed down as much as possible.

{What the hell do you think I'm doing?!?!} Nimue shouted back in annoyance as she was already helping Shiro reinforce her body as much as possible and pushing her strength to the limit.

However, their efforts proved to the futile as she continued to speed up towards the exit.

Biting her lip, Shiro braced herself and activated several magic circles around her body.

Creating as many barriers as she could in front of her, Shiro made something that should protect her against the attack of a god. Only for this it was to stop her from destroying whatever she came in contact with!

{Mayday mayday mayday! Brace for impact!} Nimue shouted out causing a vein to almost pop on Shiro's head.

'I'm not a fucking plane!!!'