Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day-Chapter 1542 - 1542 We've Known Each Other for a Long Time

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Chapter 1542 - 1542 We've Known Each Other for a Long Time

1542 We’ve Known Each Other for a Long Time

Jun Shiling put down his pen and looked at Xia Wanyuan. “Will you believe me if I tell you?”

Xia Wanyuan nodded slightly. “Yes, tell me.”

Jun Shiling looked into Xia Wanyuan’s eyes. “I’m your future husband.”

Rain dripped from the window, causing the petals to tremble slightly. The living room was silent, so quiet that one could hear Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan’s heartbeats.


Xia Wanyuan looked into Jun Shiling’s obsidian-like eyes. Just as she was about to say something, Xia Wei appeared out of nowhere and smashed a stool at Jun Shiling. “You lecher!!! How dare you tease my sister? I’ll beat you to death!!”

Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan did not notice that Xia Wei was beside them. They could not dodge in time and the chair slapped Jun Shiling’s arm.

Jun Shiling was already injured. Now that he was hit by Xia Wei, he fell to the side. Xia Wanyuan hurriedly ran over and helped Jun Shiling up. She glanced at Xia Wei. “Stop fooling around. Go in and sleep.”

Xia Wei looked at Jun Shiling warily. “But Sister, he’s a bad person. We can’t leave him here. He has ill intentions towards you. He covets your beauty!!”

Xia Wanyuan patted Xia Wei’s shoulder. “Alright, go down first. I know what to do.”

Xia Wei looked at Jun Shiling hatefully. Although he was young, he had learned how to be an emperor since he was young and had come into contact with thousands of civil and military officials.

He could naturally tell that Jun Shiling was not hostile to them. Otherwise, the thing that hit Jun Shiling was no longer a chair, but the firewood knife in the backyard.

However, he was just unhappy. He could tell that Xia Wanyuan treated Jun Shiling specially. If it were anyone else, Xia Wanyuan would not have let them in at all. However, for the man in front of him, not only did his sister let him in, but she also made food for him.

Xia Wei looked at Jun Shiling angrily. It was this man who had snatched my sister’s attention.

“Alright, go back.” Xia Wanyuan smiled at Xia Wei and gestured for him to return to the backyard.

Xia Wei hesitated for a while before warning Jun Shiling, “Behave yourself, or I’ll beat you to death…”

With that, Xia Wei turned around and left.

After Xia Wei left, Xia Wanyuan looked at Jun Shiling. “He’s a child. Don’t argue with him. What he said just now was nonsense. Don’t take it to heart. I’ll bandage your wound first.”

With that, Xia Wanyuan took the medical bag and began to bandage Jun Shiling.

Xia Wei was very ruthless. Jun Shiling’s arm was already bleeding. Xia Wanyuan carefully applied medicine for him, her cold eyes looking even more beautiful under the warm light.

Jun Shiling could not help but say, “Actually, your brother was right about something just now.”

Xia Wanyuan looked up and met Jun Shiling’s deep eyes. “What words?”

“I do covet your beauty.” If it were anyone else, they would definitely think that they were deliberately teasing her.

However, Jun Shiling’s gaze and expression did not make one feel that he was teasing her. He was too serious, so serious that what he said was just a simple statement.

Yet, for the third time, Xia Wanyuan blushed.

The red color began to spread from her ear and climbed onto her cheek bit by bit. She was hazy under the light.

“Young Master, you…” Xia Wanyuan suppressed the ripples in her heart and frowned slightly at Jun Shiling. “Don’t you think you’re too rash to say such things to someone you just met?”

Jun Shiling lowered his head, not knowing if he was happy or sad. “We’ve known each other for a long time.”