She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement-Chapter 306 - What Is He Trying to Do?

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Chapter 306: What Is He Trying to Do?

Yu Huang walked to the door of the dean’s office. She stood outside the window and saw everything in the office clearly.

The dean was sitting at his desk and holding a feather duster in his left hand while his right hand pressed against his chest. He was panting. There were two tables, one by the window and one by the wall, in front of him.

The petite Anna was sitting by the window while studying spell formations.

The Icy Night T-Rex, whose body was as large as a small mountain, sat behind a table against the wall with its wings folded. Compared to the body of the Icy Night T-Rex, that table was simply terrifyingly small.

At this moment, in front of the Icy Night T-Rex, there was a beginners’ guide for learning the alphabet.

After being scolded by the dean in front of Anna, the Icy Night T-Rex was humiliated. At this moment, he raised his head to sneak a peek at Anna.

Yu Huang was frightened by this strange scene.

What was going on?

The demon beast also started learning?

Noticing that Yu Huang had arrived, the dean narrowed his eyes and waved at her. “Come in.”

Yu Huang pushed open the door and walked in. “Dean.”

The dean threw the ferule into Yu Huang’s hands. Yu Huang caught it quickly and heard the dean say, “Teach him. This stupid thing is going to anger me to death.”

Yu Huang looked up at the massive creature in front of her and exchanged glances with the Icy Night T-Rex.

Anna, on the other hand, smiled happily when she saw Yu Huang. “Yu Huang, are you here for me?”


Hearing this, the dean smiled and said, “Yu Huang, when you teach dumb dragon how to pronounce ‘o’, I’ll let Anna leave with you after class.”

Anna’s smile instantly disappeared. She said, “The Icy Night T-Rex is especially stupid. It can’t pronounce the ‘o’ sound at all. Yu Huang, don’t bother about it.”

When he heard this, the Icy Night T-Rex immediately became irritable. He snorted indignantly and said, “I know how to! I really know how to! Yu Huang, teach me quickly!”

Yu Huang pointed her ruler at O and said, “Oh.”

The Icy Night T-Rex tried his best to produce the correct syllables, but when he opened his mouth, it said, “Ou!”

Dean put his hand to his forehead. Anna closed her eyes.

The Icy Night T-Rex was too embarrassed to look at Anna.

Yu Huang also had a headache. She suddenly put down the ferule and said to the Icy Night T-Rex, “Do you trust me?”

The Icy Night T-Rex sneered and said arrogantly, “I’ve never trusted humans!”

Yu Huang said, “Do you still want to continue learning with Anna?”

The Icy Night T-Rex stole a glance at Anna, whose face was full of impatience. “I trust you…”

Yu Huang nodded and said, “If you trust me, then let down your guard. Let’s talk.”

The Icy Night T-Rex nodded unwillingly. He suppressed his spiritual power and laid his head on the table while listening to Yu Huang.

Yu Huang suddenly circulated her spirit energy, raised her fist, and mercilessly punched the eyes of the Icy Night T-Rex.

The defenseless Icy Night T-Rex was punched in the eye by Yu Huang, and it instantly cried out in pain, “Oh!!”

The Icy Night T-Rex immediately raised his head. He narrowed his eyes, which were swollen from Yu Huang’s punch, and questioned her angrily, “Human, you’re too despicable! You actually ambushed me!”

Yu Huang shook her fist and said calmly, “Don’t you know how to pronounce it?”

The Icy Night T-Rex was baffled.

He thought back carefully and realized that the moment he was beaten up by Yu Huang, he had subconsciously cried out ‘O’.

The Icy Night T-Rex tilted its huge dragon head and muttered uncertainly, “…Oh?”

The dean clapped his hands. “Correct!”

Anna also heaved a huge sigh of relief and gave Yu Huang a thumbs up.

The Icy Night T-Rex chuckled and said, “I said that I’m very smart.” He glanced at the dean meaningfully and said mockingly, “In the end, there are still some people whose teaching methods are wrong.”

The dean said angrily, “Are you implying that I should beat you up more?”

The Icy Night T-Rex fell silent again.

Anna stood up and said to the dean, “I want to talk to Yu Huang for a while.”

“Go ahead.”

Yu Huang and Anna walked out of the office side by side. The Icy Night T-Rex twisted his head and pressed it against the wall of the corridor to eavesdrop on their conversation.

The dean snorted and the Icy Night T-Rex sat up straight.

Yu Huang and Anna went to the pantry next door. Anna poured a cup of water for Yu Huang and said to her, “Many students left today. I thought you would go out to train.”

“I’ll leave in a while. I’m here to bid you farewell.” Yu Huang lifted her chin towards the office next door and asked Anna, “What are you guys doing? Why is the Icy Night T-Rex here to study?”

Anna had a headache just talking about this. She said, “Who knows what’s wrong with that Icy Night T-Rex? He suddenly asked to learn a few days ago. Although the dean was always harsh on him, he actually liked him. When he heard that the Icy Night T-Rex wanted to learn, he happily agreed. Just like that, we became classmates.”

Anna took a sip of water and continued to complain. “He’s especially stupid. He can only learn one letter a day. The key is that he doesn’t know it yet. He thinks he’s very smart.”

Hearing Anna’s ridicule, Yu Huang also let out a muffled laugh. “It’s good that the Icy Night T-Rex has such an awareness. If he really succeeds in taking human form in the future, being able to read will definitely be helpful to him.”

Anna did not say anything. She seemed to have thought of something and her face turned red.

Yu Huang stared at Anna’s blushing face and asked curiously, “What are you thinking about?”

Anna held the glass of water and took another sip before saying, “I think the Icy Night T-Rex might be in love with me.”

Yu Huang’s eyes narrowed. “Huh, what do you mean?”

“Yesterday, Mentor asked him to read the letter A, but he found it troublesome and refused to cooperate. Later, Mentor said that my name had this letter in it, and that when he learned it, he’ll be able to spell my name. Then, that Icy Night T-Rex actually started studying seriously.”

Anna’s face was red. She curled her fingers around the cup like a young girl in love. She whispered to Yu Huang, “Yu Huang, what do you think that Icy Night T-Rex is up to?”

He was probably in love.

Yu Huang didn’t dare to say this out loud for fear of scaring Anna.

At this moment, the blood contract in Yu Huang’s body started to heat up. It seemed like Lin Jiansheng had arrived. Yu Huang stood up and walked to the window. She pushed it open and saw Lin Jiansheng.

Lin Jiansheng returned to his alma mater and put on his red Level 8 Purifying Spirit Master robe.

Lin Jiansheng held the Purifying Spirit Scepter in his right hand and strode towards the professor’s office under the admiring gazes of the students.

He headed straight for the dean’s office. Seeing that Yu Huang was also there, Lin Jiansheng stopped in his tracks and said to her, “Have you packed your things? I have a few words with the dean. Let’s set off.”

Yu Huang nodded. “I’m done packing. I’m just waiting for you.”

“Alright then.”

Lin Jiansheng raised his hand and was about to knock on the dean’s office door when the door opened automatically. Just as Lin Jiansheng was about to enter, he saw a Icy Night T-Rex walking out.

Lin Jiansheng immediately moved to the side and watched as the Icy Night T-Rex flew out of the window at the end of the corridor before entering the dean’s office.

“Good morning, Dean.” Lin Jiansheng was full of respect for his alma mater’s dean.

The dean waved his hand and said, “Ah Sheng, you’re here. Take a seat.”

“Dean, I’ll leave after saying a few words.” Lin Jiansheng was an impatient person. He walked towards the dean’s desk and made a soundproof wall outside the office.

Seeing his nervous reaction, the dean sat up straight and asked thoughtfully, “What happened?”

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