Walker Of The Worlds-Chapter 2058 Doing An Inventory

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Chapter 2058 Doing An Inventory

?While Lin Mu had been in the Immortal world for quite some time now, it didn't mean that he had only obtained Immortal items here. There were still plenty of Spirit herbs, spirit fruits and spirit stones that people used. After all, it was a lot more economical to use Spirit Stones to power formations that weren't too important.

As such, they were still in use and there were even several mines present everywhere. Of course, their value was a lot less than it was in a Mortal world. N0v3lTr0ve served as the original host for this chapter's release on No'v3l--B1n.

Even for False Immortal, having a few million High Grade or even Peak Grade Spirit Stones was nothing.

In the case of Lin Mu, that number was taken to a ridiculous number.

"Just how many Spirit stones did I even accumulate? Didn't I use them a lot before?" Lin Mu said to himself, as he glanced at what was basically a four hundred meter tall mountain made just out of Spirit stone.

A dense cloud of spirit Qi was swirling around it and it looked like the cloud had been there for quite some time now since the mountain, which should have been individual pieces of spirit stones, had turned into a single mass.

It was clear that the spirit Qi clouds had rained down Liquid Spirit Qi over the mountain several times over such that the pile had become a single entity.

And this wasn't even the only mountain of Spirit stone Lin Mu had; it was just the tallest one.

There were eight more 'hills' of Spirit stones too, though they weren't on the same level as this mountain since they hadn't condensed into a single mass yet. Some of them were partially fused together, but they were still piles of Spirit stones.

"Okay… Let's get the list started… One solid mountain of Spirit Stone and eight hills." Lin Mu held a scroll in his hand and wrote using his Qi. "Check."

These were just the spirit stones that he had looted and were left open. Lin Mu still had to remove the spirit stones that were kept in the hundreds of spatial storage tools he had gathered.

"Maybe I should have starred with these instead." Lin Mu frowned and made a gathering gesture.


All the Spatial Storage tools floated over to him and Lin Mu used his Immortal sense to link up with all of them.


Spatial fluctuations radiated out of all the rings, which intersected and created a large wave that spread across the area. But once the wave exceeded a certain range, the Spatial Energy Streaks overpowered them, erasing them out of existence.


But that was just the start as a moment later, a rain started.

And it was no normal rain… It was a rain of treasure!

Items started pouring out of the Spatial Storage tools, whether they be rings, bracelets, belts, pendants, earrings, necklaces, coronets or more.

Even for an experienced immortal, the scene would be stunning.

There were various herbs, pills, millions of spirit and immortal tools, along with an endless number of spirit stones and immortal stones. An area of almost two kilometers around Lin Mu was now cluttered with piles upon piles of items.

One tall Spirit Stone mountain along with eight hills stood tall amongst the non-homogeneous sea of items.


"Okay… this was much worse than I thought." Lin Mu held his head for a few seconds before covering the area with his immortal sense.


He waved his hand and used his Immortal sense to sort the items out. He first separated out the bulk resources such as the spirit stones, ores and more.

Soon, four more hills of Spirit Stones formed along with more hills of ores, stacks of metal ingots and colorful hills of gemstones.

"Okay, that's one part done." Lin Mu said and snapped his fingers.


The hills of spirit stone all disappeared and were teleported four kilometers away in the section that Lin Mu had designated as the 'mortal' area. Once that was done, Lin Mu repeated the same for the other Mortal Resources.

For specific resources like Spirit Herbs, Spirit fruits and pills, Lin Mu sorted them into a smaller section of 'refined' resources. Thankfully, there were more than enough shelves and other furniture pieces in the ring to organize them as well.

Even then, the sheer amount of herbs and Pills Lin Mu had accumulated was a high amount.

Though unlike the Spirit stones, Lin Mu actually used some of the spirit herbs and fruits. They were mostly used in cooking as a flavoring ingredient and as such still had use. These ones, Lin Mu moved to a 'cooking' section.

But that still left plenty of spirit herbs that weren't of a use to Lin Mu which he sorted based on their type.

Then there were the various cultivation manuals and skill books. These Lin Mu took a lot more seriously and created a library department in the ring. This would be a combined department and would have different levels depending on the complexity of the book.

Books meant for those in the Body Tempering being in the lowest level while those intended for Immortals at the very top.

This was also the section that Lin Mu curated carefully, as he also revised whether he had missed any book.

"There's actually quite a lot I haven't read yet." Lin Mu didn't ignore the books meant for cultivators below the Immortal realm as he knew they still had useful bits of information that could come in handy.

He was tempted to read them right away and add the condensed note to his special jade slip, but resisted it.

"I need to finish sorting everything first." Lin Mu said to himself. "I'll keep reading as a treat for the last." He decided.

Hour after hour went by as Lin Mu engrossed himself in doing an inventory in the ring.

Bit by bit, the sea of items was cleared out and the empty expanse of the ring started to take on a new look.