I Became a Mafia in the AcademyChapter 100

I spent my life playing a game.I hit the wall, stuck in second place for the rest of my life.[Can you live as yourself, using your own nickname?]DarkLord of Underworld: Even if a man can’t eat, he can survive!Out of the blue, I received a message and was possessed by the game.As the worthless son of an Underworld Boss!“Yes, bloodline is also a power, as long as you can use it. My ability is ‘Famiglia’.”The game addict never disappears. Overwhelming violence, endless wealth, connections in the other world. I, I’ll use anything to stay alive!

The Evil God Beyond the SmartphoneChapter 99: Bone, Flesh, and Blood (2)

I was playing a boring game where you don’t level up no matter what you do, there’s no event happening and it was even FREE on *** store. I had an argument on relationship stuff, was angry and decided to destroy the village in a game, then a notification pop-up…-Your karma has increased by 10.-You are now at level 2.Graphics of the game changed. Acquired magic. Saved a village girl that was chased by bandits. Gained a cultist.It seems the events are starting to take place. Lets see what happens…

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