I Have a Treasure TroveChapter : Completion testimonials and new book

What is luck? Walk to pick up money? Buying a lottery ticket will win the jackpot?Qin Yun picked up a copper coin and activated the wealth luck system.“The balance has reached 10,000, and you can open a first-level fortune-gathering array every month. To open a second-level wealth-gathering array, you need a balance of 1 million…”(The group has been established, group number: 614799090, interested book friends can join and discuss the plot together.)

Undefeatable – League of LegendsChapter 532: Beautiful Assistant

When the Chinese athlete laughed that video game championships existed, you, as a professional e-sports player, should use your size 42 shoes to measure just how long his smug face is! When parents, relatives, friends, and all of society squint at your gamer profession as improper, all you, as a true lover of e-sports, can do is to show them a unyielding view of your back! Have you ever imagined that in four years, e-sports would be one of the events on the Olympic fields. A hair-raising showdown that combines hand speed reactions under a second, great coordination from a five man team, and the ultimate limits of the human response time– –it is the video game competition! Let the enthusiastic followers of the world yell ‘Demacia’!!

Top Furious Doctor SoldierChapter 520 Guo Qiaowei

He had served in the strongest Special Forces, Heavenly Sword Special Force. As the commando of commandos, he created the Netherworld in the western underground world and became the formidable Oriental Yama. He said, “I’m Liu Feng. I’m adept at two things: killing and saving. If I want to cure someone, even ghost soldiers can’t take him away; if I want to kill someone, God can’t save him.” Now he was the bodyguard of Yang Shiwen, who was the daughter of the richest family in Donghai City and suffered from a rare disease. Could Liu Feng save Yang Shiwen’s life with his amazing art of healing? What would happen to his double life?

The villainous daughter of the Duke, needs a heroVol 2 – Chapter 42: How it ends.
ComedyFantasyRomanceSchool Life

Madeline Celeste d'Aumont is the first daughter of Duke Aumont and Duchess Louise-Marie d'Aumont who has been engaged to the Second Prince of Pays Des Abrutis since she was a child. The Second Prince decided to marry a woman closer to his own age and broke off the engagement to Madeline who was left with a broken heart and a reputation as being an unwanted woman even before she was an adult. The Duke decided to help his daughter regain her confidence and reputation by sending her to the Academy de L'échec.Ito Aoi was the son of a Kendo master who ran a dojo in downtown Tokyo. One day while crossing the street to get some Yakitori, Aoi was hit by a delivery truck and woke up as the trash first son of Duke Montfort, Guy de Montfort. Duke Montfort also sent his son to Academy de L'échec only Aoi instantly recognized that he was now living in the world of an Otome Game that his sister loved to play and talk about all the time. Aoi recognizes that Madeline is the villain from the game. Aoi also recalled his sister saying that Madeline was terrible in the game, but is she really?

Wedding Night Late Ten YearsChapter 10

Chen Quan Ran is a young general. Rather than return home and see his child wife, Mo Lan, he leads his army in battle for 10 years. Mo Lan is a gentle bred young lady who has not met her husband Chen Quan Ran since their wedding day ten years ago. Chen Quan Ran’s grandma loves Mo Lan so she feigns illness to lure him home. Chen Quan Ran can be heartless toward anyone except his grandma who raised him. He returns home and he surprisingly falls in love with his wife who has a secret…

Marriage First, True Love Later NovelChapter 252

She is an ordinary leftover woman.He is a young and influential person and would be the most powerful person in the city.In the past, she had a love that was hard to forget, but in the end, it was not able to fight against reality and it ended in despair.He had also been in a deep love but he was betrayed by his girlfriend and his friend and because of this, his marriage kept getting delayed.

A Deadly SecretAfterword
ActionMartial ArtsTragedyWuxia

A Deadly Secret, also translated as Requiem of Ling Sing and Secret of the Linked Cities, is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). It was first published in the magazine Southeast Asia Weekly (東南亞周刊) and the Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao in 1963. Its original Chinese title was Su Xin Jian before Jin Yong changed it to Lian Cheng Jue. The story revolves around the adventures of the protagonist Di Yun, an ordinary young peasant, who is imprisoned after being framed. In his quest for vengeance, he accidentally acquires the Liancheng Swordplay manual (連城劍谱), an ancient artifact not only prized for the skills detailed inside, but also for containing a secret leading to a treasure.

The Record Of Barton's Fantastical EventsChapter 166 - Order

The first version: The life of Zach the Vampire in Barton City. The second version: a vampire brought a bunch of nonhumans to live in Barton city. The third version: strange creatures were secretly moving into Barton City. Final version: The Barton explosion of nonhumans.

Problematic Sister Fell In Love With MeChapter 493 - Chu Yuans Shameless Fight

The old man pointed to the flower-like woman and said, “Call her mother from now on.” He then pointed to a flower-bud-like girl and said, “This is your sister.” My younger sister was not cute. She was arrogant, taciturn and weird, but she knew how to please our parents. She was two-faced and deceitful, but it seemed like she only treated me that way. I cared for her, tried to please her as much as I can, but she still disliked me. Until one day, I found out her secret, our relationship began to get a little bit weird…

Pay With Your HeartChapter 519 - 519 Troubled

Sometimes we think we have life all figured out, till love shows. We set our eyes on our goals, so much that we refuse to be distracted, until someone steps in and we need a whole new plan. ~~~~~ Eun-Sun, a petite and beautiful girl who has a crazy temper and a huge load of pride to go with it, has her life completely planned out. All she needed in life was a good paying job to take care of her drug addicted mother, achieve her dream of being the design director of the country’s most leading real estate company and also look for her 10 years missing father. Her first rule: Never owe a debt. Second rule: Never accept help from people, they’ll always ask for a refund. What happens when she gets hit by the cold and aloof president of PK corporation, Lee Dan, and not only did this accident break her first rule it also broke the second. What happens when the aloof President finds something interesting for the first time and begins to look forward in claiming a debt owed by her? Did she ask for interest? He’ll surely grant her wish. ........ Excerpt “Just let me court me you. You’re delaying the whole process of courting you by being difficult to me.” He told her as he tucked a stray strand behind her ear. “But what if I don’t want you to?” She asked back...... “Then I’ll court you the nonetheless.” Dan-Han shamelessly declared. In this relationship he wasn’t giving her much of a choice. It was either, “You love me or pay your debt with your heart.” He added.

My Online Girlfriend Is The Nine Heaven Divine PhoenixChapter 442: Grand Finale

This was a world where technology and cultivation co-existed.Lu Ping had been single his whole life. He didn’t have any cultivation resources and all girls hated him.All he could do was dating a girl he had met online.However, at his graduation, Lu Ping accidentally exposed his personal information to his girlfriend.From that moment onwards, his life started to change strangely.When the two had finally agreed to meet, the Nine Heaven Golden Phoenix suddenly appeared and covered the sun with its wings. Everyone thought that the world was about to end.Lu Ping drew his sword, ready to defend his home.“Honey! Stop! It’s me!” Feng Xiaoqi, the phoenix, pleaded.Lu Ping looked at the phoenix in awe as he dropped his sword.“We have Xu Xian in the past, and we have Lu Ping in the present! Long live humans!”“I thought Xu Xian was already unbeatable, who knew Lu Ping was even stronger than him!”“Lu Ping! You shouldn’t play with a girl’s feelings!”“He’s right! You have to show her the fine tradition of us humans!”“What do you need for your wedding gift? We humans can give you anything you wish for!”Lu Ping looked at his fellow human, completely dumbfounded by the situation.

Afterlife DepartmentChapter 663 - Agent
ComedyMysterySlice Of Life

50,000 years ago, Hell was destroyed because of too much Foul from the resentment of the souls that later turned to Soul Eaters and devoured everything in their wake, leaving nothing of Hell. The gods above in Heaven, in order to take care of the newly-died souls, created the Afterlife Department comprised of grim reapers.Huo Ling was delivering food that day when he met Yi Bing and the guy gave him a warning. When he arrived to the customer's unit, he was killed.Huo Ling: you set up a death flag for me!Yi Bing: I'm a grim reaper. I'm the flag myself. Let me help you solve the mystery of your death.Huo Ling: your sister!Alternative title: The Different Ways I Died at 23Update: daily

Returning From Level 900Chapter 345 - 345 All Very Content

The World Tower had unimaginable wealth and treasures inside it. As long as one made it to the higher levels, they would rise above the common folk and enjoy a glorious life.The tower had 1000 levels. Some said that one could obtain all the wealth in the world if they reached Level 1000. Others claimed that beyond Level 1000 was a beautiful new world or even heaven. Some people said that one could obtain the abilities of a god. Others claimed that any wish of theirs could be granted.The current most powerful team in the world made it to Level 929, where no one else had ever made it to before. They still ended up being wiped out tragically. The members of the team placed the unique treasure they obtained on the body of their captain, Wang Wen.Wang Wen managed to survive.However, he was sent back 20 years ago.With his previous life’s emotions and experiences in a new life, Wang Wen stood before the World Tower, calm and determined.

After Pretending To Lose All My Money, I Learn Of Human's True NatureChapter 99 - 99 I Believe In You
FantasyJoseiSlice Of Life

When Jiang Feng’s family mansion was forced to get demolished by the government for development, he was compensated with ten million. The moment he received the money, a system appeared.[Ding! Congratulations on activating the Divine-grade Choice System]Choice 1: Show off your ten million. Allow your relatives to mooch off you and send expensive wedding gifts to your girlfriend. Reward: Title – Good Person.Choice 2: Invest everything in Bitcoin for huge profits in the future. Reward: One hundred million. (One-time deal)Jiang Feng didn’t even hesitate to choose the second choice. He invested everything in Bitcoin and made a hundred million.However, he posted a different story online.“I lost everything in cryptocurrency. I’ll have to start all over again.”The moment the post went online, all sorts of demons and devils appeared.From that day onwards, Jiang Feng finally saw the true nature of humans.

Song of AdolescenceSide Story Arc: Follow the Dao, Chapter 8: Preceptor of the State (Final Chapter)

A broken prince, a shadowy scheme, all that amidst a bloody fight for a throne wrongly succeeded. Join a group of youngsters as they take their first steps into the martial world, towards the grandest adventure of their lives. It all begins in a certain inn, set against verdant mountains and facing a scenic lake.“Bring us your finest wine and best meat!” Yelled a hulking man who seemed to be the leader of the dozen strong group.“How much?” The waiter anxiously nodded his head.“As much as you have!” The hulking man yelled back.“That’s…”“HUH?” The hulking man shot the waiter a furious glare.“Dear guests, our inn operates on the principle of ‘pay first, dishes later’. As such, it will be better if you tell us exactly how much meat and wine you need.” Xiao Se returned their furious stares with a thin smile.“Who are you supposed to be?” The hulking man eyed him with bulging eyes.“This humble one is known as Xiao Se, the owner of this inn, the Fallen Snow Villa.” Xiao Se replied with the same smile and with a level of courtesy worth a solid 12/10.“Well, we have no money.” The hulking man stabbed his blade into one of the nearby tables.“Oh?”“But I’m sure you have some!” The man pointed his finger at Xiao Se.At that, Xiao Se furiously shook his head. “I’m sorry to break it to you but our little inn hasn’t made a single sale in almost a month. I’m about to owe them salaries myself…”“Like hell if I care!” The hulking man smashed his palm down on the table. “Even if you have no money, that fur coat of yours should at least be worth a hundred odd silvers.”“NONSENSE!” Yelled Xiao Se, eyes wide open and gaze as sharp as daggers.The hulking man was stunned, his body even shivering involuntarily for that split second.“I, Xiao Se, ride only the finest horse and wear only the richest threads! This fur coat of mine was specially sewn by some of the finest seamstresses in the imperial capital in the August Threads. Just sewing it took three whole months, shipping it, another one. Hmph, a hundred silvers? That’s not even enough to buy the sleeves of my coat!”

Family Of GhostsChapter 140End

After a car accident, Cen Pan lost every loved one aside from her younger brother, who was lying in the ICU. Feeling that she was on the verge of suffocating from the burden of medical fees right after graduation, she was visited by her grandmother in her dream. “Darling, I had a friend who really loves the clothes you design. Would you burn one of them for him? He will pay you handsomely.”Cen Pan simply found it surreal, but did so anyway so that she could be at ease.The next night, her grandmother gave her an address and a password in her dream. “Here, this is the password of the safe, and his payment is in there.”Skeptical, Cen Pan looked for the safe at the address, and found a diamond worth a hundred grand in the safe!After that, her deceased family members kept appearing in her dreams.“Darling, it’s going to rain tomorrow—so bring an umbrella.”“Darling, I met a hacker who had been dead for a hundred years, and he’s asking if you want to inherit his lost art.”“Darling, do you have a boyfriend? I just made a friend who really wants you to marry his grandson!”Marry? Cen Pan immediately shook her head, but was stunned when her grandfather showed the grandson’s photo.Why did he resemble her new boss so much?!

Stepmother: I Am Asked To Give A Kidney To My Half-BrotherChapter 510End - Final Chapter

When Lu Ming’s biological father and stepmother came looking for him, he didn’t feel happy or excited.A long time ago, Lu Ming’s father, Lu Yaohua, abandoned his wife and son and married his lover.For 18 years, Lu Ming had not seen his father, even when his mother passed away.Now, Lu Ming’s father came looking for him because his half-brother was sick and needed a kidney transplant. The first thing his father and stepmother said to him was that they wanted a kidney from him.“We are a family. You’re his older brother. It’s your responsibility to save your little brother. If you can help Ze, we’ll give you 10 million yuan,” offered Lu Yaohua.“A human can survive with one kidney, right? How can you not save your brother when he’s dying? You’re just like your useless mom!” scolded the stepmother.“Heck! I would never have agreed to dad spending the 10 million if the donor center has a suitable kidney for me!” cursed the younger brother.[Option 1: Agree to the request. Reward: A halo for enduring humiliation.Option 2: Decline the request. Reward: 51% of the shares of Wanke Real Estate—one the top 500 listed companies in the country.]Lu Ming stared coldly at the three visitors and scoffed.“I don’t have a brother like you, or a family. Get lost!”

I Am The Young MasterChapter 171 Grocery Shopping

Opening his eyes he finds himself in the unfamiliar ceiling scene.After going through the body's memories he finds that he transmigrated into a cultivation world.But there is a problem;Why is everything around him look like a flag that he is the young master who gets killed by the child of the plane a.k.a. the MC?How would he implement his try not to die plan?

The Mafia's Crybaby WifeChapter 120 (END) - A Shocking Revelation

# CRYBABYA stranger! Lu An’an married a stranger! She heard that the man was extremely ugly and was a sex masochist despite his old age, but she could not reject him for the sake of her family. On their wedding night, she thought about how she would leave her parents and brother completely in the future and spend the rest of her life living with the rumored sexual abuse… The more Lu An’an thought about it, the more worried she became and the more terrified she became. Her tears started gushing out even more violently. At this moment, a coarse and warm hand gently lifted her face. “So beautiful, how did you know I like to see others cry?” Oh, my god! He— he was truly a pervert! Lu An’an shivered. Although he looked very young and good-looking, with deep-set eyes and thick eyelashes, and he had a smile like a sun, she would never tolerate such a terrifying hobby, much less cooperate with it! “It’s just a business marriage between us. I hope we can… respect each other after we get married,” said Lu An’an after mustering up all her courage. Her tears turned the handsome man’s features blurry. However, Yan Yunge merely chuckled and kissed her tears away. “Don’t worry, you’ll like it.” Looking at the huge object that was as thick as a forearm staring straight at her with its head held high and chest puffed out, Lu An’an could not help but shake her head. Yan Yunge whipped out his pocket-sized pistol and looked at her with a cheeky smile. “One of these guns is going to enter your body. Choose it yourself.” She—she did not want to choose any of them. She wanted a divorce! Yan Yunge’s breathing became heavier. “Then, can I choose for you? Why don’t we put both of them in?”

Dark KingChapter 1280 - Afterword, if life is only like the first time
ActionAdventureHorrorMartial Arts

Catastrophe erupted, it was the end of the world.Survivors were surrounded by the impregnable wall, a new order was established…The desire for power, faith, and darkness pervaded each other, layer upon layer of brands imprinted in every corner of the heart.The virus wreaked havoc, were these humans’ true colors?“I unexpectedly survive, I want to live.” –Du Dian

The Chaos Dragon PrinceChapter 659 Slaughtering Demons (1)

The Domain Of Gods exists!For years, Cain searched for ways on his Modern Earth to travel to the world where beings akin to Gods roam about. Nobody believed he could do it, but Cain never gave up.And after so many arduous years, he finally created the ritual that would transmigrate him to the Domain Of Gods!When the ritual had actually worked, Cain should've been positively elated. He even managed to transmigrate into the body of a genuine Dragon Prince. But, there was one major problem.Despite being the grandson of a Dargon God, he had zero cultivation for 18 years of his life!But, instead of feeling despair or cursing his luck over such a cliche scenario, Cain welcomed this problem with a maddening smile.Who cares if I have zero cultivation?! I will become a free reign expert no matter the means!

Marrying My Ex-Husband's Arch EnemyChapter 120 Long And Lasting

Xu Anran did not know that her husband Qin Xiaokun was a wolf in sheep's clothing until she died.He deceived her feelings with affectionate illusions, conspired to seize her family property, harmed her family, and in the end, he ran her over in his car in order to be with his true love justifiably.After she opened her eyes again, Xu Anran returned to the day she married Qin Xiaokun five years ago.Those scumbags better not think about touching the things that belonged to her in this lifetime!What she suffered in her previous life would be avenged one by one.She walked up to Qin Xiaokun's rival Jiang Rongyan in front of everyone and asked him with a smile, “Mr. Jiang, would you like to marry me?”Behind him were the unpleasant expressions of the Qin family.He thanked her for the invitation. This would be the cuckolding version of the face-slap script specially customized for Qin Xiaokun.-Xu Anran wanted to stay away from relationships in this life, but she did not expect that after the agreed marriage expired, the man refused to let her go now!Jiang Rongyan, “You want to flee after you finished using me? Heh, you're dreaming.”

Please Stop TalkingChapter 493-END

Ye Feng had mutated, his body can obtain the corresponding superpower according to the information he heard! His deskmate, Wang Qiang: “If only I had an expert hacker as a friend, that’ll be great!” Computer amateur Ye Feng immediately turned into an expert hacker. Anywhere with the Internet was his territory! Wang Qiang: “Brother Feng, do you want to learn martial arts?” The moment he said that, Ye Feng had a burst of strength and became a martial arts grandmaster! Girlfriend: “Ye Feng, do you know how to drive?” Ye Feng was about to say ‘no’ but in the end, countless pieces of information flooded his mind and he immediately became a veteran driver! … “Please stop talking, everyone!” In less than a year, Ye Feng was omnipotent. He had a look of distress, feeling like he’s not even a human being but an omnipotent almighty expert! This book is also called “Am I really a human being”, “I really don’t want to be omnipotent” and “Why is it so hard to not be an expert ah”…

Tanky Mage SystemChapter 533 - 533 A new era (the grand finale)

While a certain young man hides in a certain Ruins City, wanting to become a tanky mage through passive farming.Mages should focus on learning more spells and magic? There is no time to invest in body strengthening? Mages are defenseless when they run out of mana? None of these are a problem for Gurney and his Passive Farming System. Through the system, Gurney trains both his body and mind at the same time, he goes beyond the limits and logic of an ordinary mage. This is a mage who casts spells while tanking hits, his recovery speed surpasses even warriors and knights. This is the journey of a vigilant and careful mage who grows tankier and tankier.…With the rising waves of darkness, the steampunk steel ship sets sail on a journey and adventure.Whales sink to the depths of the sea, sirens sing with beautiful voices, calling out to the Transcendent sailors who hunt for mermaids.The mysterious Time Hunters who obey the ancient rules search for their prey.He who bears the title of “Hero” carries the burden of fate as he steps on the road to write a new page of history.Ancient “Sealed Ones” rush to break out of their imprisonment, wanting to create and release new “Supernatural Memetics”.The combination of steam technology and supernatural powers bring forth the era of “Transcendent Genetic Warriors”.Infant dragons who have just hatched watch as the Dragon Slayer digs out their mother’s heart from her body.Calamity level lifeforms sharpen their blades, stepping into the stage of this extraordinary era.The tides of the era surge and swirl, bringing along the mysterious fog of darkness…The indescribable existence nurtures and grows…Along with the stare of the Abyss…

Heavenly OpposersChapter 183 183-Setting Things
WuxiaEasternMartial Arts

Xiao in his first life didn’t have the talent to reach the top and during his life he was killed by one of the heavenly Opposers, then he was born again in the second world where he again faced problems, after surviving and dying in the second world he was again brought back to as a child in his first life, this time Xiao swore to lay low, he would use his future knowledge to get cosy with the characters that would become strong in the future, he would lay low and try to become an immortal while fulfilling his desires but how did things get so bad??Reincarnated Empress: Xiao's the only man in my life, he's the one who caused my ambition to bring down the heavenly court to dust!!The Forsaken Heavenly Beast: Brother Xiao's the one who saved my life and gave me meaning, he's the one who gave me the courage to go against the heavenly court!!!Succesor Of The Medicine King: Brother Xiao's my role model, he's a true man!!, he's the only one worthy to rule the heavens, he's our heavely opposer's leader, the opposing Emperor!!The True Mc: Me and Xiao might not be related by blood but I am more than willing to lay my life down for him!!, he's the reason that the group heavenly opposer's even exist and we will bring down those stuck up rulers of the heaven!!Xiao: “......”

I'm a God in an Online GameChapter 620

A next-generation virtual online game, a hardcore gamer, a glitch that shouldn’t have existed… By sheer coincidence, Meng Jingtian ended up being the sole player god in a game. Thus, while ordinary players worked themselves to death running missions for NPCs to win their favor, NPCs prostrated before him! While ordinary players almost vomited blood grinding for gear so that they could solo bosses, the king of divine beasts kneeled before him, willing to offer its life and worship him. And while players went to suicidal lengths to trigger random events and lucky encounters, transcendent beings came to find him so that they could offer their precious treasures as tribute.

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