I'm Actually Not Overpowered!Chapter 214 MISTAKE

Getting caught up in another world, especially the same kind as your favorite Novel, sounds all fun and sweet...… Until it's not!As an avid Weeb, this wasn't how Samuel expected his Transmigrated life to turn out.Completely removed from the comfortable life he once knew, this ‘modern guy' finds himself in a fantasy world that is in polar contrast with what he had imagined.His mission?Kill the Demon God and bring the world to peace!It sounds so easy, right?Too bad his new life isn't as grand as he expected.'Now that it has come to this, there's only one thing left to do...'Gather as many allies as he can on his grand quest.“I'm not Overpowered, but... no one has to know that, right?”Watch as Samuel Peterson, a seemingly ordinary guy, overcomes his tribulation in a place where everyone relies on him and actually believes he is their only hope.An epic Kingdombuilding Misunderstanding Story awaits you!

Requiem of Subdued SoulsChapter 148: Ghost City (12)

“If there existed a horrendous ghost among the hwarangs, who would it be? Of course, it’d be Seol Yeong-rang who uses necromancy to call upon ghosts!”Hwarang Seol Yeong, who was named as the horrendous ghost who’d bring forth a great disaster one day.There was only one way to get rid of the false accusations and return to his original position.It was to prove he wasn’t a horrendous ghost by solving abnormal incidents.Then, Ja Ha, the head of the previous generation’s hwarang, the man who killed a great evil spirit eight years prior and disappeared without a trace, appeared in front of Seol Yeong… ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

Dawning SkyeChapter 624 - Sentenced(Part Two)

When Skye Moonstone’s wedding is interrupted by her former, supposedly deceased betrothed: her life becomes a series of complications, mystery, and excitement.Knowing only of the boy that he used to be, Skye finds herself drawn to the man that Prince Tidas has become. Intelligent, strong, and charismatic; he had decided long ago to do whatever it takes to protect the love of his life. No matter the risk to his body or soul..Throughout her many trials, Skye will learn that her home, family, and even personal history are all stories meant to keep her safe. That her true purpose is not just to save her love, but her entire world. The fates of both Humans and Fae alike will rest upon her shoulders..Intrigue, legends, and her place in it all will lead Skye down a path that she knows she may not come back from. But to save the lives of her loved ones, she’ll risk her very existence..Whatever it takes to save them.Magic, Fae, War, Fate; they all reside within this epic love tale of fantasy. All can be found within the Dawning Skye.. One simply needs to look.

Pride OnlineChapter 37 Class Quest Begins Part I

Although Wisana was the son of a developer of “Pride Online”, the most popular game of this time, he had never shown any interest in the gaming world. However, when his crush mentioned she was playing the game, he immediately joined in!He began his journey as a clueless new player, so inexperienced that even a two-year-old could defeat him!His misfortune was endless from the start…First, he landed in front of a Boss-level monster!Then, he accidentally kicked the boss and had to run for his life…And when he tried to sell his items for some money, he almost got tricked by a cunning seller!Yet, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.Just as he was about to fall for the seller's trick, a girl named Maysa suddenly appeared and saved him.She taught him everything about this virtual world and even invited him to join her party.Who would have known… that their lives would change forever…The system would like to announce an event from the GM, hunting the Boss “Lord Inferno” at the abandoned dungeon with a Mini Event “Get the shot if you dare!”“This is definitely our event,” Maysa said, looking up at Wisana with sparkling eyes. Wisana turned to look at the pretty face that was made up with a smile as always. But he somehow felt anxious.“I changed my mind. We’re not going to Tristan tomorrow. We’re going to the abandoned dungeon!”“Huh!!”And so, the legendary adventure of the duo began! ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

The Black Swan Behind (Beauty of Fire)Chapter 326 - Mutual Strategy
RomanceSlice Of Life

Under the moonlight, a city stands in the shadow of gangsters that have been making trouble and disturbing the public. The gangsters are consisted of strong men who are good at fighting. Unexpectedly, they are actually the young people who are crazy for money and power. The city has become a battlefield for them. Emma Hilland moved alone to a city miles away from her home where she grew up as a princess. Because of a problem, she decided to move and continue her study in this city. This time, she would try to be a normal girl. But, just like a fire, she would burn whatever she touched. This is the story of how The Black Swan group was formed in the City of Handway. Behind the beautiful legs that jump amidst the flower field, the deadly poisonous thorns are hiding. But, could the swan’s heart be conquered? !! Read !! This story contains action and martial arts topics. Some have mature content. If you are looking for a romance story, then this book isn’t suitable for you. Because this is MORE than that! Try if you DARE!

My Dreamwalker System

Xander Nyxon was born with a gift: the ability to lift the veil of sleep and travel to the world beyond. He is one of the few rare individuals who can enter dreams and nightmares at will.While most Dreamwalkers ply their trade on the Dreamscape, Xander Nyxon is one of the reckless few who travels to the Nightscape seeking answers from the deceased. However, walking through nightmares is a perilous task even for the most experienced Dreamwalker.A thin veil separates the real world from the realm beyond, holding the terrors of the Nightscape at bay. But things quickly go wrong when a group of cultists cause the wall between the worlds to crumble. What happens when dreams and nightmares merge with the real world and twisted Ethereals start clawing their way out of the Nightscape?***Xander was lifted off his feet and pushed back several paces. He desperately tried to get back on the ground, but his legs kept dangling mid-air.“I knew you’d be coming,” the mysterious figure whispered, pulling his hood back to reveal a hideous face riddled with scars. He was blind in the left eye and all his teeth were grimy black.“What the hell are you freaks up to?” Xander growled, desperately trying to break free from the cultist’s grasp. “Who are you guys?”The cultist smiled at this and replied, “Our names are inconsequential, Dreamwalker. But I think you already know what we are up to. Our world is plagued by sin. It is time for it to be cleansed by the Dark Deity’s blessing!”What to expect?1. Dungeons.2. Magic.3. Creatures from folklore, myth and fantasy.4. A level-up system with skill upgrades.5. Mystery and adventure. ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

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