Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1972 The Tribunal L

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Chapter 1972 The Tribunal L

Within the very depths of the Main Reality.

Five clusters of Grotto Sanctums could be seen shining with glory and valor as they surrounded a massive Empyral Domain of Nature.

Within the boundaries of these clusters of Grotto Sanctums, a hazy and luminous city vaster than most Prime Realities with golden skyscrapers could barely be seen as currently, everything in the surroundings was experiencing massive inflows of essence.

Surging droves of bountiful essence as the Empyral Domain of Nature nearly doubled in size, causing liquid Seas of the essence of Reality to begin accumulating in the surroundings due to the actions of a single being!

This wasn't just happening in this location, but throughout the vast Realities as very few knew exactly why!

Inside this grand city floating in the center of swirling clusters of Grotto Sanctums.

Europa moved her fair hands around the rising concentrations of essence around her, her figure currently within a rising skyscraper in the midpoint of this city that the shadow of the massive Astral Statue covered.

4 other massive statues representing the other Pure-Blooded Bloodlines could be seen doting other ends of this city in a show of glory and honor, all of it barely reflected in Europa's eyes.

Her gaze seemed to be somewhere else entirely as the voice of a powerful existence behind her shook her out of her reverie.

"Is that all, Princess Europa?"

The booming voice stemmed from a curvaceous woman adorned in a golden Emperor's robe, stellar wings of light erupting from her back as her whole body glimmered of stellar bodies and Realities.

The wondrous scene of circles of crimson Ascendancy Halos forming a Haven could barely be discerned within her chest as when this being spoke, she didn't have a particularly kind tone towards Europa!

Yet the dark haired visage of Europa remained calm while simply nodding, causing the Suzerains behind her to wave her hands while speaking coldly.

"Then be on your way. You and your brother have littered in the outside world for too long as all others have exceeded you in ways you cannot imagine. Your destiny is even stained with something vile as I do not know which filth you have been around...and once I tell the Elders that you allowed such filth to defile you, we'll see if you still get the same preferential treatment!"


Her words were cold as with a wave of her hands, the Suzerain sent away Europa towards an unknown location.

Her exceedingly beautiful face still carried an expression of distaste as during the whole venture, the distant and noncaring look on Europa never left her face- even when she heard the last words this Suzerain uttered!


The stellar light on the Suzerain flickered as she collected all the information Europa had brought forward, condensing it into a ball of light that she then infused into a white colored radiant stone at the center of the expansive hall she was in.

The condensed ball of light sunk into the radiant stone as it was taken to a different location, countless thin and invisible pathways seen extending from the white stone and rising upwards towards areas further in this grandiose city!

It surged upwards and forward from the area this Suzerain controlled until it arrived at a different location where an even larger radiant white stone could be seen, countless balls of information surging into it as 5 Primordials from each of the Pure-Blooded Lineages surrounded this stone in an undisclosed skyscraper near the center of the city.

There were many such skyscrapers like this holding centers that collected information.

In this area, an aged Infinite Willow Tree pulsed with light and power as it classified the many bursts of information coming in as some were discarded or shattered, with others being allowed through as they went up to an even higher place for more pertinent information.

The ball of information that stemmed from Europa passed through this checkpoint as it surged ever higher.

Towards a location so pristine that countless trillions would never get a chance to even gaze upon it!


The cluster of information followed a set path as it soon came to arrive within a dazzling multicolored heart that was placed atop a golden pedestal.

A Heart!

A heart placed atop a pedestal that floated in starry space that had swirling waves of the Essence of multiple Natural Laws and even Decretum of Dimensions!

This space was utterly mystical it seemed to constantly be changing in variation, the things within it entering the folds of space and disappearing every now and then.

But one thing would always remain seen as it was 12 incandescent thrones that burned with flames of authority circling this Heart and the pedestal below it that constantly pulsed with light.

These 12 thrones had their flames constantly burning around them as it was hard to tell whether those who reigned over them were actually there, but they would always be there when they were required as today, a meeting was convened.

"Many of us sensed it not too long ago, and it seems like it is beginning."


? An archaic voice that resonated with the very Fundamental Natural Law of Relativity in the surroundings echoed out as with his words, the meeting was convened.

The meeting of The Tribunal.

Unknown to many, it stood at the utmost peak of the Primordial Assembly.

It was the height of power that Named Ones and other renowned beings enjoyed!

Of which there were only 12 Seats of.

This...was the Tribunal that reined over and decided the course of the vast Realities.

"The Nature of the Desolate Mausoleum is becoming undone. Those overseeing the Anchors are already riled up as The Defeated of the Last Age are moving with them. The conditions have been met just as the Great Commander is now time to move."


Another booming voice echoed out as it came from a throne bathed with torrential golden flames.

"Always so hasty, Aegon. The Great Commander also passed down that the Enemy will be in our ranks as there lays an insignificant possibility of hindrance. We need to cleanse ourselves of this before proceeding forward."

"..." Silence reigned in The Tribunal after these words as next, a mesmerizing female voice rose with coldness and vicissitude.

"Those against the start of the plans?"


2 Flames rose up high at these words as the rest remained silent, prompting the cold female voice to echo out again.

"Then the plans shall commence. We have known that the enemy has been moving since a few months back, so do not forget the words of the Great Commander. The enemy will bring about their own downfall as we have to simply do our part. After will only be a matter of time."


Cryptic words with hidden meanings left her mouth as the others remained silent while giving their affirmation!

"Then...let us have these children calling themselves Dimensional Rulers relinquish control of the 9 Anchors. Let us show them why the Last Age ended the way it did and that things...will be no different in this Age."