Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1973 The Tribunal Ll

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Chapter 1973 The Tribunal Ll

The mysteries of the vast Realities were boundless and hard to pry.

The secrets of the past were even harder to pry.

But there was one thing that was set in stone and weaved into the very fabric of reality. A concept that reigned as true as a Natural Law or Decretum of a Dimension.

History will always repeat itself.

These were words that an existence taking one of the 12 Seats of The Tribunal set to be true just as much any Natural Law.

Empires rose and fell.

Beings who were born would die.

Even the Empire that the Great Commander built may inevitably fall.

'But what can rise from it will be something much greater.'


The thoughts in her mind buzzed with power as her voice echoed out from one of the 12 burning thrones.

"Then...let us have these children calling themselves Dimensional Rulers relinquish control of the 9 Anchors. Let us show them why the Last Age ended the way it did and that things...will be no different in this Age."

The weaving of Destiny turned tumultuous as the Others gave their affirmations.

So she went ahead and took the first step forward as her throne began to shine with a point of light.

She...who was known as the Directorate of the Tribunal!


From each of their thrones, a radiant point of authority lit up as once all 12 were shining radiantly with majesty, a sort of mechanism was activated.

A point of authority.

It coagulated to form a dazzling white doorway with immaculate golden arches, the center of the door holding the roman numeral <I>.

It bloomed silently as a moment after its fruition, the voice of the Throne of the Tribunal that was identified as Aegon spoke out!

"Let Bjorn take the lead on this one since the first target shall be the Dream Dimension."

His authoritative voice echoed out as at this time, no voice of opposition rose as to the Others, it didn't matter what instrument was used to take the lead.

What really mattered was what lay behind this white door with the numeral <I>!

The Directorate of the Tribunal also gave her affirmation as from her burning throne where nothing could be seen, a jade-like hand reached out to flick the radiant door slightly- causing it to fling across the folds of space and disappear towards an unknown location!

"With this, it will only be a matter of time before they come. Let us continue gazing upon all the possibilities...."

A clouded light enveloped the Tribunal as they began the first sequence of many actions that would once more decide the course of history.


Inside a region of an Empyral Domain of Nature.

Crackling waves of power and Essence could be felt as the figure of a titanic humanoid who pulsed with an aura that caused the surrounding essence of Natural Laws sat peacefully.

Parts of his skin were covered with a radiant pale luster as he looked like a statue, while other parts of his skin were stellar points of Astral light. Even more uniquely, resplendent Willow leaves erupted on his lush head that was filled with vibrant dark hair that was parted aside with magnificent dragon horns!

He seemed to be an existence holding most features of the 5 Pure-Blooded Primordial Bloodlines in his body, and even though he was surrounded by dense waves of the Essence of Natural Laws, his body actually swirled with dense golden sands as he showed stupendous attainment in the Decretum of Dreams.

The eyes of this being opened in the next instant as he felt a shocking fluctuation, a radiant white door appearing before his eyes along with a message from the one he followed!

<Take the lead in the Dream Dimension. Focus on discretion as your task is the transference of authority from the remaining Dimensional Ruler in the center of the Dream Dimension. Do not fail me.>


The voice was cold and callous as it caused this terrifying being to rise with seriousness, reaching out as the white door landed in his palm and he was granted a stupendous authority- the back of his palm becoming inscribed with the numeral <I>!

"Any particular modus operandi?"

Modus operandi. The method to operate! His eyes flashed with power as he asked such a thing.

<No. Kill everything that stands before you.>


The command was laid down as this being nodded and slashed with his left hand.

A dazzling golden rift that led to the Dream Dimension unfolded as without a word, he stepped into it!

He crossed the folds of space into an entirely different location as his body pulsated with strength and power, his eyes soon coming to land on Seas of sand as he stood atop a golden sand dune.

Behind him, a massive multicolored tower could be seen as it was the beginnings of one of the Primordial Strongholds in the Dream Dimension, and further away at the front were massive golden towers that showed the Boundary of influence of the Dimensional Rulers who always kept the Primordial forces at bay!

Bjorn appeared right in the middle of this as from the authority he was granted, he unfurled his hands and caused the radiant white door to enlarge.

To enlarge and nearly eclipse the surrounding golden sandy dunes as soon after, Bjorn placed his hand on it as it shone lustrously and began to turn transparent.

After turning transparent, a unique spatial light bloomed from it as it formed a gateway, and with its transparency, one could catch a glimpse of what lay behind it!

And if one actually saw and understood...they would only feel inexplicable terror.

There were countless forms of forms.

Life forms that one couldn't feel any aura from but a sense of dread!𝐟𝘳𝘦𝗲𝘸e𝒃𝘯𝒐𝐯e𝒍.c𝒐𝘮

Yet when the insignia of <I> on the back of Bjorn's hand shone, the blank eyes of these lifeforms lit up with light and power.

Then, they began to move out in an orderly manner as one particularly massive creature was in the lead, the aura of dread it released being something that could only be matched by the controllers of Dream Masters!