Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1974 Unknown! L

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Chapter 1974 Unknown! L

Bjorn floated forward calmly as the sandy golden waves of the Decretum of Dreams carried him.

Behind him, no auras of existences could be felt, and yet ferocious and titanic looking creatures floated as the dazzling golden essence in the surroundings veered away from their bodies entirely!

Their figures were animalistic and four limbed as they shone with a gray luster, their bodies seeming to be made of hardened gray skin that was tougher than any DHARMIC or HERESY Tier Relics, with the largest one that was directly behind Bjorn taking on the majestic visage of a Simian Dragon.

Curved gray wings rose from its back as they crackled with tendrils of chaotic gray energy, space itself trembling where it passed.

In no time, the leader of these massive creatures and Bjorn crossed the Boundary into the domain of the Stronghold of Dream Dimensional forces.

The ones who had been holding the Primordials from proceeding forward were here as the moment they crossed into their Boundary, powerful auras rose from the golden structures and fortresses of Dreams and Nightmares!

The leading aura was a powerful Dream Master whose presence of a Haven caused the surrounding dream essence to churn, his visage being that of an Abyssal Dream Humanoid enshrouded in a shawl of gold as powerful Dreams at the Ultima Strata and below lined up behind him.

His gaze was fiery and filled with age and power as among Dream Masters, he was among the very top in power!

"You think some of our forces being entrenched into the vast Realities gives you leeway to make further advancements here? Let me remind you why you've been stopped this whole time!"


The Dream Master pulsed with shocking power as he seemed to be at the peak of Grotto Haven, his beautiful rings of light nearly filled with Realities as the REIFIED HERESY form of a giant humanoid form rose above it- this being not allowing for a long interaction as he would have power speak for itself.



A titanic form of a humanoid creature made of sand with the head of a hound rose as it clasped a staff releasing tendrils of the Decretum of Dreams that surged towards the gray lifeforms and the visage of Bjorn!

The leading gray bast moved forward slightly as Bjorn retained his calm and wild look.

The attack was terrifying as it carried way over 10 Trillion in Damage Values, tendrils of the Decretum of Dreams reaching out to tangle and forever erase the gray creature as they even carried a trace of Absolute Dream Authority within them!

Yet when they smashed into the gray life form...


Like a stream of water meeting a mountain and being forced to split and go around it.

Like a repulsive force filtering out something...the tendrils of the Decretum of Dreams were not even able to reach this creature as they could not even near it- the Absolute Dream Authority entirely rejected in the immediate area around this creature as only the force of and strength of pure Mana even managed to land on the gray skin of this unknown life forms.


The scene caused the Dream Master to gaze in shock and incredulity as over 10 Trillion Dream Dimensional Damage Values actually didn't amount to much in front of this creature!

And even though he could have sworn he had his eyes on it, the form of this gray beast became hazy in the next second as it disappeared.

"Wher- GAH!"

The Dream Master looked down in stupor as he felt a cold and immeasurably deadly gray claw pierce out of his chest.

Incredulity and confusion were ever present on the face of this Dream Master as he had not even felt this creature move!

His destiny had not warned him of anything, and even now as a claw pierced his chest- hair destiny was still not ringing any bells or reacting at all!

And what was most terrifying of all was the fact that from the area the gray claw had pierced, the Dream Master felt the coiling Dream Essence that made him begin to deform and...melt.

The very structure that made him...began to break down as the boundless reserves of the Essence of Destiny, Fortune, Karma, Fate, Reality...everything that was contained within him seemed to be affected by the gray claw piercing him as it all broke down and turned into a puddle below him.

As if this gray claw...had the capability to utterly reject all these essences and authorities.


Immense terror of the unknown phenomena filled with Dream Master as he felt the robust and vibrant Decretum of Dreams that protected his Origin melt as if it was nothing while being in the proximity of this gray claw- everything within breaking down and becoming dim as before his fear could even grow, the consciousness of this Dream Master faded.


The Dreams and Nightmares behind it trembled with disbelief and terror as the callous and emotionless eyes of the gray lifeform turned towards them.

Behind it, many more gray life forms smaller than it surged forward as one could only use their eyes to see that they existed- where not even destiny seemed to be reacting to these creatures!

They surged forward as they brought a shocking calamity, the figure of Bjorn following coldly in the distance as on the back of his hand, the inscription of <I> shone brightly!


Time flowed.

The weaving of destiny continued in its own ways as in the Dimensional Holy Land, the Quintessential Kainos Emperor was plucking tens of Reality Passages and filling his First Dimensional Layer with them.

Currently, the last of the 300 Reality Passages entered and anchored itself between the First Layer and the Second Layer, releasing a burst of light and authority as a prompt rose!

<The Maximum possible number of Reality Passages between the First and Second Dimensions has been achieved.>

The upper Boundary was reached as the now 85 remaining Infinite Reality Passages that Noah had formed while he was fusing the first 300 into his Origin...well, they would have to be connected from the Second to the Third Dimensional Layer.ƒ𝚛𝙚𝚎𝑤𝘦𝚋𝙣o𝚟el.c𝐨𝚖

The Infinite Physique was currently on the 52nd cycle as the number of Passages Noah could form would only increase as time passed!

Now, Noah was gazing at the Ascendancy Halos.

240 Ascendant Black Tier Ascendancy Halos!

Well, a few would soon change as Noah got his hands on more HERESY Tier Edicts- with a few more boons coming even now as his Clone in the Apollyon Dimension continued to snipe the Dream and Nightmare Legions moving in the vast Realities.


Essence roiled as he called them out, the dazzling rings of light cascading around him as his hand domineeringly reached out to grasp one of them.

He had already theorized millions of times on what he could do with them during this time, the answer coming to him simply after watching the way the Reality Passages transfused into his Origin!

As Noah glanced at the vibrant Halos around him, he made his move.

His stellar visage reached out as his hands grasped onto a dazzlingly gold Halo of light that contained an overabundance of concepts.

Towards such a wonder, Noah's face hardened as his eyes released an explosive light- his two hands grasping the Halo as he began to apply force in the next instant!

A force that with his authority...


Caused a glorious Halo to have its ringed structure broken apart!

Its vibrancy and Essence then buzzed in an unstable manner after being broken as Noah fantastically pulled the broken Halo into his Origin, using his will to straighten out this broken ring as it became more linear.

More linear...until it flowed into his Origin as one golden end was sunk into the sandy dunes of the Dream Dimension, and the other end reached across the 'skies' until it pierced the bottom of the Prana Dimension!


The unstable was of essence it had calmed out as it began to release blinding luster, its colors constantly fluctuating as the glorious ringed Ascendancy Halo was broken, straightened out, and then made to form into something like a pillar!

A pillar that connected and stabilized Noah's Dimensional Layers.

It was a shocking sight to see as before the fantastical changes of this were quantified, Noah called out what came to his mind first.

"Stanchion...Ascendancy Stanchion!"


Towards the radiant pillar of light connecting one Dimensional Reality to another, Noah termed it an Ascendancy Stanchion!