Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1975 Ascendancy Stanchion!

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Chapter 1975 Ascendancy Stanchion!

Ascendancy Stanchion!

This was the name that rose up in Noah's mind as he gazed at a mesmerizing scene.

There were 300 vibrant Reality Passages that rose up like incandescent mountains from the floor of the Dream Dimensional Reality, their majesty arching upwards until they connected their peaks to the Prana Dimensional Reality!

Gushing essence surged out from their peaks as they caused the floor of the Prana Dimensional Layer to illuminate, while the rest of the Essence showed over the skies of the Dream Dimensional Layer. Now...there was a massive golden pillar that was currently fluctuating in color and radiance as it connected both Dimensional Layers.

Like a support holding everything up as it would never break.

A pillar! A Stanchion!


It changed in color constantly as it flashed gold to black to crimson, but ultimately...a radiant verdant light flashed from the Prana Dimension as the upper portion of the Stanchion began to be painted by a gorgeous green light.

A green light that extended down until the halfway point- a sandy gold being reflected from this halfway point going below!

The Stanchion reflected the colors of the Dimensions it connected as thereafter, a burst of authority erupted from it as information rose before Noah's eyes.

<An Astounding Achievement!>

<Your path becomes ever clear as you are on the way to achieving absolute stability of your Realm.>

<The Ascendancy Stanchion has resonated closely with your Origin as the connection to two Dimensional Layers changes its nature.>

<The fusion of Ascendancy Halos is changed to the resonance of your Ascendancy Stanchions to achieve your strongest Quintessential True Form, where for every 10 Ascendancy Stanchions resonated, the base AND additional multiplier of 15,000 total is granted for your Damage and Defense Values.>

A prompt of glory.

A prompt of power and further extrapolation of Noah's glorious path!

Seeing it, his luminous eyes didn't hesitate as his hands and will surged out to the radiant Halos outside of his body.

They trembled with a meek light as their master ruthlessly grabbed onto them and shattered their circular form, elongating them into golden pillars that he placed between the two Dimensional Layers!

His Origin was becoming filled with even more eqomders after this as apart from radiant mountains rising within it, golden Stanchions began to fill it wondrously.

The concentration of essence and nourishment was so dense that coincidentally, many of the passive processes within Noah's body happened with even greater fervor as the passive formation of VITALITY ecritures and their branding to his blood had only increased during the formation and saturation of the Dimensional Layers, and they became even faster now as Noah's ancient visage shone with boundless life force!

The total number of VITALITY Ecritures...had now exploded and exceeded 2,500 after all the recent power ups as Noah's crimson gold stellar blood was going towards the goal of reaching what Commander Feng and eventually...exceeding it.

At the same time that the VITALITY Ecritures proliferated more...

<The Bones of your Lower Limbs have undergone a fundamental change through Quintessential Empyral Kaiser.>

<EMPYRAL Bones have been born within your body, causing a fundamental change as your life force becomes strengthened passively every microsecond.>

<The VITALITY Ecritures are now produced from your EMPYRAL Bone Marrow at a pace 10 times faster than the usage of the Essence of Reality.>

<Two Abilities can now be selected to be activated through your EMPYRAL lower limbs as they can negate Resource Cost in exchange for the depletion of the strength of your soul.>


It was just a bundle of pure wonders as Noah didn't have any words for it.

His skeletal structure illuminated as he shattered rings of light and made them into pillars, the bones of his lower legs becoming painted a majestic gold color as they seemed forged from halcyon metal.

There were too many wonders constantly blooming as before the formation of the third Dimensional Layer, Noah's power was still being optimized greatly as he continued to change his Origin, many more changes blooming as he continued on this path!

And while his Main Body continued this undertaking, his Clones as always made sure to safely follow the unfolding weaving of destiny across Dimensions and Realities


Within the Avalon Dimension.

Inside a massive floating landmass the size of hundreds of Realities- one of the 12 Domains of Avalon, the Dragon Knight's Sanctum.

Noah and Lancelot had stood light years away from this majestic location as Noah had sought the Blood of this Dimensional Royalty, managing to replicate a VENERABLE Tier <Avalonian Dragoon Dimensional Bloodline>!

His hair was now shining with a beautiful purple light as his visage remained astounding, following the lead of a Prince of the 12 Domains of Avalon as he entered the massive landmass that had beautiful waterfalls of purple light drizzling on its edges.

The Dragon Knight's Sanctum was vast as it was the size of hundreds of Realities, where one could be lost at the sheer size and depth of it. But Noah had a powerful local with a unique authority leading him as Ezekiel took him across many hidden gateways within this Dragon Knight's Sanctum, Noah's will simply catching glimpses of the beauty of this location when they continued to move!

In some areas, the skies of the Dragon Knight's Sanctum were filled with unique variations of majestic Dragons- some even having Avalonians riding atop them as they had what seemed like mounted castles and carriages behind their draconic scales, such pristine existences acting like a source of transportation.

Other species of fantastical beasts roamed the skies of other regions as the Avalonians Noah saw varied in forms, with the vast majority being humans as others held features of different races.

The only thing that made them the same was the potent Dimensional Bloodline surging around their bodies as Noah saw trillions of Avalonians filling the grand rising purple structures of the Dragon Knight's Sanctum.

Ezekiel passed all of these beautiful locations as were it not during warring times, Noah would have wanted to stop by the incandescent domains of this place and try their food while learning more about their people and culture!

But this had to be shelved for another time as after crossing another gateway, Ezekiel gave a sigh of relief as his guard relaxed.

"We've entered the Battlemage Royal Sanctum that my father reigns full control over. We should be able to see him without any issues here."

They arrived at a grand domain in the very heart of an important location within the Avalon Dimension!