Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1976 Rulers Of Dimensions L

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Chapter 1976 Rulers Of Dimensions L

Ezekiel's body lit up with authority as the surroundings brightened up and showed an isolated domain with clusters of floating fortresses filled with powerful authorities.

Fortresses and castles showing radiant essence below them as Relics and Vessels shining with the aura of HERESY could be seen.

The moment they entered, a surge of powerful auras materialized before them as their bodies screamed of robust power at the Ultima Strata- the visage of 5 Draconic Humanoids appearing before them!

Their eyes carried a dangerous allure as their faces were beautiful to behold, their bodies lighting up with radiant purple Armament similar to what Ezekiel wore before as uniquely, all 5 of them had purple blue robes covering these armaments as they held Staffs pulsing with the aura of HERESY Tier Relics within their hands.

They saw the visage and unique authority stemming from Ezekiel as these Ultima Strata LEGENDs bowed coldly.

"Sir Lancelot."


As they were within the Battlemage's Royal Sanctum, they were of course powerful Battlemages as many of such beings had their auras strengthening out across this fantastical domain!

Through a location like this, a special pathway could be taken as one could enter a gateway that led directly to the center of power of the Dragon Knight's Sanctum.

The Royal Dragon Haven where the will of one of the powerful Dimensional Rulers of the Avalon Dimension would at times reside in!

Ezekiel nodded towards the bowing Battlemages as he spoke out with a voice of authority.

"I seek an audience with Father. Lead the way."


The grandeur of Royalty leaked out as the Ultima Strata Battlemages nodded, their gazes coming to focus on Noah as the leading one replied.

"Sir Lancelot can see the Ruler soon, we've been given strict instructions not to allow anyone into the Royal Dragon Haven currently as he is meeting an important personage."


Caution and alarm rose in Ezekiel's mind as he nodded, turning towards Noah who only smiled lightly.

"Then, we shall wait. Update me on any pertinent things that have occu-"

<Let them in.>


In the middle of his sentence, Ezekiel was forced to stop as a booming voice of authority descended around them!

The voice was enough to cause one to tremble in the depths of their soul, and it caused the Battlemages to nod right away while Ezekiel's gaze turned even more careful.

Noah's eyes retained their calm as he pulled upon his understanding of destiny, many thoughts crossing his mind as he followed the party that went towards a protected gateway in the center of this Battlemage Royal Sanctum.

Even from a distance, one could see a purple doorway of light that was surrounded on each side by glorious purple scaled Dragons whose auras far exceeded the Ultima Strata!

The wondrous allure of a Grotto Haven could barely be discerned from them as they looked like statues, but their eyes locked onto any figures coming towards the gateway as if any intruders neared, death would be the only thing they were granted.

Clusters of radiant floating purple fortress filled with LEGENDS were passed as Noah and Ezekiel arrived before the doorway, a thick transparent barrier being recalled when their neared as Ezekiel nodded towards the two Grotto Haven Dragons respectfully while he and Noah entered the doorway.

A doorway that directly into the Domain of one of the Dimensional Rulers of the Avalon Dimension!


Inside the Royal Dragon Haven.

Glistening arches and pillars held up magnificent architecture that had exquisite empty thrones situated left and right, a radiant purple carpet dividing them as its pathway led to rising stairs that at the peak....held one massive throne that floated with power and grandeur.

The thrones to the left and right of this radiant hall were empty, but the walls were lined up by terrifying auras of Grotto Haven Suzerains, the Decretum of Avalon dense and liquefied as it surged around them and the surrounding space of this Royal Dragon Haven.

Apart from the many dense auras of Grotto Haven Suzerains, there were two particularly dreadful auras near the frosting throne that far eclipsed everyone else here!

Noah and Ezekiel...appeared in such a location as a spatial light brought them out of one of 5 Gateways situated at opposite of the majestic floating purple throne.

Yet the moment they entered, they felt the many oppressive and powerful gazes turn towards them as any weak being might have broken down from these gazes alone!

<My son.>


A booming voice echoed out as the liquified essence of the Decretum of Avalon surged, the surroundings becoming clear as Ezekiel gave a Knight's bow while gazing forward with incredulity.

This was because next to the floating throne, the amalgamation of a powerful Will of a Dimensional Ruler could be seen in the form of an exceedingly handsome and powerful man adorned in a regal Emperor's robe.

Yet he wasn't alone as beside him, the aura of another Dimensional Ruler could be seen as it was the amalgamated will of none other than...Dimensional Ruler Morgana!

The Enchantress, Morgana!

"Brother Arthus, see? Your son did come back with great destiny and providence, and he even brought back an existence drenched with the aura of the Desolate Mausoleum into the Heart of our Lands."


Her voice was as mesmerizing and powerful as was her beauty.

Filled with a deadly charm, her figure was covered by a white robe filled with intricate filigree purple patterns, her hands holding on to a radiant purple staff that burned with a scathing purple flame!

Her dark hair had streaks of purple as it flowed past her shoulders, the white robe not being able to hide the blessed chest she held.

Her eyes shone with terrifying Dual Pupils that released a piercing light, a light that shone coldly upon Noah as he and Ezekiel came under the gaze of an existence they had been trying to hide from!

Yet she was actually at their final destination as Dimensional Ruler Arthus and Dimensional Ruler Morgana both gazed upon them!