Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1977 Rulers Of Dimensions Ll

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Chapter 1977 Rulers Of Dimensions Ll

Ezekiel's expression was somber.

He had wanted to introduce Noah to his father as the one his destiny pointed to- the being capable of pulling that ancient sword from stone...without ever coming under the gaze of Morgana or her forces!

Dimensional Ruler Morgana was extremely difficult to deal with as she had taken offense at his Father's relationship with Primordials where he even went as far as to send his son to move around in their Legions.

She hated Primordials, and hated the whole of the Desolate Mausoleum even more. But when everything was facing destruction, could they not put aside their differences?

Her Dual Pupils carried a deadly glare of magic and power as her staff buzzed, her purple white robe rising with tendrils of the Decretum of Avalon as she spoke out once more.

"Who from the Desolate Mausoleum is deserving to have a Prince of the 12 Domains of Avalon lead him directly to one of its Rulers? I'm curious about this, Little Lancelot."

Her words controlled the pace of the conversation as Ezekiel turned solemn.

He gazed at his father trying to send a mental message when...


The luminous purple staff in Morgana's hands smashed the unbreakable floor they stood on as her Dual Pupils shone with authority and anger, the essence of the mental message rebuffed!

<Speak openly and without falsehoods!>


Her voice this time carried a unique authority that only those at the peak of power could emanate out.

It was undeniable as Ezekiel was shocked to hear such an outburst in the Royal Dragon Haven!

His will couldn't stop gazing at his father as he wondered why he was letting the Enchantress act like this in his own abode!

Dimensional Ruler Arthus retained his calmness as his exceedingly handsome visage of authority was surrounded by a hazy light.

He seemed to have a sense of the gravity of what his son wanted to speak about, and yet...

<It is okay. Circumstances are constantly can speak freely.>

The authoritative voice echoed out.

Destiny danced wildly as beside Ezekiel, Noah was gazing at the powerful existences before him.

As if they were surrounded by an unreachable authority, his Tri-Pupiled eyes couldn't discern anything from them apart from what he already knew as he could guess their bodies were surrounded by...Absolute Avalon Authority!

If he wanted to get even a peak of their stats, he would have to utilize significant Absolute Dream Authority through Lavalliere. But this would more than likely alert them as right now, Noah was dancing on the blade of destiny.

While coming here and even as he was here now, he had known there would be a level of danger...but his life was not yet at risk!


Time would tell as Ezekiel glanced at him, Noah's eyes giving an affirmation as this Dimensional Royalty sighed while speaking.

"We know that a Calamity is coming. My destiny led me to the Desolate Mausoleum where all of this began...and I believe I have finally found the one who can aid us in overcoming this Cataclysm. The one who can reign together all the forces of our Dimension...the one who can pull the Sword from Stone!"


Ezekiel's words might have been light to speak, but they were extremely heavy as they instantly caused the many Grotto Haven Suzerains in the surroundings of this hall to illuminate with powerful light!

The Wills of the two Dimensional Rulers also erupted, but they were in shocking opposition as one of the wills seemed to have right away struck out towards Noah and Ezekiel while the other stopped it!

<Vile! Why would you stop me, Arthus?!>


Morgana's shocking voice of authority cascaded down along with her power, causing even the Grotto Haven Suzerains to quiver as their Origins trembled- not being able to hold on and sinking to their knees as even Ezekiel couldn't help it.

This was a tremendous oppression of one's Origin as those with greater attainments could force those below them to kneel down.

Yet...there was one existence whose legs didn't buckle.

His hair shone with radiant purple luster as his chest shone with a profound light, borrowing an authority only privy to him!

Unseen by others, the authority of a shocking Origin with two Dimensions resisted the oppression of realms.

300 Reality Passages and 100 newly placed Ascendancy Stanchions made the two Layers of these Dimensions entirely too stable as even against the stupendous oppression of a Dimensional Ruler, their authority did not allow their master to be forced to kneel.

The Quintessential Kainos Emperor...did not kneel as he faced the stupendous oppression of a Dimensional Ruler!


A low symphony began to play as Noah's figure was locked onto by two Dimensional Rulers.

One stopped the other from attacking as the voice of Arthus echoed out.

<Morgana, when has the intuition of the Princes of the 12 Domains been wrong? For you to try and erase it all before we can even confirm it?>

<Confirm it? Confirm it?! Even if it was a possibility, why would the Authority of the Sword of Avalon be handed to an existence from the Desolate Mausoleum? At a time when even the Dimensional Inimicus of two Dimensions has appeared as this existence also stems from the Desolate a time when the influence of the Empyral Deceiver is returning?!>


"What?!" In his kneeling position, Ezekiel gazed up in shock at the Bundles of new information.

Dimensional Inimicus? The Influence of the Empyral Deceiver returning?

The Dual Pupiled Eyes of Morgana were cold as she gazed down at everything.

<My reason for being here. Word has come from the Elysium Dimension. They have deduced that the Influence of the Empyral Deceiver is returning even though he is long gone in the form of abominations. Abominations that can reject the very Decretum of Dimensions and Natural Laws of Reality as against them, even Dimensional Rulers aren't safe! At such a time, you would seek to give the foremost authority of the Avalon Dimension to an existence from the Desolate Mausoleum? When it is more than likely that the Dimensional Inimicus and the Primordials carrying the influence of the Empyral Deceiver are working hand in hand?!>


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