Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1978 Rulers Of Dimensions Lll

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Chapter 1978 Rulers Of Dimensions Lll

Her presence was unshakable as the Enchantress spat out bundles of information.

Even Noah couldn't help but be surprised as this woman's words weren't too far off!

He was the Dimensional Inimicus, and he was among the ranks of Primordials.

But...what exactly was the Influence of OPPENHEIMER that was being utilized by Primordials? What were the abominations capable of rejecting the very Natural Laws of Reality and Decretum of Dimensions?

<That is enough, Morgana.>


The authoritative voice of Dimensional Ruler Arthus boomed out as the terrifying pressure in the surroundings lessened.

The many Grotto Haven Suzerains returned to their positions while Ezekiel rose once more, the eyes of two Dimensional Rulers landing on Noah once more.

Arthus took the lead this time as Morgana's eyes retained their potent malice and killing intent.

<The one at the center of this all hasn't spoken. My son has risked his position and life to bring you here. What makes you confident that you are the one he believes can pull the Sword of Avalon?>

All eyes and wills surged towards Noah.

This being carried a unique air as one had to wonder how he thought of himself to be able of accepting the words of a Prince of the Avalon Dimension that he could do something all others failed to do!

Something that even the two Dimensional Rulers in this Royal Dragon Haven had also not been able to do.

What gave him the confidence to stand before them now?

The eyes of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor shone with a luminous domineering light.

What made him confident? Truthfully, he had no reason or basis!

He already had the label of Dimensional Inimicus as who could say whether he could attain the acknowledgment of an authority of an entire Dimension?

But he came nonetheless as he discerned the weaving of destiny and made his own decisions.

In all the Dimensions he had stretched his influence to so far, he had to approach them in different ways as at the end of it all- he was fighting their inhabitants and even devouring their authority.

He felt that the Avalon Dimension might be different after he was approached by Ezekiel and the mission of the inhabitants here to stop the coming Apocalypse!

More than likely, the only person who could stand a chance of fixing the mess that was done at the end of the Olden Era...would be the next holder of the seat of the True Emperor.

And since Noah held the title of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor in this Age of Quintessence...his aspirations were grand.

So under the gaze of two Dimensional Rulers, he spoke out with power and authority.

"Because I am the one who will hold the seat of the True Emperor in this Age."


Eyes blinked as Wills surged, making sure they heard things right.

Many Lineages and Bloodlines had already discerned that if there was any possibility for change, it had to happen in the first Age of this new Era.

Otherwise, the changes made in the Last Age of the Olden Era would forever remain as their effects would come to fruition!

This was why the seat of the True Emperor was highly coveted in this Age.

If there would be an existence to stop the coming calamity, it would be the holder of this Seat!

And a great deal of beings had this aspiration in their hearts.

To become the True Emperor of the Age of Quintessence!

But nobody dared to so easily vocalize it, much less when facing some of the strongest beings in the 9 Dimensions who wanted to grasp this seat for themselves!


An amused tone could be felt in the voice of Dimensional Ruler Arthus while Morgana stared down with an even colder gaze.

Yet Noah wasn't done as he spoke while locking his gaze on this powerful Dimensional Ruler who would be able to decimate the current him fearlessly.

"Many have tried to pull the Sword from Stone, just consider me another in a long line. If I succeed, that's that. If I can eradicate my very Aspects of Existence right then and there!"


Destiny churned as a gamble was taken, the life of a Clone placed on the line for a chance of obtaining an immeasurable authority!

Ezekiel gazed towards Noah with incredulity at his words while the hidden eyes of the Dimensional Ruler Arthus deepened their smile, Morgana's Dual Pupils shining with a brutal light at his words.

<Very well.>

Shockingly, it wasn't even Dimensional Ruler Arthus who spoke.

The Enchantress, Morgana, walked mesmerizingly from the vicinity of the floating throne as her malice and killing intent seemed to have immediately faded.

A dazzling smile could be seen on her exceedingly beautiful face as she neared Noah and Ezekiel's position, her curvaceous and deadly figure coming right before Noah's unwavering gaze!

<See if you can pull the Sword of Avalon. The moment you don't, I will be the one to fulfill your words.>


Her eyes were smiling as she spoke out devilish words, not even putting in the possibility that Noah might succeed as she seemed to have certainty that he would not!

Absolute Avalon Authority surged around her as her Dual Pupils could see many things.

Apart from a Lineage from this Dimension, this being before her hadn't even grasped a single wisp of the Decretum of Avalon.

How could he even approach the Sword in the Stone that was at the area where the dense authority of the Absolute Avalon Authority surged around?

How could a native of the Desolate Mausoleum, even with a Lineage from the Avalon capable of steering or even gaining the acknowledgment of a Dimension meant to be suppressing his very home?!

Morgana's smile became even brighter as when she stared at the unshakable eyes of this existence she felt like she could easily crush.

<Brother Arthus, I will agree with the words and promise of this Outsider. I will even take him to the Insula Avallonis myself if need be. Since you favor your Son's sight...if it turns out to be wrong, you will have to agree to my request.>

Another clause that Noah nor Ezekiel knew of as the latter turned towards his father with a somber expression.

But the clouded face of Dimensional Ruler Arthus remained hidden as only two words echoed out.

<Very well.>


The weaving of destiny continued in immaculate ways as order and chaos surged into unknown directions.

Inside a Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality that was moving across the Desolate Mausoleum swallowing Realities and devouring the Domains of a Dimension at the same time, a single being at its depths opened his Tri-Pupiled eyes that surged with authority.

"It seems like the Third Dimension has been decided."