Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1979 The Third! L

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Chapter 1979 The Third! L

The boons from the Avalon Dimension had already begun accumulating.

Apart from meeting some of the leading powerful figures of this Age of Quintessence, he also attained information about Primordials that he wouldn't have been privy to otherwise!

"Abominations that can reject the Natural Laws and Decretum of Dimensions...then how should one face them?"

Noah's eyes shone with a dangerous light as he thought about many possibilities.

Every now and then he would think he stood out or became somewhat exceptional, and then he would be made to realize that the mysteries and concepts that existed out there were many!

Rising so quickly across the Stratas as he would effectively soon be capable of even smoothly standing against Suzerains, Noah considered himself somewhat accomplished.

But with the knowledge of existences that could deny what made the very fabric of Nature...he had to get even stronger.

"Not just stronger, but even faster in my pace of progression!"


His eyes shone with confidence and carefulness as he planned for the future.

As he theorized how to face enemies he had not even met yet!

Sure, he had gone across the Stratas of Reality in a matter of days, but this didn't mean he should become overconfident.

To overcome unknown challenges and enemies, his own power and understanding of the surrounding situation and events would be of utmost importance! Due to this...

"Let's boost up Protagonist the most then..."

Noah's will surged with the light of destiny as he chose what the authority of the birth of a Dimension should focus on next.

The first Dimension had upgraded everything, the second Dimensional Layer had been focused on Infinite Mana, and he would focus the birth of the Third Dimensional Layer on the Protagonist Trait!

Apart from this was the selection of concepts to be combined or raised to DHARMA/HERESY in the past day.

Something that was already done was Noah designating the Infinite Quintessential Dimensional Reality Passages to be generating the essence of the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics to attain 3% in this daily.

The concept of the Dictum Emperor had nearly achieved the tier of DHARMA as his focus thereafter had shifted onto the concept that granted him a major portion of his strength.

The Nomological Edict of the Resplendent Treasure Emperor with its capabilities to devour his enemies and amply their loot greatly!

With this concept, Noah discerned compatibility as he had already begun to infuse the Essence of the Decretum of Dreams into it- having his Dream Dimensional Chassis doing this as it made the process even faster for this Edict and a few others.

Resplendent Treasure Emperor's effects were already astounding, but what can happen when it was paired with the concept of Dreams? Of Absolute Dream Authority that could turn Dream into Reality?!

Noah was expectant of the results as he felt the concept of the Decretum of Dreams could fit very well with a lot of his concepts!

He was waiting to attain an understanding of the Fundamental Natural Law of Entropy to infuse it into the Nomological Edict of Apocalypse, and he had already begun infusing the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics into Tyrannical Emperor.

The Nomological Edict of the Sanguine Emperor...Noah had begun infusing the Decretum of Prana into this concept of Blood that Noah wanted to flourish even more with the concept of life- doing the same thing with Antideluvian. Blood and life were interlinked as Noah was closely watching what the results of this would be!

And if ever he made any mistakes or found better combinations of concepts of Natural Laws of Decretum of Dimensions down the line...

<It is possible to strip them with Absolute Dream Authority.>

Lavalliere got back to him as he released a devilish smile.

Everything was accounted for as Noah proceeded forward.

"Then let the enactment of the Third Dimensional Layer begin."


300 Reality Passages and 100 Ascendancy Stanchions were allowed between the First and Second Dimensional Layers, Noah setting his sights on the formation of the Third Layer and how much of each concepts they could hold as his Origin was already moving.

His body had the VENERABLE Avalonian Dragoon Dimensional Bloodline as he could produce the Dimensional Essence of Avalon, so he had the prerequisite to form the Avalon Dimensional Reality Seed that would eventually become the Avalon Dimensional Reality!

The deepest area of the Dimensional Holy Land had first been filled with an incandescent golden light that was followed by a verdant light of life- Seas of these essences forming soon after.

Now- a Royal purple color was budding as singularities bloomed and Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos formed.

Around Noah, the dazzling colors of dozens of vibrant Grotto Panaceas could be seen as their petals bloomed and faded to wash over him with a pristine source of essence.

He had seen this process multiple times now.

And yet it remained even more beautiful the third time as he watched the clash and interweaving of essence and Mana that he gained an even closer understanding of through Natural Laws.

His understanding of Nature had deepened as when he saw the workings of Manadynamics on the scale of forming a Dimensional Reality, he felt his understanding of this Fundamental Natural Law rise ever higher!

Maybe it was due to the fact that he was producing the very Essence of this Fundamental Natural Law from his Infinite Quintessential Dimensional Reality Passages, but he could feel its percentage rise as he felt like he was watching a grand play be enacted, and he was merely the stage!


A lustrous purple light bloomed as 10 Trillion Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos were formed into a glorious Seed.

In the Third Dimensional Layer, a single Grotto Panacea formed 375 Billion Kainos Royal Cosmos compared to the 1.5 Trillion of the Second Dimensional Layer.ƒ𝐫𝐞𝐞w𝗲𝚋𝐧૦𝘷el.c𝑜𝐦

27 Grotto Panaceas were required just for this as this same number was enough to birth 5 Ultima Strata LEGENDs!

Yet Noah utilized them to form a glorious seed that after becoming saturated...underwent a fantastical singularity to bloom a magisterial new Dimension!