Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1980 The Third! Ll

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Chapter 1980 The Third! Ll

<The Paramount Kainos Avalon Dimensional Reality is being established.>

The surroundings were painted with a Royal purple luster.

Not just the Dimensional Holy Land, but this pristine light of authority blanketed the many clusters of Cosmos as Noah's Vassals only gazed upwards in wonder- many of then not even knowing what it meant!

As for those who did...

Little Henry was one of the few that his father talked to about himself and his path, so he knew that this light meant another astounding accomplishment in his Father's Realm.

This caused Little Henry's main body to smile in a helpless manner as he shook his head.

"With father in the lead, nobody else would even get a spotlight to shine in this Age..."


The words were filled with purity and love of a child gazing up at their father's astounding accomplishments!

There was no jealousy or envy within them as they only watched with expectation what this being he looked upto would show them in the future.

His thoughts were shared across Noah's immediate family as his mother plucked Primordial Apples and placed them into a TABOO Relic Basket that Adelaide held happily, the both of them also gazing at the purple skies before they gave each other meaningful smiles and continued what they were doing.

They didn't bother to ask or seek to know what Realm or accomplishments Noah had achieved now as they only laid their trust in him and continued on!

This was what Noah's people felt.

And as his glorious light of authority bathed over the Infinite Reality, Noah's soul could feel these thoughts through his connection with them as he watched the flourishing of the Third Dimensional Layer with focus and determination!

His eyes saw the change in nature and the birth of a shocking domain as from a Seed, the Paramount Kainos Avalon Dimensional Reality bloomed.

A hazy new planar layer formed above the Prana Dimensional Layer as it shone with a glorious purple light, Seas of this essence surging to make the 'floor' as above it, clusters of hazy and mesmerizing landmasses began to form!

Landmasses filled with potent Essence of Avalon that held so much on abundance that it was constantly washing over these landmasses like a waterfall and coagulation beneath them to form clouds of purple.

Fantastically, singularities bloomed between these clusters of landmasses as Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos formed, their royal purple luster brightening everything up!

And as this occured, the will of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor was working wonders as Infinite Reality Passages and Ascendancy Stanchions began to be enacted from the Second Dimensional Layer as they rose to connect with the forming Third Dimensional Layer!

It was mystical and beautiful to see as the only thing that drew Noah's gaze away were the prompts that came with it.

<Your Infinite Quintessential Dimensional Reality Passages have resonated with the birth of your Third Paramount Kainos Dimensional Reality and are undergoing further evolution.>

<The Decretum of the Dimension you have forged in your Origin will be generated and nourish you amidst all other essences.>

<Increased Understanding of the Decretum of Avalon will slowly be formed as its essence melds with you.>

Many changes would bloom whenever a new Dimension was formed.

Noah's Reality Passages displayed these changes first as their elevation this time around...was truly too grand.

<Apart from the .01% Increased Daily Understanding of a designated Natural Law of Reality or Decretum of a Dimension, each Infinite Quintessential Dimensional Reality Passage can now generate .01% Understanding of the Decretum of Established Dimensional Layers.>


Noah's Tri-Pupiled eyes released a burst of terrific light!

<Ridiculous.> In her bindings, Lavalliere couldn't help but comment as she also saw these prompts!

Apart from the daily 3% Understanding in the designated Natural Law of Manadynamics that would also rise as Noah added more Reality Passages past 300, the birth of the Third Dimensional Layer unlocked the same percentage all currently established Dimensional Layers!

It was simply obscene to imagine as even an existence like Lavalliere found it unfathomable.

There was no increase in the generation of Units of the Essence of Reality ad they remained at 180,000...but Noah felt like what was unlocked was justified and couldn't seek anything else!

He only continued to gaze at remaining prompts as the Third Dimensional Layer unfurled.

<The Authority of the birth of the Third Dimensional Layer is being focused on the Trait of Protagonist.>

<Greater authority and elevation are being bestowed on the Trait of Protagonist.>


<The feature of [I Am the Main Character] has now become usable and been greatly elevated.>

Just like the focus of Infinite Mana for the birth of the Second Dimensional Layer, Noah had focused the authority of the birth of the Third Dimensional Layer on another Trait as he unlocked something stupendous!

And just like before...

<The Will of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor gazes expectantly at the feature of I Am the Main Character. >

Noah's Tri-Pupiled eyes were filled with brilliance as he finally probed into this feature that he could not gain a description of before.

<I Am the Main Character>:: As the director of your Destiny, Karma, Fate, and Fortune, you have gained the capability to see possible paths of your Hero's Journey. In the path of a Protagonist, there are many stages passed until they attain utmost providence. They shall pass through the stages of [A Call to Adventure], [Aid and Cheats], [From the Known to the Unknown], [Challenges and Ordeals], [Point of Death and Rebirth], [Transformation], [Ultimate Boon], [Return], and [Master of Path]. These stages can be progressed sequentially, or you could be within multiple stages at once. You have grasped greater control of the stages you go through as you can gaze into the possible pathways of your current stage(s) at the expense of the Essence of Reality. The cost is unknown and can vary depending on the paths you are trying to see and the existences involved within these paths. A great level of control exists when gazing into possible paths as each one is a possible path that could unfold in your journey depending on your own choices. The cost of essence will only be known after you gaze at your current stage and seek to see the possibilities that lay within it. Choose your path wisely, for even Heroes have fallen under the Point of Death and Rebirth as they never complete their journey...



Noah had no words.

Lavalliere had no words!