Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1981 Lnnumerable Paths In An Endless Journey! L

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Chapter 1981 Lnnumerable Paths In An Endless Journey! L

<I Am the Main Character>!

A feature that was hidden from Noah's eyes before as now that it actually came to fruition, he didn't even know what to say.

It was a feature that showed an outline of the journey of a Protagonist across different stages!

And now, Noah could uniquely peer into the paths of the stage or stages he was in, granting him access to boundless information that others could not even imagine.

But...just how ridiculous and extensive was it?

Between [A Call to Adventure], [Aid and Cheats], [From the Known to the Unknown], [Challenges and Ordeals], [Point of Death and Rebirth], [Transformation], [Ultimate Boon], [Return], and [Master of Path]...which stage was he in?!


Essence surged the moment this thought arose.

<I Am the Main Character> was activated as fantastical prompts rose before Noah.

<The Protagonist is currently simultaneously traversing [Aid and Cheats] and [Challenges and Ordeals].>


Rays of luminous light flashed from Noah as he received this information, going in further into the two stages he was currently traversing!

[Aid and Cheats]:: <Destined Absolute Dimensional Relic>, <Sword of Avalon>, <Fundamental Boons of the Third Dimension>, <Lavalliere>, <Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality>, <RUINATION>...

[Challenges and Ordeals]:: <Conquest of Apollyon>, <Quintessential Dungeon Master>, <Sword in Stone>, <Meeting of Unknown Enemies>, <Retreat of Primordial Legions>, <Side Stories of Vassals>...

A ridiculous outline of information lay before him as this feature was bound to be unfathomable to utilize, many things drawing his attention as his destiny and intuition buzzed the most on none other than <Sword in Stone> and <Meeting of Unknown Enemies> from Challenges and Ordeals, as well as <Sword of Avalon> from Aids and Cheats!

2 were because a Clone's success and failure would soon hang in the balance as a terrifying authority was involved, and the third was something that Noah didn't like.

The Unknown.

What exactly did the path of <Meeting of Unknown Enemies> include?

<200 Million Units of the Essence of Reality are required along with 1 Billion Units of Dream Essence to view the selected path.>


A ridiculous cost greater than even Noah's Second Form was required as his vibrant figure paid the price without a second delay!


An incandescent light shone, and his vision turned dark.

A source of light bloomed soon after as Noah felt like an amalgamation of a floating will, his gaze being drawn to a scene below that showed drizzling golden sandy waves of light surrounding the boundaries of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon.

Noah was gazing down upon this scene when suddenly a failed spatial light flashed a light year away from this domain as the blazing aura of a Suzerain could be felt!

Yet shockingly, this Oneiric Dream Suzerain had an expression of maddened fear as he was bellowing out.

"Spare me! Take me prisoner! I will...I will do whatever you ask of me!"

The shocking majesty and will of an expert that had forged a Haven were gone as pure terror was left behind.

'Just what can cause a Suzerain to fall into such a state?'

Noah's Will didn't have to wait long to see the answer.


Dream Essence was pushed away chaotically as a gray stringer shot out with extreme speeds and pierced through the chest of the already injured Suzerain, their body and Origin beginning to bleed and 'melt' as if their very composition was breaking down!

Despair was the only thing in the eyes of this powerful existence as he faded away into nothingness soon after.


A grating and unbelievably horrid sound came out as the gray scaled stinger pulled itself back to reveal the culprit- a creature with entirely gray scales as no aura could even be felt from it, with emotionless eyes that shone of brutality and a body similar to a Winged Scorpion as the surrounding essence veered away from its figure entirely!

After quite literally melting apart a Suzerain, this creature soon turned its emotionless eyes towards the dazzling golden Boundary of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon.

And without a word, it surged forward!

Noah watched these scenes carefully as if what played down below had nothing to do with him, his eyes shining coldly as he watched the unknown creature float towards the enacted barrier that would officially alter one's realm and concepts based on the rules Noah set with Absolute Dream Authority.

Yet this creature...


Caused the barrier made of Absolute Dream Authority to fizzle and begin to melt.



It cried out eerily as without a delay, its massive gray body floated in while the tendrils of authority within the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon were getting destroyed everywhere it passed!

This shocking scene played under Noah's eyes as soon after, he saw the Quintessential Dungeon Boss appear with eyes that shone of inexplicable intrigue and somberness.

Noah saw himself come out as he could uniquely 'feel' the thoughts and emotions of himself below, the major thought running through his mind being the fact that this beast with no aura to feel gave off nothing in terms of information, everything being question marks as Noah wasn't even receiving any discernment from destiny!

What was most dreadful was that one didn't feel anything from it- not even a level of danger!

The emotionless eyes of the creature flashed.

Its gray wings and stinger shone with an eerie light as the stinger elongated and pierced towards Noah without another word.


An Ascendant Star of Illumination rose above Noah's figure as the First Form of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor's Annihilation Techniques was cast, along with the Assassin Emperor of Severance being sent to meet the gray stinger filled with a deathly light!

Yet the result was horrific.


In slow motion, Noah watched as the Assassin Emperor of Severance was broken down into glimmers of essence as it was about to clash with the surging stinger, eventually being turned into nothingness as the enemy's attack continued!

Other Assassin Emperors of Severance erupted from the Star of Illumination above Noah but even they...faced the same result!