Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1982 Lnnumerable Paths In An EndlessJourney! Ll

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Chapter 1982 Lnnumerable Paths In An EndlessJourney! Ll

Complete and utter breakdown of the REIFIED abilities sent forth as horrifically, it seemed that the very presence of wherever this beast went broke down the Nature and Essence entirely!

Whether it was the surrounding authority or abilities born of essence, they were all broken down and rejected.


Noah's will surged as he recalled the words of Enchantress Morgana.

The Elysium Dimension had discerned that the Influence of the Empyral Deceiver had returned with these abominations that rejected the very Essence of Nature, Decretum of Dimensions, and Natural Laws!

Shockingly, his Dream Dimensional Body would meet one soon after to experience it first hand as after his abilities were negated, this stinger arrived right before him as it caused his Innate Dimensional Barrier to tremble and actually break.

His Dimensional Barrier that whatever point in time this was held Defense Values in the few Trillions!


Noah's figure was flung back in a shocking turn of events as a massive gash opened up from his shoulder to his chest.

He gazed up at the beast before it in disbelief as it was undaunted, his True Vitality Values taking a hit and dipping as he faced greater danger than any other time recently!

An enemy that could reject the very Essence of Natural Laws and the Decretum of Dimensions.

An enemy that could reject the very fabric of reality!

How exactly would one face such an enemy?


The scene Noah was gazing at this whole time flashed as it faded away.

<One of the Paths of the Protagonist has been shown. To replay the <Meeting of Unknown Enemies> will cost 10 Million Units of the Essence of Reality and 50 Million Units of Dream Essence. To play a different Variation Path of the <Meeting of Unknown Enemies>, 100 Million Units of the Essence of Reality and 500 Million Units of Dream Essence are required.>


This was a glimpse of the feature of <I Am the Main Character>.

It could show Noah many paths in the different areas he was embroiled in as they showed an overabundance of information for the future!

Yes. Knowledge!

Knowledge of things that had yet to even appear as they focused on him, where if Noah properly grasped this and saw the many paths that might play out in the future- he could overcome deadly situations with ease.

An example was the single path he just looked at.

He gained information about enemies he had never seen before as his Dream Dimensional Chassis could very well perish if he couldn't find a way to match the terrifying Abomination....or retreat from his current area before it even appeared in this region.

It was that dreadful as how does one fight something that negates the very Essence that is utilized to bring attacks and everything else to fruition?!

This was a question Noah had to solve before the events of the path he saw played out.

His eyes turned sharp as he gazed at the feature of <I Am the Main Character> and the innumerable paths he could gaze upon with it.

He waited for the seconds to pass as tens of millions of Units of the Essence of Reality were generated from his Reality Passages.

He would then gaze upon the many paths of the stages of [Aid and Cheats] and [Challenges and Ordeals] as he understood what dangers and possibilities were waiting for him in the future...and begin making solutions to problems that had yet to even appear!

The Quintessential Kainos Emperor did not want to be blindsided. He wanted to view the innumerable paths out there as the one he followed would be a golden and unblemished path that guaranteed his safety and victory!


Essence churned chaotically at his thoughts as while he affirmed his will, the prompts of the continuing formation of the Third Dimensional Layer resumed before his eyes.

<The benchmark of the Third Dimensional Layer is a grand one to cross as All of your Aspects have explosively risen.>

<Your Reserves of the Essence of Reality have been elevated to the Maximum of 550 Million.>

<Your Maximum True Vitality Values have risen to 600 Billion.>

<The established Paramount Kainos Avalon Dimensional Reality grants a base addition of 50,000 Dimensional Dream Damage and Defense Values, bringing your Overall Origin Base Value to 250,000.>


His tyrannical eyes shone with splendor at the unfolding changes as his Maximum Reserves of the Essence of Reality and True Vitality Values...doubled!

His Base Values were made to be even greater initially than the previous Dimensional Layers as the wonders would not end here.

<Your Affinity to the Natural Laws of Reality has risen greatly!>

<Your Affinity to the Decretum of all Dimensions has risen greatly!>

<You can now forge the Quintessential Kainos Avalon Dimensional Chassis.>

<Your Maximum Number of Ascendancy Stanchions is now 340.>

It was a rain of prompts as Noah went through them all right away, treading the formation of the Avalon Dimensional Reality carefully as his pace within it would determine the events in the Avalon Dimension and whether he could do anything with the Sword of Avalon!

The Quintessential Kainos Avalon Dimensional Chassis...would be a decider in what was to come.

<Your Body and Innate Dimensional Barrier are undergoing changes and incorporating the essence of Avalon, its defense now equivalent to 500% of the highest reachable Defense Values in your strongest form.>

<Your Dimensional Sea is undergoing changes and incorporating the essence of a third Dimension as your understanding in Decretum of Dimensions becomes even smoother. The process of infusing the Essence of Decretum of Dimensions into concepts and relics to forge the stage of HERESY is even smoother as the rate of infusion is increased by 3,000,000%. Your soul is perfectly resonating with all your Aspects of Existence.>


The cluster of changes was simply too grand as the birth of the Third Dimensional Layer came with too many things!

Past the many lines of prompts and boosts was the understanding that all of this...culminated in Noah gaining a power that far exceeded anyone in the Ultima Strata.

It was a graduation into the equivalent Realm of a Haven.

It was the silent elevation of his power in a matter of days from a LEGEND and into a Suzerain!