Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1983 Insula Avallonis L

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Chapter 1983 Insula Avallonis L


This was the stage that Noah instinctively felt he had crossed the barrier into as the major cause were the Base Damage and Defense Values of his Dimensional Layers, paired up with the ridiculous multipliers of Ascendancy Stanchions and the Augmentation of his Throne of Quintessential Tyranny and Natural Laws and Decreta!

This was cemented even further as he saw Stanchion after Stanchion be enacted between the Second and Third Dimensional Layers.

The number of Stanchions enacted just between these layers had exceeded 200 as Noah had not yet found a Limit!

The concentration of essence was even denser in the upper Dimensional Layers as paired with the dazzling Stanchion that showed green on one end and purple on the other, and the radiant Reality Passages between brought to fruition an astonishingly beautiful scene that only Noah could gaze at.

The cycles of the Infinite Physique increased ever faster, crossing the threshold of 70 in a short period of time.

The birth of Reality Passages in consequence only increased as Noah could enact over 100 more!

And when the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique finished assimilating all the concepts of other Dimensions, Noah expected the number of Reality Passages each cycle granted to increase even further.

There were many factors and numbers involved, but all of them had propelled Noah's Damage and Defense Values to exceed 2 Trillion.

2 Trillion!

This was him just crossing the threshold of what others considered a Grotto Haven as when he completed his Third Dimensional Layer fully...this number was bound to double or even triple!

2 Trillion Values also meant that his Innate Dimensional Barrier that had a ridiculous Augmentation of 500% could innately block over 10 Trillion Damage Values.


This was his power!

This...and tools like his Traits made him confident in what was to come.


Essence harmoniously danced as Noah gazed at the last prompt to come from the formation of the Third Dimensional Layer before he focused on its blooming Cosmos and how he would be utilizing it for the dangerous path occurring in the Avalon Dimension.

<During the Birth of your Third Paramount Kainos Dimensional Reality, you have retained enough Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Essence that has amalgamated to form 1 Pure Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Seed. A single seed can be applied to any Decretum of a Dimension or a Natural Law of Reality to grant it a forceful 25% Understanding. Forceful understanding of Fundamental Natural Laws is halved...>

A prompt that was like an icing on an already exorbitant cake.

Before Noah's eyes, an oscillating gem bloomed from the center of his Avalon Dimensional Reality as surging Seas of pure essence swirled into it, rising up and coming outside of his body as he gazed upon a multicolored wonder.

It was called a Seed, but it was truly a glimmering gem as Noah grasped it tightly, many possible paths of usage rising within his mind as he smiled.

"Let's see how the task before us unfolds..."

Depending on extraneous factors and the events within the Avalon Dimension, Noah would make the choice on the usage of this wondrous treasure.

His Wills were in many Dimensions as his Clones were either waiting or preparing in the Dream and Apollyon Dimension, while the Clone of Alexander was retreating with Primordials in the vast Realities, while another Clone in the Apollyon Dimension continued sniping enemies incessantly!

But the path in the Avalon Dimension was approaching a nexus as a shocking authority was on the line.

If Noah could grasp it and possibly gain the right to influence or even command Dimensional Rulers...


Just the thought of it caused destiny to churn wildly!

So while Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos began to fill up a newly formed Dimensional Layer, Noah's will pulled up the feature of <I Am the Main Character> and focused on the [Aid and Cheats] and [Challenges and Ordeals] of the Dream and Avalon Dimensions.


Within the Dragon Knight's Sanctum.

Quadrillions of auras were blazing with the light of Avalon as none of them had even an inkling that the long standing tradition of trying to pull Sword from Stone was about to be enacted.

Normally, such a thing would be celebrated as Dimensional Rulers and Princes of the 12 Domains of Avalon tried to wield the Sword, with grand celebrations and feasts following thereafter even with the failures as this was taken as a sign of strength for their Dimension!

That such a wonder and power existed that one of them would get the chance to grasp it in their hands.

At least, this was their belief.

The Dragon Knight's Sanctum was among one of the more densely populated domains under the banner of Dimensional Ruler Arthus, and this was the domain that the next existence to try pulling the Sword from Stone had just left!

After the agreement was made between him and the Dimensional Rulers, Enchantress Morgana had conjured a vibrant portal within the Royal Dragon Haven as her deadly staff pulsing with power that seemed to exceed HERESY pointed to it.

Naturally, Ezekiel and Noah would delve into this as multiple Grotto Haven Suzerains and two Dimensional Rulers of the Avalon Dimension sent in their amalgamated wills to go along with them.

Thereafter, Noah's Clone only saw purple spatial radiance.

And after a while, clarity came.

Clarity in the form of an expanding and wildly beautiful landscape that could cause one's heart to shudder at the sheer beauty and expansiveness!𝒇𝒓ℯewe𝒃𝓷𝒐𝘃𝒆𝒍.co𝒎

It was...Insula Avallonis.

An idyllic haven!

A vast island the size of countless Realities that fell under the authority of all 12 Domains of Avalon!

It had no single Dimensional Ruler laying claim to it as it floated stably at the very center of this Dimension.

The unblemished visage of two Dimensional Rulers floated at the very forefront as below their feet, a massive purple Cloud Dragon blazed with incandescence.

Noah and Ezekiel floated behind them as around the edges of the mystical Cloud Dragon, the figures of over a dozen HERESY armored Suzerains could be seen!

The Cloud Dragon was flying towards the dazzling landmass that nobody could just teleport to, its sheer size making it the only thing before one's eyes as it had to be taken in.

Vibrant rising lilac ancient trees pierced across the layers of space, their branches shining with swirling purple light as their leaves were wondrously formed into the forms of swords.

Seas of the Essence of the Decretum of Avalon permeated even around it as it had such concentration and potency that it could be lethal to anyone who didn't have the right to enter this location!

"Outsider, I hope you can at least survive the entry into Insula Avallonis...otherwise I won't even get the chance to extinguish you."