Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1984 Insula Avallonis Ll

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Chapter 1984 Insula Avallonis Ll

"Outsider, I hope you can at least survive the entry into Insula Avallonis...otherwise I won't even get the chance to extinguish you."


Upfront, the Enchantress Morgana spoke words of brutality and truth as not just anyone could enter Insula Avallonis.

They had to have a deep connection with the very core of Avalon as it couldn't just be a mere Bloodline- they had to have some distinguished attainments in the Decretum of Avalon or have something truly unique!

Otherwise, one's Aspects of Existence would be entirely crushed the moment they even tried to enter this holy place- much less even get near the Sword in the Stone!

Her figure and the figure of Dimensional Ruler Arthus were distinguished up ahead as the Cloud Dragon neared the periphery of Insula Avallonis that had tendrils of chaotic purple essence surging in the atmosphere.

The chaotic tendrils of essence became calm around them as above their heads, a radiance began to wash down and cover their faces as if they were too pristine even for the surrounding waves of essence here!

These were the existences that had reached a truly high Realm as their strength was unfathomable.

And one of such beings carried genuine killing intent towards Noah as she was only held back by the other- with the both of them observing Noah closely to see just how he would fare.

Yet against her cruel words, Noah was unphased.

He had already learned about many intricacies when it came to Insula Avallonis and the Sword In the Stone through [Aid and Cheats] and [Challenges and Ordeals]!

Hundreds of Millions of Units of the Essence of Reality were utilized for Noah to gaze upon a few paths, the knowledge he was collecting being abundant as it allowed him to move with utmost confidence.

Under the gaze of two Dimensional Rulers, the purple Cloud Dragon passed the arcing tendrils of the dense Decretum of Avalon in the periphery of Insula Avallonis.

Lancelot had had a trace of worry as he stood beside Noah, which also made him the first to feel and see the fantastical changes that bloomed on him right after!

The dangerous tendrils of the Essence of Decretum swirled around the Cloud Dragon as they passed through the bodies of Dimensional Ruler Arthus and Morgana easily as they remained high and unfettered.

The Suzerains escorting them withstood the tendrils as on Ezekiel's body, a purple luster shone as he employed the Decretum of Avalon.

Then there was Noah.

His understanding of the Decretum of Avalon wasn't substantial- so how could he withstand the majesty and oppressive air of Insula Avallonis?!


Purple radiance burst as Noah's skin began to peel.

No, not just his skin- but it seemed like his whole body was undergoing a metamorphosis!

It was...the enactment of Quintessential Avalon Dimensional Chassis.

A pristine and pure body born from this Dimension as the source!

When it came time to withstand the area of densest and most concentrated essence of the Avalon Dimension...what could be greater than this?

A purple light emanated from Noah as if he was a star.

Dimensional Ruler Arthus gazed back with an unknown light as his eyes flashed, Morgana's staff shining with terrifying power as the Cloud Dragon they stood on delved even deeper towards the mystical island!

Ezekiel watched with wonder as Noah's very skin peeled from him while a fair purple jade-like luster bloomed, the dangerous tendrils of essence nearby even becoming pulled into his body as he became a center of swirling swallowing mass of essence.

A purple mass of essence that an instant later reformed into a devilishly handsome young Emperor, dense ecritures of <AVALON> surging around him as a purple robe came to drape over him and cover his sculpted body.

Around his head, three illusory purple flaming crowns rose as they didn't seem to display any greater authority- simply being there for the majesty of it all as a body made purely from Avalon Essence was designated!

<You have designated the Quintessential Dream Dimensional Chassis.>

<As the benchmark of the Third Dimensional Layer has been achieved, the capabilities of all Quintessential Dimensional Chassis have been greatly elevated.>

<The elevation of the Avalon Dimensional Reality through normal means has been increased by 1,000,000%>

<The rate of Progression in the Decretum of Avalon has been increased by 1,000,000%>

<The rate of Progression in the Natural Laws of Reality has been increased by 1,000,000%>

<All abilities that utilize Avalon Dimensional Essence have 300% Increased Penetration as they can bypass the masking of Decretums and Natural Laws effectively.>

The deeper in he went as the periphery of Insula Avallonis was crossed, the more it seemed like Noah was undergoing a baptism that made the surroundings harmonize with him!

As if he belonged here!

It was a surreal scene to see as the guarding Suzerains in the periphery of the Cloud Dragon remained steadfast while their wills watched.

Ezekiel released his tenseness as he chose to believe in what destiny had led him to.

Dimensional Ruler Arthus adopted a unique smile on his clouded face as he didn't lock his gaze on Noah, continuing to gaze upon the Resplendent stretches of land they were entering

The expression on Empress Morgana was placid, but her eyes held many hidden thoughts as already, she didn't like what she was seeing.

Even if it wasn't a possibility for this being to pull the Sword from Stone, the risk was still high as too much was at stake on the off chance that he actually succeeded!

Her Dual Pupils flashed as her will gazed into the Insula Avallonis that they began to enter the boundaries of.

It was filled with abundant stellar vegetation, but that wasn't it.

There were also the native Avalonian Lifeforms that were born on this fantastical landmass and drenched in the Decretum of Avalon all their lives.

The weakest of them already had vibrant Realities.

The strongest...

'Mmm...' Morgana's lips curved as she thought of the Avalonian Lifeform that could rival the might of a Dimensional Ruler hidden at the depths of this landmass.

The Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast- Guinevere!

When she thought of this, the staff grasped in Morgana's hands glowed imperceptibly.

Beings at her stage of power could make moves with those weaker than them not knowing the better as she released pristine waves of authority towards the vibrant landmass the Cloud Dragon was landing on!

Towards the Avalonian Beasts hidden within as this was among the limits of what she could do before Arthus made a move to stop her!

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