Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1986 Insula Avallonis LV

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Chapter 1986 Insula Avallonis LV

To cross across the vast landmass and bypass the many terrifying Beasts within it while also locating the center where the Sword in Stone lay.

This task was a unique one as even after all this, only by the recognition of the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast- Guinevere...could one pass and even get a chance to grab the hilt of the Sword within their hands!

Noah knew of this.

And he knew it well.


A low melody began to play as he walked forward, each step taking him a few light years as he was harmonizing with the vibrant purple essence in his surroundings.

This was because at this same time, his Main Body was establishing the Avalon Dimensional Reality as trillions of Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos were blooming within him.

The connection of the Avalon Dimensional Chassis was profound with his Dimensional Layer as it acted like a representation of it, and being an area with such dense Essence of the Decretum of Avalon only aided Noah!

He walked forward silently for a few seconds before he came to a stop in an area that had a clearing, more Groves of stellar trees in the distance as in this clearing, rivers of pristine purple essences began to float silently.

Within these rivers of purple essence, a massive creature swam silently as it turned its white eyes that were the size of stars towards Noah!

<Name>: Avallonis Charybdis

<Lineage>: Chaos Sea Charybdis

<Realm>: Grotto Haven

<Titles>: Chaos Devourer, Sea Mother...

<True Dimensional Vitality Values>: 6 Trillion

<Innate Dimensional Barrier>: 2 Trillion

<Reserves of Essence of Reality>: 200 Million

<Mana>: 500 Trillion

<Destiny>: 40 <Fate>: 40...

<Overall Battlepower>: Grotto Haven

It held vibrant purple scales with a massive worm like body of a deep sea beast, its jaws holding innumerable sharp teeth while elegant stellar purple fins erupted on its sides.

A beast at the level of a Suzerain appeared as the first task was to bypass Beasts like these!

As for how one should handle them?

Noah smiled as he continued walking forward.๐Ÿ๐™ง๐že๐”€e๐›๐ง๐จ๐šŸ๐‘’l.c๐—ผ๐™ข


The Avallonis Charybdis let out a low roar as rays of light emanated from it, cutting apart the marvelous rivers of purple light as they targeted Noah!

Each ray carried a Trillion in Damage Values as 3 rays thundered down with majesty.

And yet then they reached him...


They slide off a radiant transparent purple barrier that wrapped around Noah in a fantastical fashion.

Over three Trillion in Damage Values...were simply deflected by Noah at this juncture!

His Innate Dimensional Barrier was already exceeding 10 Trillion at this point in time after all the recent boosts, and they were progressively shooting ever higher even before his Third Dimensional Layer granted him the boosts of Half completion and full completion.

This was due to his Mythical Infinite Dream Physique nearing the end of its evolution as the base Values granted by every single Cycle...Noah could already feel it exceeding 1,000 per cycle as the limit on the number of Passages formed per cycle was also increasing!

And its evolution wasn't even done yet!

So he simply shrugged off an attack of a Grotto Haven existence.

It was a ridiculous achievement, yet Noah was unphased by it as he continued walking.

He did not attack.

A low howl released from the resplendent Avallonis Charybdis at this scene as it also went back to swimming in the dazzling stellar purple rivers after gazing at Noah for another few seconds.

Yes! This was one of the intricacies Noah had found out when he observed a few paths under <Challenges and Ordeals>. For those entering Insula Avallonis to try and attain the Sword of Avalon...the moment they attacked any of the Avallonis Beasts on this landmass, they already failed!

This was because they would instantly earn the wrath of the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast that protected this idyllic landmass as death was all that awaited them if they made it to the center of the landmass.

In one of the many possible paths, Noah had put in all his efforts to try and knock down a Grotto Haven Avallonis Beast, and he was then lucky enough to witness a swarm of Avallonis Beasts that decimated everything!

So he proceeded forward calmly as he bypassed a Suzerain Beast.

His light steps actually correlated to the actions of his main body as every single one traversed many light years, and each one represented a Trillion Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos formed.

His steps would come to a halt when he was standing before the Sword of Avalon as they would also signify 49 Trillion Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos. Before he pulled the Sword from Stone, he could not exceed 50 Trillion Cosmos and become the Dimensional Inimicus!

He would have to bypass the Beasts and the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast with his current stage of power as the following events had to be played intricately!


In the periphery of Insula Avallonis.

"He can seamlessly withstand the attacks of a Grotto Haven while knowing how to act in Insula Avallonis...tell me more about this Alexander."

The powerful voice of Arthus reverberated as Lancelot had shining eyes of wonder when watching Noah on the illusory screen, his voice coming out subconsciously as he began to speak about him!

Off to the side, the eyes of Enchantress Morgana shone with a sharp light as she waited.

Waited for the spell she had cast to cause a frenzy amongst the Avallonis Beasts!

'How will you deal with that?'

Her Dual Pupils shone silently as she would never allow the chance for an Outsider to even grasp the hilt of the Sword of Avalon.

There were too many things at stake to allow even a possibility!

He moved past massive groves of stellar purple redwood trees as in a short period of time, his aura wasn't the only one that could be seen on the screen.

Further ahead, the auras of multiple Avalonian Beasts could be felt as their calm and serene eyes...held a trace of red at this moment!