Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1985 Insula Avallonis Lll

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Chapter 1985 Insula Avallonis Lll

Many prominent beings had arrived at Insula Avallonis and tried their destiny.

Some perished in the periphery as they never crossed the arcing tendrils of the Essence of Avalon, while others barely stepped onto this massive landmass and survived to make it to the very center!

But none...were escorted by two Dimensional Rulers and over a Dozen Suzerains.

This escort happened due to the standing of none other than Lancelot as he brought forth an existence he believed to be the one who could pull Sword from Stone, and he had the trust and support of his Father as this being kept another Dimensional Ruler in check!

Everything happened so quickly and without noise that the many other Suns and Daughters of Dimensional Ruler Arthus did not even get to hear of these shocking developments.

Only a small party arrived atop a purple Cloud Dragon that landed its sharp glistening claws onto a layer of purple earth filled with stellar stretches of grassland.

As they landed, a deep voice filled with authority and a feeling of ancientness echoed out from the clouded figure of Dimensional Ruler Arthus.

"The right to draw the Sword from Stone is not just inferred, with the contender needing to have their own capabilities to cross into Insula Avallonis and then journey its stretches alone. If you can survive against the Avallonis Beasts and even locate the Sword of Avalon...only then can you try to grasp it. We will go no further as the rest is up to your fate."


Arthus held his hands behind him as royal waves of Avalon surrounded his figure and made him ever so mystical, very few existences being capable of understanding his thoughts as even Lancelot did not expect the Absolute level of support he received from his father!

Towards the words of this being, Noah gave a light nod as he floated off of the radiant purple Cloud Dragon.

His skin still gave off a crystalline purple jade like feel as his whole body felt like a Relic come to life, his eyes shining like jewels as ever since he passed the periphery of Insula Avallonis, tendrils of the Essence of Avalon floated towards him in streams!

When his feet landed on the stellar purple grasses, a circular wave of light spread out as if his body resonated with the very earth below.


He closed his eyes as the initial understanding of the Decretum of Avalon had begun to surge the moment the Third Dimensional Layer formed, and he enjoyed the resonance of Nature as without another word, he began to take light steps forward.

Towards a stretch of stellar purple grassland that soon grew into dense and tall trees that could reach the height of Cosmos, their mere branches and leaves pristine as they shone with a sharp and royal light!

The stellar Groves of trees were massive and dense as within...they hid terrifying creatures of utmost power that one would have to bypass if they ever wanted to get to the center of this landmass.

The center that also held...the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast- Guinevere!

"Hmph." As she watched Noah take light steps without another word, Enchantress Morgana harrumphed as her heart wasn't settled.

"It still shouldn't be like this. No matter the level of trust in the eyes of Little Lancelot to perceive destiny, can you truly bare the consequences on the small chance he succeeds? Can you bear the wrath of the other Dimensional Rulers? Or the Daughter of Hatred that has been trying to get her hands on the Sword of Avalon this whole time?"

Her tone was sharp as her intuition was even sharper!

She believed he wouldn't be able to do it, but she had lived for a truly long time and had come across many things.

There were always impossibilities that she had seen exceeded.

So she would do whatever was required with her current restrictions.

Even if it meant influencing the Avallonis Beasts.

Even if it meant...alerting the other Dimensional Rulers that were keeping the influence of Primordials and Dimensional Hellion Rulers at bay.

Yet towards her words, Arthus only smiled as he waved his hands, causing an illusory screen to appear in the air that followed Noah's movements.

"We are already here, and what's done is done. If it is fated, that is that. If it is not, you will kill him yourself as promised. You and I both know that the Sword of Avalon would never allow itself to be wielded by anyone other than the existence who would guarantee the prosperity of Avalon itself. If he really happens to succeed...even you will have to bow your head."


Calm and yet shocking words echoed out that made Morgana pulse with annoyance and sharpness!

She turned to the calm Arthus who had formed a purple throne atop the Cloud Dragon and the figure of Lancelot beside him, the over a dozen Suzerains situated further behind them as they all had their eyes on the illusory screen that applied and showed Noah's figure as he began to step into the stellar Groves of trees.

Into the depths of a mystical land mass he didn't know the directions of or where his destination would be!

Disdain and caution flashed in the eyes of Morgana at this progression as she also turned towards the screen while releasing the last words.

"Let's not even talk about whether he can grasp the Sword. It is still in the air if he can even survive against the Avallonis Beasts and pass the test of the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast!"


Boundless dangers had to be crossed just to reach the final destination, and powerful existences watched as Noah's figure delved deeper into an endlessly vast landmass!


His figure felt insignificant compared to the vast trees with barks that shone with stellar radiance.

Tendrils of roots of the massive Groves of trees made the floor that Noah walked on as when his will and eyes gazed before him, everything should feel foreign and new.

And yet...

A smile was etched on his face as he bent down to pick a lilac that was sprouting below him.

It didn't feel foreign at all as if he had seen a scene of this beautiful flower many times, where even the expansive groves of trees around him and the utter deafening silence that would terrify one when they realized countless Avallonis Beasts were hidden within...none of this felt foreign to Noah!

He had seen it.

He had already utilized the feature of <I Am the Main Character> multiple times as in this perilous and yet fantastical land...he wasn't the least bit worried!