Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1987 The Sword And The Connate Sacred Beast! L

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Chapter 1987 The Sword And The Connate Sacred Beast! L

A single man walked across Insula Avallonis as every step of his seemed to resonate with the earth he stepped on.

The deeper in he went, the more mystical things became as when he came as the concentration of the Decretum of Avalon only became denser, and Seas of purple essence were forming amidst the countless Groves of trees.

Simply breathing in the air of this place would fill one's lungs with the Essence of Avalon as the Avallonis Beasts that lived here all their lives...their power and attainments in Avalon could only be imagined.

"It should be about now?"

A devilish smile was etched on Noah's face as he once more came to a stop.

Ahead of him, the auras of multiple Avallonis Beasts could be felt as one by one, they began to materialize from the floating Seas of essence.

<Name>: Avallonis Beisht...

<Name>: Avallonis Mandrake...

<Name>: Avallonis Sylph...

A serpentine eel, a plant root with humanoid form, and a constantly twisting mass of Avalon Essence appeared as their gazes towards Noah were different from the Avallonis Charybdis from before!

All three shone brightly with the allure of a Grotto Haven.

They didn't hold their laid back stature as their eyes held a trace of red light that made them actually seek him out, a light of bloodlust apparent within them.

'The works of Morgana...merely a Dimensional Ruler delaying the inevitable!'


Noah's thoughts were domineering as he took another step, coming directly before the powerful Grotto Haven Avallonis Beasts as he already had a way of countering this move by the Enchantress.

Across the many paths he saw, Noah had discerned with destiny for solutions when it came to the Avallonis Beasts coming under the influence of Morgana and entering into a frenzy.

He found a particularly fantastical one as at this moment when multiple Grotto Haven Avallonis Beasts got ready to decimate his small figure, his chest shone!

It shone with a light of radiance that stopped everything within its tracks.

From his chest, a massive and incandescent ball of purple light came out as it shone with an allure of a Cosmos.

A Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos!



The somewhat frenzied Beasts came to an instant stop the moment this object was pulled out as their Origins trembled.

They felt an intense and shocking need as any influence on their souls disappeared, all of them gazing at the Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos that Noah controlled to float towards them!

He had trillions of these, but a single one was akin to an immeasurable Panacea that captured the very souls of the Avallonis Beasts!

In another path, he had even pulled out a genuine Grotto Panacea as even this didn't have a stupendous effect like a single Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos had.

The answer lay in this wonder stemming from a singularity of the pristine Avalon Dimensional Reality.

This single Cosmos was born from the very Essence of the Avalon Dimension within Noah as it contained traces of unimaginably pure essence.

Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Essence!

The essence that went to birth the Pure Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Seed that could grant Noah 25% in any of the Decretum he grasped.

A minute trace of this was utilized in the formation of Cosmos as this was the reason that after exceeding 50 Trillion Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos, Noah would forcefully have his understanding brought to 12.5%!

The Avallonis Beasts gazed at it no longer as their massive jaws surged out to devour pieces of this radiant Cosmos.

As if these jaws were black holes, the radiant Cosmos was decimated and devoured in a mere instant.


The frenzied eyes of these Avallonis Beasts shone with utmost luminosity and shock as incredulously, they felt their understanding of the Decretum of Avalon that had remained dormant over the millions of years actually rile up!


Even though it couldn't even be considered a significant percentage as 50 Trillion of Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos would only end up granting a forceful increase of 12.5%, a single one could still rouse the Essence of this Decretum within their soul as those who devoured it would feel it right away.

This was a shocking usage Noah had learnt about his Dimensional Layers from <Aids and Cheats>, where it ridiculously didn't apply to him as his Main Body had removed a Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos from his Origin and devoured it like a resource, only to have all of its essence and source go back to his Third Dimensional Layer to form the same Cosmos.

But if he granted it to others...they could theoretically attain a forceful understanding of the Decretum of Avalon if they gained enough of such Cosmos from Noah!

It was a shocking find that had profound implications.

The Suzerain Avallonis Beasts right before him were an example as they then gazed towards his figure after they devoured the Cosmos, their frenzied eyes calm and without any wildness!

Towards this, Noah only smiled.

He began walking forward again as while he did so, his chest shone with a stellar cosmic light.

Another Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos floated out and enlarged as Noah grasped it within his hands and threw it behind him!


And the massive Avallonis Beasts turned into streaks of light that shot towards the path of the dazzling Cosmos.


And Noah's steps continued on!


"What the hell is that..."

It was the words of a guarding Suzerain that spoke the thoughts of most beings atop the Cloud Dragon.

And knighted Dragoon Suzerain realized this as he stood straight right after while trying to return to his blank expression unsuccessfully!

This was because the images playing out on the illusory screen of light before them were just that ridiculous.

A few of them had made the trek across Insula Avallonis unsuccessfully as they knew its many secrets, but none of them had ever heard of or seen an existence pull out radiant balls of cosmic light that made Avallonis Beasts chase after them!

And after this being did so, he only continued further in smoothly as any Avallonis Beasts he came across, he repeated the same thing!