Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1988 The Sword And The Connate Sacred Beast! Ll

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Chapter 1988 The Sword And The Connate Sacred Beast! Ll

A surreal scene!

This was what played out thereafter as pristine Avallonis Beasts would appear before him, and he would smoothly throw out a dazzling ball of Cosmic light that all these Beasts would seek.

It even got to the point that the Avallonis Beasts who had already come across him moved behind him as they actually followed!

The scene truly showed the figure of a single being walking across Insula Avallonis and harmonizing with the surrounding lands, and a procession of Beasts forming behind him as each one would swarm towards a ball of cosmic light that he threw in a random direction.


Dimensional Ruler Arthus and Enchantress Morgana had no words at such a scene.

To them, what mattered more was significance.

What were the balls of cosmic light being released from this being and why were Suzerains going crazy for them?

"It is even enough for them to forcefully break out of your Mind Spell..." Arthus stroked his chin as Morgana's expression turned dark.

He seemed to have long realized her actions as he had not done anything, his gaze placid and without any emotions while he sat on his throne!

"I've said it before Sister Morgana, if it is fated, then that is that. You standing in the way of it will only open ways for you to get rolled over. And with your actions of influencing the minds of Avallonis Beasts, all you have done is make Guinevere look upon you unkindly for doing that to those she protects!"


His deep voice woke Lancelot and some of the others out of their reverie of the scene playing out as they briefly came to lock onto Morgana's figure!

Her dark hair with glimmering strands of purple caused her visage to nearly glow as beings like her had exceeding beauty, the Empress robe wrapping around her hiding an exquisite armament below that at this time....could not hide her thoughts that showed on her face.

How could she favor the scene playing out? Even if it was still just a probability, the mere chance of it was rising as time passed as she truly didn't wish to see an outside grasp on something from her own home!

Something meant for her people to overcome the challenges that lay ahead.

She was the leading Commander who battled against Primordial influences and denied taking in any of the Ancient Lineages when the Age of Destiny ended, and she used all her time to fight against even the forces of Dimensional Hellion Rulers as beings like Lilith had entrenched themselves onto some domains of Avalon- but had never been able to continue expanding forward!

She did all this to protect her home for billions of years.

And after all this, a random being they had just met steps forward and stands a chance of grasping the one thing that could shape the weaving of destiny? And what would it mean if actually managed to pull the Sword from Stone that even she failed to pull multiple times?!

The thought caused her to grow more somber and livid as her exceedingly beautiful face became even more charming.

She was unconsciously raising her staff again as it shone with a blinding light when suddenly...


The scenes playing out on the illusory screen underwent a great change.

From the massive stellar Groves of trees rising endlessly upwards, Noah's figure that was followed behind by dozens of Avallonis Beasts like a wave...had arrived towards a pristine area of a clearing that stretched outward for light years.

The Essence in this region was even denser and many clusters of Seas of Avalon Essence floated in the surroundings, with an area of densest color and concentration being further ahead as it was blinding!

An area where the earth began to change into a dazzling purple lake where at its very center...a crystalline stone could barely be discerned.

"This fast?!"

The sequence of events shocked the watchers as they observed Noah to actually be nearing the incandescent lake that contained a rising stone at its very center.

A Stone...that had a Sword entrenched into it.

The path across Insula Avallonis was often filled with dangers as never had one crossed into the Lake so quickly!

The surroundings calmed.

All eyes followed what was happening closely as...this felt different compared to the many other times others had entered Insula Avallonis.


An area of pure wonder opened up before Noah's eyes.

The thickets of stellar trees disappeared as the area opened up, the concentration of the Essence of Avalon reaching crazy levels as apart from Seas of it flowing in the very air, purple floating crystals and plasmoid waves of essence formed as Noah couldn't help but breathe it all in!

Behind him, dozens of Avallonis Beasts had been following as when they came to the periphery of this clearing, they didn't enter as they released low howls.

In front of him, the earth very quickly changed into a pristine clear lake- a lake that Noah began taking steps towards at this moment!

Within his Main Body, the number of Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos just broke past 48 Trillion as things were on track.

So he approached the Lake.

And his will ever so slowly managed to almost make out a radiant crystalline stone.

A stone that had the densest cluster of Avalon Essence as even from this distance, even his eyes could barely make out a refulgent hilt of a sword!


The low symphony of the Protagonist increased in pacing and base as the Beasts in the surroundings stirred.

Noah continued forward until he came across the periphery of the lake, his feet barely dipping into it as he stopped.

? He had to stop.

Even though the barely discernible Sword of Avalon was right before him, he still had to come to a stop!

This was because the calm lake stirred as something moved within, the waters beginning to churn as a splendiferous and irradiant scales of a scared beast began to rise from it.

Draconic in grandeur.

Majestic in power!

Pristine purple scales rose as a draconic head swirled slowly from the center of the lake, two eyes that shone brighter than any stars Noah had seen rising with it as they shone with multicolored luminescence.

Only the head had risen from the Lake and not the entire body, but the pressure released was astounding as it eclipsed anything that Noah had come across so far!

It was the pressure from the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast that protected and remained in close proximity to the Sword of Avalon for as long as one could remember.

It was the majesty and grandeur of Guinevere!

And when one saw her, they truly couldn't help but tremble as her aura exceeded anything they had seen so far.

Her aura was not at the stage of a Grotto Haven.

Like many Dimensional Rulers, she had far exceeded this stage and stepped into the Realm...of Nature Integration.

Nature Integration!

The stage where existences utilized their formed Haven to apply their understanding of Decreta and Natural Laws of Reality that had reached 100% onto their Origin, Integrating with Nature itself and becoming part of the fabric of Reality!