Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1989 The Sword And The Connate Sacred Beast! Lll

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Chapter 1989 The Sword And The Connate Sacred Beast! Lll


This was the feeling anyone would have whenever standing before a being that had integrated themselves into the very fabric of Reality.

Because the question that rose up here was how exactly do you eliminate or erase something that can hide and merge with the fabric of Reality itself?!

Towards those of lower power, the mere strength and concept of the soul of Nature Integration existences were unfathomable.

And multicolored beastial eyes of such a being locked onto Noah as the draconic serpentine head rose, the purple scales ever for refulgent and radiant as each scale shone with a glimmer of lilac Realities.

The visage of this existence rose from the water as it circled the incandescent crystalline stone that held a sword, a massive and pristine body beginning to rise fully as a magnificent Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast unfurled herself!

Its wings emerged from the water as they were made of pure Essence of Avalon amalgamated into physicality, the rest of its scales on its chest and main body seeming like they were forged from pure purple jade crystals.


Essence pulsed in wonder as the concentrated Seas of Avalon surged, this draconic Nature Integration expert circling and coming to put its wings of pure light on each side of the refulgent stone as its head and body stood directly behind it.

Its piercing eyes gazed at nothing but Noah as they seemed capable of flattening every single thing with a mere glimpse!

Noah's eyes retained their unfettered confidence as he gazed at this magnificent creature.

This wasn't the first time he had been here.

His will has gazed upon a similar scene like this after he paid 300 Million Units of the Essence of Reality to view this ordeal, and another cost to view the secrecy of the Sword in Stone that this being protected for countless years!

He had seen it before, so he knew what to do as his Tri-Pupiled eyes reflected a semblance of information.

<Name>: Guinevere

<Lineage>: Connate Sacred Beast

<Realm>: Nature Integration???

<Titles>: Connate Beast???..

<True Dimensional Vitality Values>: ???

<Innate Dimensional Barrier>: ???

<Reserves of Essence of Reality>: ???

<Mana>: ???

<Destiny>: 100 <Fate>: 100

<Overall Battlepower>: Nature Integration???

A status panel that hid many things as much of the information Noah held stemmed from what he already knew. But one piece of information was the value of Destiny, Fortune, Karma, and was among the highest that Noah had ever seen!

It made itself known that Guinevere was a crucial existence.

So while the two of them locked their gazes onto each other with Noah withstanding the terrifying pressure, he was the first to change the dynamic as he began to walk forward once more.

His feet stepped on the clear purple lake water as if it was solid ground, confidently walking ever closer towards the crystalline stone as this scene caused those watching him from an illusory screen to nearly go mad!

Where was the test of the Connate Sacred Beast? Would she not infiltrate his mind and soul to learn about who he is and test what truth lay in his heart? Just what exactly was happening?!

It was an unfathomable scene as they only saw Guinevere gazing coldly at Noah's incoming figure, her massive draconic body shining the next instant as it began to turn into streams of light.

Streams that coagulated into a humanoid visage as a dazzling figure bloomed before everyone's eyes!


Morgana's heart felt a surge of unknown emotions at this as she didn't at all like the sequence of events playing out.

Why was the Sacred Beast transforming to take on a humanoid form? This was something they had never seen across the billions of years of many existences trying to seek the Sword of Avalon!

When Morgana saw this scene and the previous scenes compound on top of each other, the stifling feeling of impossibility of this unknown being obtaining the Sword of Avalon continued to decrease.

From Impossible, it now seemed like he had a genuine chance as his path was different from all others so far!

Inexplicable emotions of pain began to rise in Morgana's heart at this as her strong soul felt like it would be observing a scene it couldn't bear in the next few moments.

At the center of Insula Avallonis, many Suzerain Avallonis Beasts circled the Lake that held a Nature Integration expert and an even more exemplary tool as they watched with bated eyes.

The form of a magnificent draconic Sacred Beast disappeared as in its place, the visage of a woman with radiant purple hair with streaks of white appeared.

She was adorned in a pure white dress that hugged her moderate curves, and wings of pure essence of Avalon still erupted behind her as her fair skin glistened with a crystalline light.

She floated directly on the path of the crystalline Stone holding the sword, her figure moving forward mystically as the Essence of Avalon made a path for her.

Her eyes swirled with three pupils that shone purple, white, and gold, her nose sharp as her face held beauty exceeding many women that Noah had seen in his life!

It was an ethereal untouchable beauty that made one seem it would flicker away if anyone even dared to come near.𝘧𝚛𝗲𝘦𝚠𝙚𝙗𝚗o𝙫𝗲𝙡.𝐜o𝚖

Pristine and filled with mystery, Noah was forced to come to a stop as he prepared for the will of the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast to descend unto him.

It would simply check his heart and intentions as at the end of it, Guinevere would even be surprised at the composition of this Avalon Dimensional Chassis as she would make way for him to try and pull the Sword from Stone!

So he came to a stop as her ethereal figure floated towards him, but...


The events he had seen before didn't play out.


His heart calmed as his eyes turned sharper, his destiny buzzing with an unknown sensation as this existence came to float right before him.

Her expression was placid and without emotions as her exceeding beauty felt glacial, her fair hand reaching out at this moment as it shockingly came in contact with Noah's chest!

His chest!

Her fingers then rose upwards slowly as from Noah's chest, an illusory figure of a pendant began to rise.

An illusory figure of a necklace...of a lavalliere!

<For you to have attained a broken and shackled Connate Dream Treasure...interesting.>