Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1990 Unfathomable Wonder! L

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Chapter 1990 Unfathomable Wonder! L

<For you to have attained a broken and shackled Connate Dream Treasure...interesting.>


A shocking set of words released from the red lips of a Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast as events unfolded very differently from what Noah saw due to the feature of <I Am the Main Character>!

This was astounding in itself, but what was even more so was that this being was able to gaze past Noah's many defenses that even Dimensional Ruler Arthus and Dimensional Ruler Morgana could not, and somehow trace that his main body was bound to Lavalliere.

A broken and shackled Connate Dream Treasure- Lavalliere!

Noah's will surged with countless thoughts as he gazed down at the fair hand grasping an illusory pendant that was the form that Lavalliere had taken.

Her glacial expression remained the same as her Tri-Pupiled eyes only held a minuscule trace of interest, seeming to be gazing at something else entirely as her mesmerizing voice continued.

<This must be the only Connate Dream Relic that survived the Empyral Deceiver's warpath all those years ago.>

Her words held a trace of reminiscence as she spoke, Lavalliere's will buzzing as she remained silent this whole time.

Noah's eyes were sharp as he voiced out slowly...


His single word held many meanings as the fair hand of the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast came down.

Her floating figure came to lock her gaze onto his as both of their eyes reflected each other's pupils, the Avalon Essence surging around them as Guinevere spoke icily.

<Things didn't play out as you expected.>


This being seemed to be having a competition of sequentially releasing one shocking sentence after another as each one was more unfathomable than the other.

<When gazing at the fabric of Reality, it can at times gaze back at you. I do not know how you attained such a unique power, but be careful about who you utilize that ability on until you reach a sufficient stage of power.>


When gazing at the fabric of Reality, it can also gaze back at you!

Existences at the stage of Nature Integration could be considered part of the fabric of Reality, and especially so if they integrated the understanding of multiple Natural Laws or the Decretum of Dimensions.

Shockingly, Noah's stupendous feature of <I Am the Main Character> could possibly stand a chance of alerting beings at this level if they were powerful enough!

<At the stage of Nature Integration, one can subtly feel if they are being targeted or gazed upon by others through their integration of Laws or Decreta. I felt parallel versions of myself gazed upon and saw your eyes at the end of it- this is something you may be able to mask in the future with your own power.>


Parallel versions of oneself!

The innumerable paths Noah could see through <I Am the Main Character>...those at a sufficient level of power could be aware of their own possible paths.

This was a wondrous level of information to grasp as it further showed just how ridiculous the level of power of Nature Integration existences was.

<But...that is that. We are here to observe if the weaving of Reality has set things in motion, so let's get to it.>

Her icy expression changed after these words.

Her Tri-Pupiled eyes shone with power and authority as she turned her eyes to the left of Noah, seemingly gazing past the thickets and Groves of stellar trees and peering past all of them to arrive at the periphery of Insula Avallonis.

Atop the Cloud Dragon that two Dimensional Rulers sat atop of surrounded by Suzerains!


A vast distance was bypassed as around Morgana, a surge of stellar spatial light instantly erupted around her.

It was filled with shocking power and authority of a Nature Integration expert as Morgana herself could choose to defend against it, but when she and Arthus gazed at the illusory screen that showed the blooming scenes atop the Lake, they could see the Tri-Pupiled eyes of Guinevere gazing at the very center of the screen towards them as if she could see their every move!

And at this moment, her eyes were locked onto Morgana as they spoke volumes.

They seemed to say...

I dare you to resist.

It was the expression of many words and emotions in a single gaze as Morgana only felt rising incredulity as she bit her lips while the hand holding her staff trembled, not resisting in the least as her figure disappeared in a burst of spatial light! ƒ𝑟e𝗲𝘄𝙚𝚋no𝙫𝒆l.𝒄𝘰𝑚



The illusory screen showing the unfolding events above the lake shattered and also faded as Lancelot and the guarding Suzerains gazed forward in a stupor, while Dimensional Ruler Arthus nearly rose from his makeshift throne.

This sequence of events was truly too unfathomable.

Even someone as powerful as Dimensional Ruler Arthus was unsettled as millions of thoughts crossed his mind!

Was this really happening?

With the sequence of events playing out as they did, they only seemed to be pointing towards one direction.

Would...the Sword of Avalon truly be pulled today?!

Dimensional Ruler Arthus maintained his placid expression as he didn't try to gaze at what was happening after seeing the intentions of the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast.

His eyes only flashed with pristine purple light as he calculated.

Atop the Lake, spatial light flashed as from it, the shocked figure of Morgana appeared.

Noah could only watch and calculate how the events would progress from here on out as after the spatial light faded, the astounding visage of Guinevere floated away from and came right before Morgana.

Two existences at the level of Dimensional Rulers or even more unique and special than such a level for one of them came face to face!

The eyes of the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast were just as cold as she spoke out.

<Why did you harm those you swore to protect?>


The actions of the Enchantress to cause a frenzy in the Avallonis Beasts in order to hinder Noah were seen by Guinevere as she now demanded an answer!

An answer that only caused the emotions of disbelief and unwillingness of this unfolding situation to rise within Morgana as it seemed events were progressing in the direction she did not wish to see.

She gripped her staff tightly as the Essence of Avalon surged, her voice coming out slowly.

"I didn't harm them, I merely affected their state of mind somewha-"



Noah hadn't even seen it, but he heard the sound of a slap as Morgana's figure flew a few meters soon after!

A slap!

A Dimensional Ruler...shockingly slapped as her figure was even flung backwards and splashed on the pristine waters of the radiant lake!


Immense silence descended in the surroundings.

Noah's eyes carried surprise at this unfolding scene while Morgana's head rose up, her hand grasping her cheek as she gazed towards Guinevere with incredulity!

Her visage was drenched in the mystical water as her curves became even more visible, with immense hurt and pain being present in her eyes as she held her cheek while staring at Guinevere who floated towards her again.

Like a little sister who felt betrayed and hurt by an older sister whom she looked up to a great deal!

She couldn't shake these emotions from her heart as Guinevere came beside her and put her fair right hand behind her head, pulling her up from her radiant and wet dark purple hair as she pointed her face towards the Sword in Stone.

The words of Guinevere were icy as they came once more.

<Due to your actions, I want you to closely watch what will happen next.>


A Dimensional Ruler was pulled up by her hair through the hands of a shocking Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast, the weaving of destiny reaching a crescendo as the Essence of Avalon spun wildly!!!