Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1992 Unfathomable Wonder! Lll

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Chapter 1992 Unfathomable Wonder! Lll

Magisterial radiance unfurled as the whole Insula Avallonis began to tremble.

The incandescent Sword within Noah's right hand had wondrously begun to rise!

But this was all.

It only began to rise as a part of its blade filled with runic inscriptions became visible, but it felt like the force of a whole Dimension weighed it down from being pulled any further as if nothing changed, it would sink back down with a shocking pull!

It was at this juncture that the over 140 Grotto Panaceas around Noah's Main Body released a luminous light, everything about them surging into Noah.

From 49 Trillion Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos, tens of Trillions more bloomed in an instant as the number of singularities forming within Noah's Third Dimensional Layer...maddeningly jumped from 49 to 100 Trillion in an instant!

A ridiculous jump that passed the halfway point and instantly completed the Third Dimensional Layer!


Noah's main body began to tremble with grandeur as his Avalon Dimensional Body that felt like the sword it was pulling had the weight of the whole Dimension pulling it down...this weight began to rapidly reduce as he could finally continue pulling upwards- and he did so before the Latent Will of the Dimension itself could recognize him as an enemy.


The sequence of all these actions gave birth to the unfolding nexus event where after the completion of his Avalon Dimensional Reality and feeling the forceful budding of 25% Understanding in the Decretum of Avalon, Noah's right hand didn't stop coming up as in a single motion...he entirely pulled out the Sword from Stone!


The rapid motion caused the rising sword to point its tip towards the skies- a shockingly sharp tip that at this moment released blinding rays of light and grandeur!

But this wasn't all as similar to the past two Dimensions when Noah had reached the halfway point and subsequently completed the Dimensional Layers, the Avalon Dimension itself began to seethe with power and Essence as it felt its authority being encroached upon.

And similar to the Dream and Prana Dimension, it could instinctively feel the Dimensional Inimicus.

But unlike the previous Two was shockingly able to locate the Dimensional Inimicus extremely accurately as he...just happened to be grasping an item that granted immense authority over the Avalon Dimension at this same time!

As his Soul had met the prerequisites and was being branded ownership of this immense authority, the Latent Will of the Avalon Dimension was instantly able to connect the instinctive feeling of the Dimensional Inimicus to this being!


A pause occurred in the intention and will of the Avalon Dimension.

The one to obtain the authority of the Sword of Avalon that had been nurtured for the past Billions of years across many Ages of the Olden Era would be the one to protect it and its inhabitants.

This was the pre-requisite that was set long ago as the Sword of Avalon would not make a mistake!

This was to the extent that even Dimensional Rulers were denied as they didn't meet the set requirements.

So anyone who attained it was an ally and protector of the Avalon Dimension! And yet uniquely, the Latent Will of the Avalon Dimension was pointed to the same being as the Enemy of the Dimension!


The Latent Will was a rational and calculative concept as countless calculations were made.

A decision came to a moment later as the surging waves of Avalon in Insula Avallonis and across the Avalon Dimension began to rise even higher and with more prosperity!

The proclamation of the Dimensional Inimicus was not made as instead...

<The Sword of Avalon has designated its user.>


This message bloomed in the minds of all Dimensional Rulers of the Avalon Dimension as boundless waves of the essence of Avalon surged with prosperity and wonder across all regions!

For the first time since beginning his formation of Dimensional Layers, Noah was not labeled as an enemy!

At this moment, his figure stood above the Stone with the Sword of Avalon pointing to the skies, boundless stellar light surging and erupting around him as he swallowed it all into his body to flourish within his Origin.

But this wasn't all!

From the radiant and refulgent Sword of Avalon, its countless runic inscriptions on its blade lit up as apart from the already dazzling colors and raging waves of essence...the lit up runes surged as an encompassing beam of light instantly shot out and tore through the skies.

The cylindrical beam was unique as it pulled the countless wild waves of essence in the surroundings into it, all this essence and the decretum of Avalon surging into this cylindrical beam of light and transformed into a shockingly pure purple wave of plasmoid essence that returned back to the Sword...and flowed into the hand of its owner!


The Avalon Dimensional Chassis trembled and released blinding light the moment this unique essence flowed into him.

He then began to see astounding prompts.

<Your Understanding of the Decretum of Avalon has forcefully risen to 30%>

<Your Understanding of the Decretum of Avalon has forcefully risen to 35%>

<Your Understanding of the Decretum of Avalon has forcefully risen to 40%...>


His body and soul felt like he was undergoing a baptism as his Understanding of the Decretum of Avalon was propelled upwards in an unbelievable manner, with the percentages not even stopping!

And this happened concurrently with the boosts of completing the Third Dimensional Layer as Noah was experiencing fantastical changes all around!

The scene of him instantly pulling out the Sword of Avalon and pointing it to the skies as it now shone with the massive cylindrical beam of light was closely observed by the eyes of two Nature Integration existences, Morgana watching this scene blankly while Guinevere's eyes still retained their glacial coldness…but they were shining much brighter than before as her voice echoed out.

<The Sword of Avalon grants an encompassing authority over the Avalon Dimension and its inhabitants, granting its holder the titles of the Connate Avalonian Commander and Imperius Avallonis as wherever he points his sword, the forces of this Dimension would see them as the enemy.>


<It can command all the Avallonis Beasts on Insula Avallonis and influence all other Avalonians, but even this authority cannot force the wills of all others nor mindlessly take away their choices. When the time comes that the holder of the Sword of Avalon beckons you to do something…what will you do, Morgana?>


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