Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1993 Lmperius Avallonis! L

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Chapter 1993 Lmperius Avallonis! L

The winds of destiny were not easily discernible.

Yet there were still existences with unfathomable power and wonder as they always had their ways.

At the distant corners of the Avalon Dimension, there was a stretch of domains that retained vibrant purple landscapes, but they were also interwoven with the crimson-black essence of Apollyon through the influence of a single being.

The visage of this being actually made itself visible right now as above these vast domains, the figure of titanic Demoness materialized!

It was an astoundingly exquisite form that would even draw the allure of Dimensional Rulers if they didn't use their authority to protect their hearts- the image of the Daughter of Hatred- Lilith!

<The Sword of Avalon was pulled so suddenly? Mmm…>

Demonic horns rose above her head as her red lips pursed, butterfly-like wings radiantly shining with crimson flames behind her while the Essence of the Decretum of Avalon surged towards her body intimately.

<Once it is free from the unbreakable authority of its Dimension and in the hands of a being…isn't it much easier to attain it? >

A devilish smile crossed her lips as she wondered whether to mobilize the Dimensional Rulers under her and divert more of her forces here.

<Well, there are also the little dogs I own here… Let's use them to see just who the owner of the Sword of Avalon is.>

With sharp eyes, she gazed towards the faraway regions of the Avalon Dimension that were part of the 12 Domains of Avalon, her devilish charm seemingly already covering some of them!

<...When the time comes that the holder of the Sword of Avalon beckons you to do something…what will you do, Morgana?>

A difficult question arose as Morgana was the first Dimensional Ruler to ponder it!

But she couldn't even do so much as ponder as she was currently staring in a daze at the scene of the man who had pulled the Sword from Stone.

It was an act of shocking significance as even in their surroundings, the Avallonis Beasts began to roar and howl as they began a welcoming ceremony of an existence that would hold a grand title!

The blazing cylindrical pillar of light shot upwards from Insula Avallonis as boundless Avalon Essence surged into it.

The holder of the Sword that released this blinding beam of light was being bathed in its pristine authority as his percentages of the Decretum of Avalon continued to rise!

<Your Understanding of the Decretum of Avalon has forcefully risen to 55%.>

<Your Understanding of the Decretum of Avalon has forcefully risen to 65%.>

<Your Understanding of the Decretum of Avalon has forcefully risen to 75%.>


Prompts of majesty and wonder!

Prompts that instantly propelled Noah's understanding of a Decretum to a ridiculous percentage while also granting him a 750% Augmentation to True Damage/Defense/Vitality Values.

And this was just beginning.

<You have obtained the recognition of an Absolute Connate Dimensional Relic- The Sword of Avalon.>

<You have obtained the titles of Connate Avalonian Commander and Imperius Avallonis.>

<Your Authority as an Emperor of this Age significantly increases!>

<Your Authority as an Emperor of this Age significantly increases!>

<The Sword of Avalon is harmonizing its authority with your soul and making itself visible to you.>

It was great that his soul strength was robust as bundles of information rained down one after another, the backbone of his Throne gaining multiple points of light as its outline seemed more and more like a glorious genuine throne!

As he held the Sword of Avalon, he could feel it buzzing as it branded itself onto his soul before he could gain a connection with it and see what capabilities it truly held.

As these changes were unfolding with the Avalon Dimensional Chassis, Noah's main body was bombarded with even more changes as prompts rained down.

<You have successfully completed the Third Dimensional Reality.>

<A version of Pure Undefined Authority has been isolated for your future use above the Avalon Dimensional Reality.>


A version of Pure Undefined Authority!

His Main Body had not been pulled into the unique space where he could see the scenes of 9 Anchors entrenched into the Desolate Mausoleum, and he instead had the capability to do this later by interacting with this Pure Undefined Authority.

Within the Avalon Dimensional Reality.

Idyllic islands were forming in the midst of vibrant stellar Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos, a floor of billowing purple essence below them that gave off the feel of astounding Royalty!

Yet above this all...a unique cluster of authority could be seen in the form of a radiant white bubble.

Immensely pristine in color and holding a heart-shaking authority, this white bubble of light remained suspended in the skies above everything as it waited for Noah.

He only gazed at this for now as countless thoughts crossed his mind, turning his gaze to the other prompts of information.

<Your Authority as an Emperor of this Age significantly increases.>

<Through your reign over the Avalon Dimension Reality, a level of influence can be exerted in the Avalon Dimension.>

<The Undefined Authority under you has increased.>

<Your Reserves of the Essence of Reality have been elevated to the Maximum of 800 Million.>

<Your Maximum True Vitality Values have risen to 850 Billion.>


The Numbers were dazzling to the eyes as even Noah couldn't help but exclaim!

The prompts of his Reserves and Maximum True Vitality Values always displayed the base as they didn't display the true value of these concepts when the Augmentation of Decrata and Natural Laws were in the picture.

Just for the True Vitality Values alone, there was the 750% Augmentation from the Decretum of Avalon that had reached 75% Understanding, then there was another 250% Augmentation from the Decreta of Dreams and another 250% from Prana!

Adding the 100% Augmentation from his understanding of the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics and the small percentages in Gravitation and Polarity…Noah's True Vitality Value wasn't the base displayed 850 Billion, but a true value of over 12 Trillion once all the Augmentations were brought into the picture.


This was power!

This was why Suzerains and Dimensional Rulers were so maddeningly powerful…the weakest among Dimensional Rulers might have already fully understood a Natural Law or Decretum or even multiple of them, while the strongest ones had unfathomable capabilities the Integration of any of these concepts compounded said Augmentations even more.

And Noah was beginning to step on this path as due to the Sword of Avalon, his highest understood concept became the Decretum of Avalon.

This opened up a pathway that his destiny had shed light on not too long ago when he obtained a Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Seed.

Could…he smoothly achieve a completely understood Decretum in this manner?!