Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1991 Unfathomable Wonder! Ll

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Chapter 1991 Unfathomable Wonder! Ll

To defend her home.

This was all that Morgana cared for and what she strove to do for billions of years.

She cared not for the purpose and crusade that were passed down to her from her predecessor about the Desolate Mausoleum. All she wanted was to protect the place she had known all her life and came to love!

One of the biggest things to allow one to do this was none other than the Sword of Avalon.

Since she first heard the legend of this Sword, she had aspirations for it.

Then she grew powerful enough to even trek across Insula Avallonis to try and pull this sword, but she was exposed to the terrifying reality of this sword never budging an inch!

To her, this was akin to being told she was not worthy.

So she redoubled her efforts.

She went to the war fronts and areas of most conflict as she pushed back against the forces of Primordials and Dimensional Hellion Rulers.

She did this for countless years until she even attained the title of a Dimensional Ruler!

The moment she did so, she had returned to Insula Avallonis again as she grasped the hilt of the Sword of Avalon and pulled.

And yet...the result was the same.

She tried to seek guidance and understanding from the protector of the Sword of Avalon, but she could remember the cold words of Guinevere even then.

<It is not a matter of being worthy. Worthier beings than you have tried and left unsuccessful. It is merely a matter of the weaving of destiny and reality.>


An answer that she had received before that made her angry!

"Destiny? Reality? I have great attainments in the Fundamental Natural Law of Providence as things like Destiny, Fortune, Karma, and Fate are at my fingertips!"

These were the words she had said to Guinevere back then.

She had only shaken her head and sunk back into the lake, Morgana spending the next thousand years sitting on the same serene waters of this lake as she stared at the Sword in Stone.

She memorized its radiant hilt and all the minute inscriptions on it, and she memorized the curvature and shape of even the stone it was bound to. So when the existence she looked up to struck her, she was hurt- but she accepted it because she was out of line for her actions.

Yet now, this same existence raised her head towards the Sword in Stone that she knew all too well, the unfathomable being who had traversed across Insula Avallonis coming close to it as she was forced to watch what would unfold next!

Due to this action, she was greatly hurt as based on the sequence of events, the foreboding feeling in her heart couldn't be shaken away!

What she dreamed of and strove to attain for years...would she really be forced to watch as someone else obtained it?

Her Dual Pupils trembled as with a heavy heart, she watched the powerful right hand of the devilishly handsome Emperor reach out towards the hilt of the Sword.

The pressure on her head stopped as her hair was released, Guinevere releasing her and giving her the choice to continue watching or not as at this juncture, she had to watch with all her attention even if she didn't want to!


Noah's heart was steady as he arrived before the Sword in Stone.

Clusters of plasmoid essence surged in this area as it would disintegrate quaker beings, yet it was nourishment for him as it surged into his body and caused him to enter the most optimal state- his hand going towards the hilt of the Sword right after!

It was a scene she had seen a few times when looking through Aids and Cheats.

He wouldn't have come here if he held no chance of succeeding...but there was a level of intricacy to it that would grant the best result.

A result that Noah wanted to manipulate to achieve an astonishing feat!


A symphony of glory and valor began to resound.

His hand came to grasp the hilt of an exquisite concept- an exquisite Relic that contained within it the authority of a Dimension.


The moment his hand came in contact, a luminous glass of light erupted out as Noah remained still!

He didn't exert any force or pull, and he merely grasped it.

Countless others had made this journey as they had all failed, so how was Noah different?

For one, he had a Dimensional Layer entirely born of Avalon Essence as through it, he had transformed a Clone into a Body that could exemplify this Dimension's power!

Noah's Avalon Dimensional Chassis was the representative of his Avalon Dimensional Reality as this was the crux of attaining the Sword of Avalon.

It wasn't so much that Noah was more worthy compared to the many others, it was simply...because he was the right fit.


His Avalon Dimensional Chassis complemented the Sword of Avalon as the crystalline stone it was currently sunk into was part of the Avalon Dimension.

And Noah's body...was also part of the Avalon Dimension in his Origin as the core difference between the two was nonexistent!

So when he pulled the would simply be akin to transferring where it was placed- just from one domain of the Avalon Dimension to another!

Or at least...this was what Noah believed.


His body released waves of resonance and harmony as what came hereafter was the most difficult part.

Even though his Origin replicated the Avalon Dimension, it was still not replicated fully as Noah stopped at 49 Trillion Kainos Royal Avalon Cosmos.

If he went above this, he would be labeled the enemy of this Dimension as grasping the Sword of Avalon might be an impossibility then!

If he wanted to fully pull out this Sword while not being labeled the Dimensional Inimicus of the Avalon Dimension, he would have to complete his Third Dimensional Layer instantly.

Countless thoughts and scenes crossed his mind as he was ready.

With his body resonating and buzzing with the Essence of Avalon, he felt the dormant and boundless waves of essence and authority in the Sword in his hand as he...gave a tug!