Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1998 Cleansing! II

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Chapter 1998 Cleansing! II

The Sword of Avalon shone with utmost luminescence as Noah raised it before anyone could even react.

Within this Sword, 100 Units of Absolute Avalon Authority were accumulated as Noah didn't know the correlation of these Units to the <Uses> of Absolute Dream Authority, but 10 such Units were utilized to designate nearby enemies of the Dimension!

The Sword of Avalon was raised as any direction it passed, the hearts of those facing it felt discernable palpitations.

? It smoothly passed over the figures of Morgana and Guinevere as it pointed towards the skies and came to a stop in the direction of a Dimensional Ruler!

A Nature Integration existence that gazed forward incredulously as it was the massive purple-furred Lion with a mane that was made up of regal purple flames.

It was the Heliotrope Lion Emperor!

"You are an enemy of this Dimension."


A point of light shone in the direction the Sword of Avalon was pointed in like the birth of a star, the illusory image of a massive purple blade descending from the skies and hanging over the figure of the Heliotrope Lion Emperor like a mark that would never leave!

At the same time, Absolute Avalon Authority surged maddeningly and with wrath as it mobilized the dense decretum of Avalon in the surroundings, the manifestations of purple shackles of Avalon surging from the surroundings and wrapping around the visage of this Nature Integration Realm existence as he was directly suppressed!

And during all this, the Imperius Avallonis continued as he pointed his sword to another two directions.

"And you….and you."

To a majestic Violaceous Reality Wolf whose very body burned with Seas of purple flames.

To a Magenta Abyss Sea Dragon whose scales glistened in the purple skies.

It was shockingly two more Dimensional Rulers!

Incredulously, the Sword of Avalon pointed to a total of three Dimensional Rulers!

Three Nature Integration Realm experts!

"You three had gone against the interests of Avalon and colluded with Rulers outside of this Dimension and have been marked as the Enemies of Avalon!"

Like a grand judge passing down a verdict, Noah spoke out while bringing the pointed Sword towards him, his hands still holding the hilt as this time- the sword was held pointing to the skies as it foretold combat!



Terrifying auras bloomed at this moment as the Dimensional Rulers finally reacted.

Arthus, Morgana, the Amethyst Phoenix, and the other Rulers of the 12 Domains of Avalon gazed on with utter incredulity at this progression of events as the designation of three Dimensional Rulers as Enemies of Avalon wasn't what surprised them the most.

It was the fact that at this moment, the Suzerain Avallonis Beasts blazed with a maddeningly battle aura as they glared fearlessly at these Enemies of Avalon, and the white dressed figure of the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast…transformed.

Guinevere transformed into her massive and radiant form of a Connate Avalonian Sacred Dragon Beast as from the skies, titanic and magisterial chains of manifested completed Natural Laws and the Decreta bloomed as a shockingly heavy and oppressive stance for battle was taken!

It meant the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast had listened to the words of the Imperius Avallonis as she was ready to attack the ones he had deemed as enemies!

<Vile! I have served the Avalon Dimension for billions of years, with all of you being my brothers and sisters…how can this unknown being yake on the Sword of Avalon and make such a verdict?!>

The Heliotrope Lion Emperor raged out with wrath while feeling the shocking level of suppression, with titanic illusions of chains of Natural Laws and Decreta also blooming in the skies above him as his voice seemed filled with hurt.

But before the Violaceous Reality Wolf and the Magenta Abyss Sea Dragon could even lay out their words, a piercing Dragon's Cry that drowned out everything resounded- the mesmerizing voice of Guinevere ringing out at such a juncture.

<The Sword of Avalon can discern the allegiances of Avalonians towards the Avalon Dimension. If the Imperius Avallonis has pointed it towards someone and designated them as an enemy, then they are an enemy.>


Her purple scales began to release a sea of flames as the shackles and tendrils of chains of Natural Laws and Decreta that she had integrated with entirely manifested above her head and moved at her will, surging towards the three designated enemies as she continued to speak!

<Follow the will of the Imperius Avallonis.>


These words were directed to the figure of Morgana who was now a point of light beside her Dragon's Claw.

They were directed at Dimensional Ruler Arthus and all the others as their expressions turned solemn at this moment, looking at the people who could be considered their friends, brothers, and sisters as soon after…their bodies blazed with power!

The figure of Enchantress Morgana gazed on with a daze as she couldn't take her eyes off the being that had done all this.

A man she could break with a pinch of her fingers.

Yet now, his majesty was so astounding that a single action from him had mobilized one of the strongest existences within the Avalon Dimension!

And he mobilized her and others against those they had known all their lives!

With his hands clasped around the Sword of Avalon that shone with an astounding authority, his eyes released beams of purple light as his deep voice echoed out.

"Heliotrope Lion Emperor, Magenta Abyss Sea Dragon, and Violaceous Reality Wolf…the three of you have colluded with the Daughter of Hatred and thrown your allegiance towards her to enact her reign on the Avalon Dimension. You…have failed your duties as Rulers and Protectors of the 12 Domains."


The Daughter of Hatred…

The moment Morgana heard these words, her Dual Pupils blazed with a sea of red.

They moved from the majesty of the Imperius Avallonis and to the three Dimensional Rulers whose Domains were actually the defensive lines against the Daughter of Hatred, where the forces of Apollyon and Avalon had been fighting in such domains for too many years!

If the words of this being and the will of Guinevere were to be followed- if this turn of events was actually true…


Essence crackled on Morgana's body as she grit her teeth.

Vortices appeared behind her as they formed into dazzling portals of light, terrifying Beasts hidden within as she was also another holder of the title of one of the strongest existences in the Avalon Dimension.

With a maddening aura leaking from her, she gazed at the Heliotrope Lion Emperor, Magenta Abyss Sea Dragon, and Violaceous Reality Wolf as she bellowed out with authority.

<Cooperate for now and do not fight back! We can prove your innocence so long as we can calm things down!>

She wanted to affirm the truth.

So she told her fellow Dimensional Rulers she had fought on the front lines with for years not to fight back.

The solemn and angry gazes of the three Dimensional Rulers became even darker after her words.

Their auras did not receed as instead, they blazed with even more power as they began to move back from the center of Insula Avallonis!

<Ah…> Morgana saw this scene as her heart ached, her eyes becoming filled with an unbelievable light of power as the vortices behind her spat out multiple Nature Integration Enchanted Beasts!