Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1999 You! I

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Chapter 1999 You! I

Insula Avallonis instantly turned into a field of battle that only the most powerful existences could move around in!

In the midst of all this, the one to spur everything gazed on calmly.

The weaving of time was unique around him as even though everything was moving in its own time, his own perception could be altered in a way that he could compute his thoughts and think for what seemed like days in the span of an instant!

At this moment, in the instant after Morgana erupted angrily and released multiple Nature Integration Enchanted Beasts, Noah's thoughts expanded this frame of time.

Especially so with the unique laws of his Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality with the 20,000:1 time ratio as Noah's main body took on this task of expanding an instant into a wide expanse of time!

He needed this expanse of time to make fundamental changes before events proceeded any further…that is if he wanted to make the greatest gains.


He only called out lightly.

He didn't ask her to explain her identity or who she was from the Dream Dimension.

He didn't ask her how exactly her soul had become bound and shackled into a type of Connate Dimensional Relic…he would allow her to do this whenever the time came as he only discussed with her like always.

"There lie many possibilities in the next few moments, and since the process has begun- let us expedite it."


His visage was surrounded by waves of fantastical light as the Essence of Decreta and Natural Laws flowed into him- branding themselves onto his very concepts as this was exactly what he expanded time to complete!

His thoughts were swift.

"Utilize Absolute Dream Authority to complete the changes into HERESY and DHARMA for the Edicts of the Resplendent Treasure Emperor, Dictum Emperor, Sanguine Emperor, Tyrannical Emperor, Antideluvian…"

A slew of concepts released from him as Lavalliere buzzed with activity!

<...these will take many Uses. They'll need some of the remaining Grotto Panaceas.>

"Take what you must."


Noah was decisive as the choice was made.

The number of resources he would need were simply astronomical from the Fourth Dimensional Layer and forward.

This was why his focus instantly locked onto the Resplendent Treasure Emperor that made Grotto Panaceas possible! If they could make such a wonder a reality, then it was this concept that would shed light and allow Noah to proceed with his Dimensional Layers.

It was this concept he needed to elevate the most before he began massacring Grotto Havens and possibly…just possibly Nature Integration Realm existences!

<Beginning with the Resplendent Treasure Emperor.>


Lavalliere ascertained Noah's wishes as she swallowed Loot in exchange for authority, her shackles loosening ever more as Absolute Dream Authority surged out in the form of Uses to achieve a reality-altering effect of hastening the slow process of turning a concept into the Tier of HERESY.

The focus was on the glorious Resplendent Treasure Emperor as this concept had gained the designation of The Decretum of Dreams.

All for the purpose of incorporating the wonders of making one's dreams into a reality!


Golden Essence burst open like a flood as Noah's already gold, green, and purple colored stellar visage became even more vibrant.

Prompts of wonder followed soon after.

<The Resplendent Treasure Emperor has broken past great limitations and achieved HERESY. Entering the stage of HERESY with a highly compatible Decretum of Dreams has caused the standing of this concept to stand out even more, its abilities greatly enhanced as the boosts most pertinent will be displayed below.>


Noah closed his eyes to enjoy this feeling- tracing a concept branded onto his soul that had helped him get to where he was today as he gazed upon its changes!

<Absolute Looter has integrated Loot Multiplier and unlocked a multiplier of Absolute Loot Authority that far exceeds previous percentages of Increased Loot Quantity and Quality. This authority is closely intertwined with Dream essence as it works to turn your dreams into Reality, granting you the exact loot that you need from your enemies. Quality and quantity will flow in overabundance as a heretical path of loot opens. The greater the understanding of the branded Decretum of Dreams, the greater the Absolute Loot Authority. Current Absolute Loot Authority Value-10…>

<12 Chances to utilize Quintessential Treasure Cache have been fully replenished, with possible Loot coming in the form of Bloodlines, Techniques, Physique Refinement Modus Operandi, Skills, Relics, and even knowledge of the past Ages.>

<Randomized Loot Crates now contain guaranteed loot from normal Resplendent Treasure Caches that had been opened before by the Quintessential Kainos Emperor.>

<The VENERABLE Bloodline of the Haven Eclipsing Destiny Stone has been attained.>

A rush of prompts quickly cascaded down as Noah took in everything.

Out of all of it, the most renowned wonder was Absolute Loot Authority.

Capable of granting him the loot that he needed most!

With an unquantified elevation of Increased Loot Quantity and Quality, what he received from Ultima Strata LEGENDs would be vastly different from before! And what he would obtain from Suzerains…it should be enough to scale the ridiculous costs of his future Dimensional Layers!

<Continuing with the Dictum Emperor.>

Lavalliere spoke calmly as she continued her task, but a trace of hidden emotions could be felt within her voice as her will was also gazing upon the actions and field of battle Noah was currently in.

A field of battle that involved Nature Integration existences!

A field of battle that she would have been in…in the past.

He was navigating such a nexus event while calmly continuing to converse with her and planning ahead for many unknown possibilities!

This caused a string of thoughts to cross Lavalliere's mind as she utilized Absolute Dream Authority.

Were all those with Undefined Life Lines like this?

Was the designation of an Irregular…make this being before her capable of the same things as the Empyral Deceiver?!

A passing thought.

A mere thought among many as after Noah attained what he wished for and observed Lavalliere finishing the elevation to DHARMA or HERESY for the rest of the Edicts, his expanded time within an instant came to an end.fr𝙚ℯ𝓌e𝚋𝙣𝘰vℯl.𝐜𝚘m

The motions of Insula Avallonis flowed on as three Dimensional Rulers were seen retreating, chains of integrated Natural Laws and Decreta erupting all around as a distinct light of purple that wasn't Avalon shot out from the majestic visage of Guinevere.

It was the fully integrated Natural Law of Gravitation as at this moment, a terrifying attractive force surged out to such everything back where it was!

A force that would no doubt cut off any chances of escape for the Three Dimensional Rulers as it seemed to hang over them like an unshakable force!

That is…until something rather drastic occurred.

Until a new factor was put into play!