Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1997 Cleansing! I

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Chapter 1997 Cleansing! I

"Against such creatures…I know how to face them, and how to kill them."


His image was unshakable as he was ingrained in the minds of all beings here.

He spoke such shocking words while his hands clasped the hilt of the Sword of Avalon, his body that was wrapped up in an Emperor's purple flaming robe shone with even more magnificence.

Above his head, his True display of authority of his crown and framework of a throne was hidden as multiple purple flaming crowns flickered in and out of Existence, his hair alone seeming like tendrils of pure Avalon Essence as his visage was magnetized to gaze at!

It was his Tri-Pupiled eyes that completed and drew the gazes of all beings here as after speaking such a statement, he once more went in another direction entirely.

"But before all that, we have to take care of some things here first."


The Sword of Avalon let out a deafening cry.

Noah's words came one after another as he didn't even give a chance for others to speak, the powerful Nature Integration experts not even having the moment to display their power or prowess as Noah used the eye-catching authority of the Sword of Avalon to keep the authorities of all others at bay!

At this juncture, his gaze turned towards Guinevere who stood calmly.

Her purple hair with streaks of light glistened with light while she was adorned in her pure white dress, the wings of purple essence of Avalon vibrating behind her giving her a distinct Halo of light that screamed of sacredness!

Towards such a being, Noah asked a question.

"To the one who has protected the Insula Avallonis this whole time…I ask you, what if the holder of the Sword of Avalon points his sword towards a target and marks them as an enemy?"


A dazzling question with shocking implications.

And yet the answer came without a pause as the eyes of Guinevere retained their glacial coldness.

<Any target the Imperius Avallonis identifies as an enemy shall become the Enemy of the Avalon Dimension. I will be the first to move against such an enemy.>


The capability to command the Avallonis Beasts…and even the unique existence that was the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast to an extent!

Hearing the reply, Noah's face adopted a dazzling smile that held a hint of a chill and devilishness!

"Good…then, before I can aim my sword at the enemies outside of Avalon, I must aim at those among us as there are a few rats in our midst."



Essence crackled and froze soon after the raging wills and power of Dimensional Rulers rose.𝑓𝔯𝘦e𝘸e𝘣𝘯𝘰ѵe𝘭.c૦𝓶

The fluid rivers of essence in the skies above the lake and even the lake water itself froze as a terrifying atmosphere descended!


In the middle of such an atmosphere, the angry voice of one Dimensional Ruler rose.

It was Morgana.

"Enemies in our midst? The only ones here are the Dimensional Rulers of the 12 Domains of Avalon and their followers…could your words possibly be directed to any of them? Beings that have been protecting the Domains of Avalon for billions of years? The same Domains that you just now stepped into? What gives you the right!"

She had protected these lands all her life as all others were the same! Even if one were to put the worthiness of this being before her out of the question, how could he say any one of them were traitors?

"What gives me the right?"


Brilliant waves of authority bloomed from the Sword of Avalon as Noah's gaze turned stern and commanding.

Even though she was much stronger in power, Morgana found herself unconsciously not being able to walk any further as the aura of Absolute Avalon Authority began to shine on the Sword of Avalon!

With a stern gaze, Noah pulled the Sword out of Stone once more as he spoke domineeringly.

"This Sword gives me the damn right."


The Sword of Avalon rose, as it shockingly began to point towards a direction.

A direction that would mean this Sword had designated a target that would become the enemy of the whole Dimension!


Things changed so rapidly and quickly that the expressions of all Dimensional Rulers changed and became solemn.

They became solemn as even though this being before them had not reached their power, they could see pure Avalon Essence surging from the surroundings and flowing into the Sword, transforming into Absolute Avalon Authority only beings like them could freely utilize!

And it gathered such Authority in large concentrations as the holder of the Sword of Avalon spoke powerfully.

"Heed my first Imperius Command."

Imperius Command.

A single feature of the Sword of Avalon, and yet its grandeur was mighty.

<Imperius Command>:: A command that can designate an enemy of Avalon. It is a command that has to be followed by all Avallonis Beasts, and to some extent- Guinevere. If the designated Inimicus is in the Avalon Dimension, they shall face the direct suppression of the Decretum of Avalon as a fourth of their strength is suppressed. If the designated Inimicus is an Avalonian who has betrayed their Dimension, their strength will face a suppression of more than half as their mastery of the Decretum of Avalon begins to decline over time. All Avalonians who heed this command and follow the will of the Imperius Avallonis will gain the recognition of Avalon as their power will be augmented by 50%, their Understanding of the essence of Avalon experiencing a brief increase until the designated enemy has perished. If there are multiple enemies nearby, a single cast of this ability is enough to designate all of them. To cast this ability, 10 Units of the Avalon Absolute Authority, 1 Billion Units of the Essence of Avalon, and 500 Million Units of the Essence of Reality are required.

"There exist among us traitors that harbor ill intent towards the very Avalon Dimension. When this sword points to them…they shall be deemed as enemies and marked for death!"