Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2000 You! II

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Chapter 2000 You! II

The changes first occurred on the Heliotrope Lion Emperor as while clamped down by the terrifying power of Guinevere and multiple Nature Integration Realm experts coming on all sides, they had to make drastic moves.

So his body was the first to leak out a crimson light of destruction as the Essence of Apollyon erupted out to destroy everything.

But this wasn't all…the pristinely purple body of the Heliotrope Lion Emperor began to surge with crimson fur as he underwent a ritual that had been proposed to him a long time ago!

A ritual…that granted authority and paved open a pathway for a single existence.

A ritual that after the Heliotrope Lion Emperor, the Magenta Abyss Sea Dragon and the Violaceous Reality Wolf carried out soon after while gritting their jaws as an essence of Cataclysm and brutality spread out its Absolute Authority!

And with it…came a laugh.

<Haha, unbelievable…You!>

A piercing and mesmerizing laugh that would entice any bring echoed out.

The gazes of many changed, including Noah's eyes flashing with light as while he expected an interruption, he didn't expect to see the blooming point of light that showed the visage of a woman he would never forget!

In the skies behind the three traitorous Dimensional Rulers, a fantastical amalgamation of Absolute Apollyon and Avalon Authority gathered and bloomed into the form of a terrifying and curvaceous demoness.𝒇𝑟𝗲𝐞w𝐞𝑏𝚗𝑜vℯ𝑙.com

Her devilish horns rose through the skies as her butterfly-like wings held an enticing light that even Suzerains could be lost in, these unique wings having inscriptions of demonic eyes that caused the surroundings to fluctuate!

A tight crimson battledress wrapped around her titanic humanoid demonic figure as it was more massive than even the form of the expanded Guinevere.

Her body reeked and clashed with authority and power as the moment Guinevere's attractive force of Gravitational light was about to wrap everything, an oppressive Law of destruction and chaos bloomed out to erase everything!

Its essence was deadly and yet beautiful as Noah's eyes quickly identified it.

The Fundamental Natural Law of Entropy.

The law carrying everything towards a hastening Cataclysm!

But as Noah focused his eyes on this essence and the figure that emanated it, she also focused her eyes on him as even in such a situation, a devilish smile could be seen on her face as if the cards she had hidden for Millions of years had not just been revealed.

The Daughter of Hatred actually seemed most excited as she tugged on the figures of the three traitorous Dimensional Rulers while locking her predator-like eyes on none other than Noah.

<My gosh…it really is you. How the hell did you jump from a Grotto Sanctum with laughable power to now wielding the Sword of Avalon in mere days? Just…how enticing are you going to be?!>


Her devilish eyes shine with power and malice as even in her speech, she accomplished many things as she secured her forces.

Guinevere did not pursue as her glorious scaly visage came to circle behind Noah, her power covering the surrounding area as her glacial eyes turned even colder!


One of the few Dimensional Hellion Rulers across Dimensions.

One of the existences who had mastered the most Decreta and Natural Laws of Reality!

She was devilishly powerful as this power had kept her influence active in the Avalon Dimension all these years!

A move of her hands could cause many things as Guinevere moved to secure the still weak Imperius Avallonis that she showed great interest in.

Noah's gaze was sharp as he saw whatever the three Avalonian Dimensional Rulers beside Lilith were doing, it was greatly elevating her authority as she seemed to be eating up theirs and adding it to herself!

So he took a page out of her own book and simply acted.

Against an existence feared across Dimensions, he raised the Sword of Avalon and pointed towards her.

<Imperius Command.>


Within the Sword of Avalon, the regenerated 10 Units of Absolute Avalon Authority were burned yet again along with millions of Units of the Essence of Reality and Avalon Essence!

"The mastermind of the Enemies of Avalon is even more of an enemy."

His voice was deep and carrying powerful weight as it resounded out, the illusory image of a purple Sword appearing above Lilith as she was marked as well!

Tendrils and chains of Avalon surged from the surroundings and churned towards her as her smiling expression faded.

Utter calmness and coldness pervaded within them as she shockingly didn't push away the coming chains, allowing them to come close as she used her fair fingers to even caress the oppressive chains that should be reducing her battle prowess!

Her cold expression matched if not exceeded Guinevere in the inhumane beauty as she uttered out serenely.

<I'm hurt by such a cold reception when the last time we met…you took my Heart of Destiny.>


Incomprehensible and shocking words for the Avalonian Dimensional Rulers to hear emanated from her as Guinevere's eyes flashed powerfully, Morgana's enraged figure surrounded by powerful Nature Integration Enchanted Beasts gazed between Lilith and Noah coldly!

Hearing about the Heart of Destiny, the Avalonian Dimensional Rulers couldn't help but gaze at Noah with more attention as the Sword within his hands continued to release a vibrant luster, the Dimensional Deceiver only causing changes of emotions in others as he remained the same.

He had not wanted to catch her attention before, but now…

<Hmm…> Lilith's piercing eyes seemingly saw his combative and unyielding gaze as the tendrils and chains of oppressive might from <Imperius Command> twirled in her fingers, her body releasing a glimmer of light as she instantly crushed the chains in her hands and those wrapping around her!

At the same time, the purple skies behind her wings split open as a massive rift formed, hellish pillars of Magma filled with light shooting to the skies as they displayed none other than the Apollyon Dimension!

Faced with the newly risen Sword of Avalon and all of the Dimensional Rulers of this Dimension, the Daughter of Hatred chose to retreat at this juncture as she didn't have her true body here.

Her eyes were sharp and piercing as she pulled upon the three Traitorous Dimensional Rulers, her mesmerizing words ringing out as she dug out memories of many dead Primordials.

<Alexander King…was it? Come to me when you have the time. Our aims might not differ as we may even be seeking the same thing.>

An enticing power was laced within her words as Guinevere's figure shone even brighter behind Noah, the Daughter of Hatred seeking to make a grand exit just as she had entered!

But…the Imperius Avallonis would not let things unfold and end just like that.

Loot could not escape by his hands so easily when he had just elevated the Resplendent Treasure Emperor to HERESY!

He knew he may not be able to touch Lilith, but the Traitorous Dimensional Rulers trying to leave with her…they had to stay.

"I…never said you could leave."


Tyranny and majesty overflowed from his figure as he spoke in such a way while surrounded by extremely powerful existences!

The Sword of Avalon released a blinding light.

Another ability from it was called upon as the whole Insula Avallonis began to tremble!