Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2001 At Least One! I

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Chapter 2001 At Least One! I

The Sword of Avalon was a stupendous treasure that even Nature Integration experts could not wield for all this time.

Its base capabilities and boosts were maddening enough, but its features were even more so!

To prevent the Daughter of Hatred from making a quick return to the Apollyon Dimension, Noah called out powerfully.

"Valor of Avalon."


The Sword of Avalon released a blinding light that bathed over Guinevere, Morgana…all the Avalonians around Noah!

The Valor of Avalon.

It was an apt name for a terrifying skill that would express the valor of the beings of this Dimension!

<Valor of Avalon>: The progeny of Avalon were the subject of protection during the conception of the Sword of Avalon. This ability activates the Bloodline of all nearby Avalonians apart from the Imperius Avallonis to accept the source of the Sword of Avalon and burn with wisps of Absolute Avalon Authority constantly for the next hour, entering a state of Valor Empowerment that boosts their Essence Reserves, True Vitality Values, True Damage Values, and True Defense Values by 1,000%. Their usage of the Decretum of Avalon also becomes extremely efficient as all abilities cast with the inclusion of its essence will have their required resource halved. Lastly, all those blessed by the Valor of Avalon receive the reality-altering effects of [Unyielding Valor] that triggers the moment their True Vitality Values drop below 30%, instantly replenishing their True Vitality Values by 200%. To cast this ability, 50 Units of the Avalon Absolute Authority, 10 Billion Units of the Essence of Avalon, and 1 Billion Units of the Essence of Reality are required. The cool down before the ability can be utilized again is 1 day…

An ability that truly showed the Sword of Avalon was meant for Avalonians!

An ability that by all means was not directed towards Noah.

It even specified so, as Noah would truly love to have the boosts brought forth by such a ridiculous feature- but it was meant to be a buff from the Sword of Avalon to all Avalonians but its holder! This seemed to be a sense of sacrifice to make such ridiculous reality-altering effects possible, as <Valor of Avalon> effectively granted the percentage boosts of basically a Fundamental Natural Law or Decretum of a Dimension!

It then greatly strengthened Avalonians to a maddening extent as when cast and Noah paid the ridiculous resource costs…𝐟rℯℯ𝘄𝑒𝒃𝓷𝒐𝘃e𝒍.c𝘰m

Grandeur bloomed in the skies as the Sword of Avalon expanded with an illusory light that seemingly scattered and shot into the figures of every single Avalonian nearby.

Into the majestic visage of Guinevere whose will wrapped around Noah while she tried to understand him subtly, her voice echoing out in his mind.

<For you to utilize this now, what is it that you seek? Us fighting the Daughter of Hatred to death would mean great losses as our main enemies would only benefit.>

The Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast was feeling a ridiculous surge of her power as she asked serenely.

Bathed on a magisterial purple light, Noah felt his nearly empty reserves of the Essence of Reality that were rapidly regenerating as he breathed in the air of the terrifying authority he wielded and replied.

"At least one."


"I need at least one traitor left behind and contained, and alive at that."


His intention was made clear as the glacial Tri-Pupiled eyes of this Connate Avalonian Sacred Dragon Beast flashed, and with the boost of Valor of Avalon- she surged towards Lilith who was continuing to pull the Traitorous Dimensional Rulers away with her eyes changing ever so subtly!

On the side, Morgana also felt the surge of strength and empowerment on her and her Enchanted Nature Integration Beasts as she gazed towards Noah's figure with frustration, shaking her head soon after as her Beasts moved forward!

The means of fighting for Nature Integration experts could barely be discerned and understood by those at the lower level.

This was because in the skies, there were constantly surging tendrils and chains of completely understood Decrata and Natural Laws surging and fighting for supremacy to carve out the Domains of these experts that they controlled.

Those lesser in power…might not even be able to perceive the tendrils of Absolute Authorities as they might just think it was the skies pressing down!

At this moment, after attaining such a ridiculous boost…Guinevere was at the forefront as she managed to intrude into the domain of Absolute Authorities that Lilith had set out.

This wasn't even the main body of the Daughter of Hatred as or couldn't display her full power- so being able to hold her down would not be an impossible task for the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast!

While she did this…

<Morgana, swarm and cut off all routes of retreat of at least one of the Traitorous Dimensional Rulers.>

Her voice entered Morgana's mind as the Enchantress moved without delay.

She gazed at the Traitorous Dimensional Rulers that were also fighting and holding back Dimensional Ruler Arthus and others as she locked onto a particular one.

Her eyes burned with anger as she could have chosen any of the three to have her Nature Integration Enchanted Beasts swarm, but she focused on one in particular.

<Stay the fuck behind.>

Towards traitors, she had no sympathy.

Towards one of them- towards the Heliotrope Lion Emperor…she said fuck you in particular!

So she moved while not knowing it was directly the command of the Imperius Avallonis!


At the same time, the skies of the Insula Avallonis lit up brightly as above it, the astounding illusory visage of a Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast flashed as it seemed to be constructed by multiple Natural Laws and Decreta!

It was titanic and terrifying in size as it seemed even larger than the whole vast stretches of Insula Avallonis.

It gazed at everything with coldness and apathy as it opened its jaws, beginning to release a sea of tendrils of Absolute Authorities that seemed capable of swallowing everything.

It was a terrifying ultimate move that caused the Daughter of Hatred to smack her lips in dissatisfaction, a massive figure of a Demoness also beginning to rise from the earth of the Insula Avallonis as a deafening explosion resounded soon after!