Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2002 At Least One! II

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Chapter 2002 At Least One! II

The souls of even Suzerains felt pained and hurt by the pressure and prowess of Nature Integration existences, their clashes affecting the very structure of Reality as none even knew what the results of the clash were until the blinding light dispersed.


A draconic roar rang out as Gravitation erupted to instantly wipe everything away, the scene becoming clear as the figure of the Daughter of Hatred could be seem thrown further into the rift leading to Apollyon, her mighty Will only being able to control her Absolute Authorities to wrap around and bring two Traitorous Dimensional Rulers with her deeper into the Rift!

For one Traitorous Dimensional Ruler, for the Heliotrope Lion Emperor…his visage was roaring out while surrounded by 8 Nature Integration Realm Enchanted Beasts as the region he was in was pristinely purple.

It was still in the Avalon Dimension as with the Daughter of Hatred being pushed back by the authority of Guinevere…he would not be able to leave!


And Dimensional Ruler Arthus and the others appeared as they came to stand in a line before the rift to the Apollyon Dimension and the decimated Groves and thickets of stellar trees of Insula Avallonis behind them, further isolating the Heliotrope Lion Emperor as all their domains would have to be bypassed to reach him!


The gaze of Lilith was cold at this as her enchanting demonic figure swayed with magnetizing radiance.

A rift separated the two forces as they stared at each other from two different Dimensions!

The one to cause all this gazed at the scene with calmness as he saw the roaring Heliotrope Lion Emperor enclosed on all sides and bound down by Natural Laws and Decreta, but he didn't make a move.

Even if he did, it wouldn't matter!

There was a reason why he asked Guinevere to keep behind at least one Nature Integration Traitorous Dimensional Ruler in the midst of all this.

One…could not kill a Nature Integration expert without having achieved 100% in at least a Natural Law or Decretum.

Such beings were that pristine.

So even if they were heavily injured, an elevated authority wrapped around their Aspects of Existence that were integrated with the fabric of Reality as to bypass them and grant such beings true death, the prerequisite was at least 100% Understanding in a Natural Law or Decretum of a Dimension!

<You've taken something from me yet again.>


On the other side of the Rift, the Daughter of Hatred spoke out calmly as her voice carried enticing waves that Guinevere rebuffed once more, her glacial eyes Cole as they never once left Lilith's figure.

Uniquely, Lilith only paid attention to her with her will as her eyes were mainly focused on Noah!

Noah who at this moment brought the Sword of Avalon upwards and swung diagonally while staring at the figures of Lilith and two maddened Traitorous Dimensional Rulers already within the lands of the Apollyon Dimension.

"Now…you are allowed to leave."


The incandescent purple Sword of Avalon swung diagonally with majesty.

Its authority over the Decretum of Avalon was just enough that towards the Rift that was already closing through Lilith's intention- it was able to hasten this process and cause the rift to fade away even faster until only a thin slit remained!

Every move of his carried majesty as at such a juncture, the Avallonis Beasts around Insula Avallonis couldn't help but roar and cry out!

"Imperius Avallonis!"


The Emperor of Avalon!

Reverberations of authority and wonder surged out with fervor atop an incandescent idyllic landmass.

Below it, waterfalls of purple essence became even more radiant as brilliance began to emanate from this location while spreading out far and wide!

The visage of Lilith watched the closing rift as at the end, her eyes locked onto the resplendent Tri-Pupils of the Irregular she did not reveal the identity of.

After all, this was something for her to play with.


Beside her, the Violaceous Reality Wolf bellowed out wrathfully as they had faced a tremendous setback this time around.

They had lost their Domains and millions of years of planning…all because a single being had appeared, pulled the Sword from Stone, and carried out such drastic acts!

Lilith smiled as she tuned out the curses and bellows of the two Dimensional Rulers near her as she thought about the Irregular.

This was the second time she had met him.

And she had once more faced a loss this time as well.

She…was not used to such a feeling!

She had only experienced this sensation when facing another man a long time ago.

A man that had long been forced out of the Desolate Mausoleum as Lilith expected to come across him again when she achieved her own goals.

Her enchanting smile became even more radiant as she never expected an existence like him to appear and shine with such brilliance!

<And is he like him…or capable of exceeding him?>

She voiced out loud as the two wrathful Traitorous Dimensional Rulers turned towards her at this moment.

Their hearts were full of anger, but they weren't clouded enough to direct any of this towards the Daughter of Hatred as the Magenta Abyss Sea Dragon contained its fumes of anger and asked lightly.

<What now?>


As if in a broken trance, Lilith raised her eyes and gazed at the two Traitorous Dimensional Rulers apathetically.

After losing their standing and positions in the Avalon Dimension, their worth had gone down a lot in her eyes as they could only fill the gaps of the Nature Integration Realm existences she controlled beneath her now!

So she voiced coldly and with authority for them to understand their new dynamic.

<You two shall be deployed to the Niflheim Dimension to tip the scales of power and grant my body there full ownership of that Anchor. Be mindful of any movements of the Abominations released by Primordials.>


Her eyes gazed upon things too far away for others to even comprehend, moving powerful existences as if they were mere pieces atop a chess board as her thoughts were too abstruse to even understand!