Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2003 Those With Power I

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Chapter 2003 Those With Power I

In a domain within the Apollyon Dimension.

The visage of the mesmerizing Lilith floated grandly as the Magenta Abyss Sea Dragon and the Violaceous Reality Wolf stood before her, the grandeur of these Nature Integration existences being nothing before her as she spoke out while a crimson gateway formed before her.

<Go through and be ready to set off. I don't want any more setbacks after this.>

She let her will be known as the two Nature Integration existences nodded with cold eyes, their figures turning into streaks of light and disappearing into the crimson gateway as they would soon join the ranks of Lilith's forces in the Niflheim Dimension.

As the plans of one dimension faded, she would turn the loss into attaining victory for another Dimension entirely!

This was how the Dimensional Deceiver moved as after all this, she remained floating in the skies with a thoughtful expression.

Her demonic eyes were serene and filled with power as they gazed at the expanse of crimson around her as she spoke out.

<It seems like I must pay them a visit. The eggshells we have been walking on seem to slowly be crumbling down…>

She spoke with a hint of mystery and amusement as her fair crimson-tainted hands pointed to the skies, a radiant mirror shard a tenth her size appearing before her while her own body began to vibrate with the Essence of Natural Laws.

Waves of these essences surged as they actually amalgamated to form a thin outline of a figure that mimicked Lilith- this figure coming to stand before the Mirror share as a unique authority was activated!


Spatial Noland mirror essence fluctuated as it covered the Clone of Lilith- a Clone that was not even a wisp of a soul.

It was a mere fragment of thought built by the Essence of Natural Laws of Reality as it held no power whatsoever, and it could be eradicated with even a simple tap of one's finger!

This Fragment of a Thought flashed as it was covered by a unique spatial mirror-like light from the large mirror fragment before Lilith as within a few seconds, it disappeared.

Across the boundaries of space and time.

Within the Main Reality of the Desolate Mausoleum.

Inside a constantly changing stellar space filled with rivers of the Essence of Natural Laws and Decretum of Dimensions, a Heart could be seen releasing a radiant light while atop a grandiose pedestal that was surrounded by 12 majestic flaming thrones!

At this moment, one of the thrones shone brighter as before it, a large mirror shard appeared as it was flashing with a constant silver light.

? This scene was observed by the many powerful wills on the 12 thrones as a sultry voice stemmed from one of them soon after.

"She seems to have caught on quickly, let's see what she has to say."

The voice wasn't laced with authority as these beings didn't need to do this before each other, an agreement passing through all of them as the stellar scenery around them instantly changed.

The Heart and Pedestal faded as the light around the thrones blazed even higher, seeming like radiant suns as they caused the black stellar space to instantly fade and for everything to turn white!

At such a juncture, essence flowed into the flashing mirror shard as it reflected out a dazzling image.

It was none other than the visage of a beautiful demoness who could topple empires and entire Lineages as the Fragment of Thought that made Lilith actually appeared before the wills of the Tribunal!

A Dimensional Hellion Ruler…and the Tribunal!

Lilith's visage was tantalizing as her Fragment of Thought turned and gazed at all 12 blazing thrones, eventually coming to a stop on one in particular as a laugh actually came from this throne- and this time it was filled with authority.

<You identified the position of my will yet again, O Dimensional Deceiver.>

The voice was laid back as a devilish smile bloomed on Lilith's face while she replied.

<I have good eyes for this, Little Althea. Eyes that have also allowed me to see that you all are breaking your end of the bargain. A Dimensional Inimicus rising from the Desolate Mausoleum? You sending your forces- nay…your Abominations to the Dream Dimension…all of this is exceeding the bargain we made all those years ago.>


Her voice seemed to contain anger and ridicule as she even placed the word <Little> before the name of a Nature Integration Realm member of the Tribunal!

And it was one of the more powerful members at that as the one known as Althea replied back with the same anger and coldness.

<We are breaking our end of the bargain? Who was it that tried to eradicate a portion of our Geniuses in a Grotto Sanctum? And the few forces we stationed in the 9 Anchors all of a sudden faced attacks on all sides…I would be a fool not to suspect you to be behind this.>


The figures of those within the thrones couldn't be seen, but one could almost feel the sharp eyes of Althea as she said these words!

The devilish smile on Lilith became even wider as she thought of her movements recently.

She had spurned the forces under the Heliotrope Lion Emperor, Magenta Abyss Sea Dragon, and the Violaceous Reality Wolf to nearly eradicate all Primordial Strongholds in the Avalon Dimension, and she was doing the same in the Niflheim Dimension and all others as the Hearts of Karma and Fortune had given her an indication of a coming change- causing her to move just a little bit faster!

Of course, none of this had to be said as her devilish smile still contained a sense of anger while she replied.

<With my power, do you really think your Geniuses would have escaped alive if I didn't let them? Do you really believe the story that a youngling from your side was actually able to eradicate even a single minor will of mine? I kept up the facade and acted defeated while letting all of them leave…so do not use this as the reason for you breaking promises once more!>