Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2004 Those With Power II

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Chapter 2004 Those With Power II

<Your Primordials are particularly good at not keeping your words…just like your founder.>


Lilith's Fragment of Thought moved from the Mirror fragment as she floated towards the blazing throne of Althea in this stellar white space.

<Years ago, I approached you as we came to an agreement that in this Age…my forces would not come to clash with you all on the fight for the True Throne as your forces would not delve too deep into the Dimensions, while I wouldn't spur my forces to raze down your Realities. So…what are these Abominations you are releasing now? What has caused you all to grow so bold at this point in time?>


Shocking truths mixed with lies were released as they fantastically shed some light on the true workings of Reality that those with power had forged in the past Age!

As the Age of Destiny ended along with the Olden Era, the Primordials had actually come to an agreement with one of the most powerful Rulers of the 9 Anchors as this had ushered in an Era of relative peace!

With the string restrictions of the 9 Dimensions, no high costs were paid to have their forces enter a prolonged war with the Infinite Realities. And even with their victory in the last Age, the Primordials only attained Strongholds in the 9 Dimension as they didn't venture too deep in.

Their Lineages even mixed as existences like Katelyn and Lancelot rose!

Now, during the ushering of the Age of Quintessence, things were rapidly changing as allegiances and agreements made a long time ago were falling apart.

The Fragment of Thought of Lilith gazed calmly at the blazing throne before her as she continued slowly.

<Is it your Master? Did he send these Abominations to you and granted you all so much more courage? His schemes for these lands are still not done even when he is so far away?>


The blank space had been silent with the voice of Lilith echoing out as at this moment, this changed.

<I tire of this.>


A deep and collected voice.

A voice full of power and reality that stemmed from another throne.

<It does not seem like you can provide us with anything crucial anymore, so there is no need for any pretenses. This will be the last you will even be able to communicate with us.>

The voice boomed out with great authority as tendrils of Manadynamics and Entropy surged vibrantly with it!

Lilith instantly placed who it stemmed from as her smile became even more devilish.

<The Eminent Mastermind, Noah…even a boorish fellow like you is still acting like a dog? Do you not have your own aspirations? Do you wish to attain the Seat of the True Emperor yourself? Will you be fighting with the rest of the Tribunal when the time comes, or have you all decided the one you will follow and lick the feet of?>

Her words were vile as their effects were obvious, but the beings she prompted were unmoved.

The words of the Eminent Mastermind only came out again as the stellar blank of white space began to tremble.

<Prepare yourself. Remember your title as a Daughter of Hatred and what the Great Commander did to your father all those years ago. Be ready for what is to come as on the path to the Seat of the True Emperor…the most powerful beings are the ones to perish first.>


The buzzing became even more vibrant as the Fragment of Thought that was made from the Essence of Natural Laws began to crumble!

<Haha! >

The devilish laugh of Lilith echoed out in the stellar space as she gazed at all the thrones while her Thought was fading away.

<Then I shall take this as a Declaration of War and see you all on the battlefield.>

A glimmer of shining light shone as waves of destiny erupted, the Fragment of Thought disappearing entirely as the Mirror fragment it stemmed from was also shattered!

At the other end of this mirror, the same thing occurred as while surrounded by pillars of flaming magma, the eyes of Lilith released a demonic light as the Fundamental Natural Law of Providence instantly burst out with fervor around her.

Those who intricately made moves and influenced the Destiny, Fate, Karma, and Fortune of the Desolate Mausoleum and the 9 Dimensions would find it much easier and attain even more authority over Providence in time.

She had been feeling this intricately as at the same time, a destructive Fundamental Natural Law also erupted out as she twirled its essence that even overwhelmed Providence and Manadynamics while voicing out.

<Let Entropy become even more chaotic then…let us advance things just a little more…>

She calculated too many thoughts and possibilities as her eyes reflected countless paths, another being trying to do the same in a Dimension she had just been forced out of!

At the center of Insula Avallonis.

Noah gazed at the majestic visage of the purple-furred Heliotrope Lion Emperor whose unblemished figure now had grotesque injuries that were bound up by chains of the Natural Law of Gravitation and Manadynamics 5 Nature Integration Realm Enchanted Beasts also surrounding it on all sides and pressing down on such an existence as he couldn't move even a single cell!

The tendrils and chains of Natural Laws didn't just just bind his body, his very Aspects of Existence also being bound by Avalon and the shackles of Natural Laws under the authority of Guinevere and Morgana.

Their wills and the eyes of Dimensional Ruler Arthus and others like him gazed on with complex emotions as one of them even stepped out at this juncture and walked towards the Heliotrope Lion Emperor whose eyes looked nowhere but down.

<Emerillon…I cannot begin to fathom why.>

An aged figure put away a dazzling long staff as he signed and sat down beside the Heliotrope Lion Emperor- Emerillon, as the hooded robe he had on was brought down.

Two chalices appeared on the lilac grasses stained with purple-gold blood as a pristine liquid filled them, this aged figure that was known as the Wizard of Avalon- Merlin, releasing a sad sigh as he drank!

Beings who had lived as long as them were close to very few, so the recent course of events hit the Dimensional Rulers of Avalon hard as Morgana's figure was still fuming not far away.

<Why can I not have my Beasts rip apart this wretched Traitor right now?!>

She gazed towards Guinevere as she spoke, the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast saying nothing as she gazed towards the man that floated off the stone while carrying the Sword of Avalon on his shoulders- his grace and valiance unmatched even now.

"Because the Sword of Avalon shall be what decimates his Aspects of Existence soon. Before that, I shall scour the Avalon Dimension for any remaining Avalonians that have turned their backs on this Dimension. Thereafter…those willing shall follow me to the Dream Dimension to stop the advancement of the Abominations before they can reign over that Dimension and begin to spread the influence of Primordials further. There is much to be done."