Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2010 Restructuring! IV

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Chapter 2010 Restructuring! IV

Within Noah's Expansive Space, a glimmer of new loot bloomed.

He viewed the prompts while a spatial light covered the clone that had shot the attacks with Silent Killer, this clone materializing on the decimated field of battle only after no life remained as the Essence of Gravitation erupted to pull the Absolute Nightmare Sword towards him.

A Destined Absolute Dimensional Relic!

It was a level lower than any Relic that had the term Connate as it couldn't compare to the Sword of Avalon or Lavalliere, and yet Noah had still seen this appear under <Aids and Cheats>.

He already had too many weapons and tools as this fantastical obsidian sword pulsing with tendrils of nightmarish essence was not for him.

He had seen it among the myriad of paths that could be taken with this Relic as its purpose was actually a sad one.

It was eventually to be utilized for the elevation of none other than RUINATION as with the Atlatl of Reality elevating along with the actions of the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality and tools like Lavalliere and The Sword of Avalon appearing, this tool that aided Noah the longest could not be left behind!

So Noah took in the vibrant Absolute Nightmare Sword into the expansive space where within…four dazzling new loot had bloomed.

Golden Dimensional Reality Panacea.

This was the first as when Noah gazed upon it, he saw a hazy sandy golden earth. Atop this earth, a stem that shone like a river of Reality rose up as it connected to a flower whose petals themselves were dazzling rivers of Reality, and these reality flower buds held countless Dimensional Cosmos hidden within them as 10 of such treasures could be seen lighting up his Expansive Space!

Their details were even more unique.

<Golden Dimensional Reality Panacea>:: The Grotto Panacea informs the Quintessential Kainos Emperor not to worry as it has evolved into an even greater form- and even this is not its final form. After becoming a Dimensional Reality Panacea with the designation of Golden, it has molded itself into something truly compatible with the Dimensional Layers of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor. A single Golden Dimensional Reality Panacea is equivalent to the effects of 100 Grotto Panaceas when applied in the formation of anything past the Third Dimensional Layer. If being utilized to form cosmic singularities in any of the first three established layers, their rate of equivalency becomes 1000 to 1. The Dimensional Reality Panacea is expectant of the wonders it can achieve if you ever fulfill the conditions to bring an Obsidian or a Crimson Dimensional Reality Panacea to fruition…


It was a ridiculous Loot, to say the least.

And as Absolute Loot Authority promised, it was exactly what Noah needed!

The formation of the Third Dimensional Layer had required over 267 Grotto Panaceas from him- and that was before he doubled the number of maximum Kainos Royal Cosmos to 200 Trillion.

Now, the total cost for the Third Layer would be 534 as to forge The Fourth Dimensional Layer…he would need 4,272 Grotto Panaceas!

This was already a ridiculous number that would need Noah to do many days of farming, but it was a bearable number compared to what he would need for the Fifth Dimensional Layer- and it was simply the previous number of Grotto Panaceas times 16.

It was in the tens of thousands as it would have taken Noah forever!

Now, Golden Dimensional Reality Panaceas came along.

A single one was akin to 100 Grotto Panaceas as for the fourth layer, he would only need 43 Golden Dimensional Reality Panaceas instead of 4272 Grotto Panaceas to achieve completion!

That was just the looting of 5 Suzerains.

It shortened the gap towards Noah's strongest self by a lot as the path towards completing all 9 Dimensions became clear!

And all this…was if he utilized them on forming anything past the first 3 Layers.

If he utilized a single Golden Dimensional Reality Panacea on the Dream, Prana, and Avalon Dimensional Realities, it was akin to him utilizing 1,000 Grotto Panaceas!

It meant that the 800+ Grotto Panaceas he would have needed to fully saturate all three Dimensions after he exceeded the 100 Trillion would be taken care of by a single Golden Dimensional Reality Panacea.

It meant the possibility of producing excessive Kainos Royal Cosmos and having a few specific beings close to him devour them to increase their understanding in Decreta was even more of a feasibility!

This…was all from just a single one of the new types of loot.

Noah's gaze turned to the other three to appreciate their own wonders.

<Universal Decretum Crystal>:: Pristine in nature and unobtainable through normal means, these crystals contain minute wisps of Pure Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Essence. A single one is capable of granting .1% into any Decretum of a Dimension…

<Universal Nature Crystals>:: Pristine in nature and unobtainable through normal means, these crystals contain Pure Quintessential Kainos Nature Essence. A single one is capable of granting .1% into any Natural Law and .05% into any Fundamental Natural Law…

<ZENITH Quintessential Bloodline Enhancers>:: The stage of ZENITH is unfathomable as it guarantees a Lineage that is carried through across space and time. Reaching the most potent ZENITH Lineage across the Ages is an arduous task by itself, and exceeding it is even more so. A ZENITH Quintessential Bloodline Enhancers prides itself on devouring everything about the Bloodline and Lineage of your slain enemies and utilizing Absolute Loot Authority to produce Enhancers you can devour that will spurn the elevation of your Lineage even further. The number required is unknown as the stage above is even more abstruse, it is recommended to simply devour as many of these Enhancers as possible…

A wondrous collection of Loot to set Noah's path forward appeared.

And mind you, this was him not even utilizing one of the 12 chances of the Quintessential Treasure Cache, nor turning an enemy as powerful as a Suzerain into a Randomized Loot Crate!

All of this would come later as with the introduction of loot exceeding even a Grotto Panacea, it didn't need to be said that RUINATION could not multiply them in any way.

But for Noah, it was more than enough as his clone receded calmly after decimating a Dream Master that Primordial Suzerains couldn't defeat, his body continuing to undergo Fundamental changes as the allure of cerulean blue Mana was currently bathing everything around his Main Body!

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