Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2011 Restructuring! V

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Chapter 2011 Restructuring! V

Within a region of the Niflheim Dimension that Noah was just now stepping into.

Mountainous black monoliths rose to the cloudy and dark skies as the black earth below felt glacial and cold to gaze upon, these monoliths acting as towers that held powerful auras of Lineages of the Niflheim Dimension.

The particular region that was vaster than many Grotto Sanctums fell under the domain of the Glacial Dragon Lich Emperor- a Nature Integration Realm existence whose name was feared and widespread in the Niflheim Dimension!

In one particular obsidian Monolith, two Suzerains were gazing at the center of this domain where they could see the figure of the Glacial Dragon Lich Emperor enshrined in its stellar dark robe actually accompanying two other existences at the same stages of power as it!

Their bodies release unauthorized waves of purple light as they were the Magenta Abyss Sea Dragon and the Violaceous Reality Wolf from the Avalon Dimension who had been sent here by Lilith!

Two Suzerains were at the top of a certain monolith as they talked amongst each other.

"We'll apparently be moving soon on a final war of Conquest. Failure is not an option this time around."

One was a robed woman who wasn't particularly beautiful, where half of her face was a pristinely white skeleton while the other half was mainly dried Musculature.

This woman gazed at the middle-aged man beside her whose entire body shone with vibrant obsidian bones- this existence being a type of Abyss Lich Emperor that had reached a high stage!

"Will you be okay? Ever since you came back from wiping out that Primordial Legion, you've been out of it…"

The half-skeletal female Suzerain spoke with concern and care as the obsidian Lich merely shook its Skull with a firm will.

"I'll be okay. Aid me in getting the Undead Legions ready while I finish recuperating."

His tone was firm as the half-skeletal female Suzerain nodded while flashing away from this location, leaving only this Lich staring out into the stretches of monoliths and the three Nature Integration Realm existences that had disappeared at the very center of it all.

His obsidian Skull was vibrant as its eye sockets suddenly came to life with wondrously beautiful cerulean blue flames- flames that shone with life and deviousness as when one's Will delved within these flames, they would see a shocking scene!

Past the burning cerulean flames, within the very Origin of this Obsidian Abyss Lich Emperor- a figure that looked just like its outward appearance could be seen shackled by tendrils of unknown essence.

This figure was the true soul of the Obsidian Abyss Lich Emperor as it was constantly roaring out in maddened anger.

"You really think you can devour my will and soul like this?! You think those around me will not find out?! Eckert…no- Usurper…you will pay for this!"


A bellow of rage and unwillingness boomed from the very Origin of a Suzerain as an even more dominant voice returned.

"Hush. I just need to be idle for the next day to assimilate a thing like you….and then after that, the rest of the Undead Suzerains will follow!"

The voice was filled with age and ancientness, and yet it contained a hint of youth as well!

It was the voice of the Great Usurper who was proceeding on his own journey.

Tendrils of Mana surged vibrantly on the surroundings.

The allure of gold around Noah had nearly faded as a pervasive cerulean blue sea of color surrounded him entirely.

His stellar skin glistened with a blue metallic sheen as even his Dimensional Layers were somewhat affected, radiant blue seas covering them as they gave off an idyllic feel!

The transposition of the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique that had been changing Noah's body this whole time into the Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique was too profound, Noah's very skin showing these changes as dandy gold particles were emanating from him while Mana filled him in abundance.

His pristine Tri-Pupils all shone with a dazzling blue light while his stellar hair…each stand seemed like an incandescent blue stellar river of Reality.

At this juncture, his body began to hum and resonate with the droves of surrounding Seas of Mana as from the tip of his stellar toes, a radiant blue cylindrical runic line branded itself on his skin as it traveled upwards, crossing his body from the bottom to top as it turned when it reached Noah's shoulder and made its way back down again until it reached his feet…and connected at the point of the toe where it began!


This was just the first as soon after, cerulean cylindrical runic lines like these erupted out in abundance from the soles of his feet and made a pathway all around his body, eventually coming back to the starting point and connecting as thereafter…raging waves of Mana began to circulate within these runic lines and caused a resonance of essence on Noah's body!

<The Quintessential Kainos Mana Circulation Vessels are being formed.>

A prompt bloomed before him soon after as line after line materialized, their size grand in the beginning as the more line that formed- the more Quintessential Kainos Mana Circulation Vessels that formed, the more minuscule they became as in a short period of time…Noah's stellar visage was covered by vibrant blue lines.

Lines that were like pathways that carried torrential rivers of Mana through his body- constantly cycling and pulsing with power!

They covered the Aspect of his Body entirely as in the Aspect of his Soul, waves of plasmoid cerulean Seas covered everything.

In the aspect of his Origin, the massive mountainous Reality Passages that connected his Dimensional Layers became bathed with a profound blue light- their entire exterior gaining a stellar blue sheen as they gushed out endless droves of Mana that bathed the floors and skies of the Dream, Prana, and Avalon Dimension blue!

Everything was tinged with Mana as the pervasive color of sandy gold was all but replaced.

<A sufficient number of the Quintessential Kainos Mana Circulation Vessels has been formed.>.

<The Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique has created a suitable framework as it recalibrates previously conducted Cycles.>